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I am 14 years old and have been writing fanfics for a year.
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Summary: Silence. The Burrow, once a happy, and joyful place was once again, silent. It is always like that now. The days pass slow, but no one notices. Our days and nights blend together because no one sleeps. We are all afraid we will miss the night sky.

I know, I know, ‘why would she be so worried about missing looking at the sky?'Well I tell you why. The prophecy. Another bloody prophecy was made about Harry and Vol-Vol-Tom Riddle.

‘At the black of night, if both the Chosen One and the Dark Lord fall, the sky will become blood red, with streaks of gold. But if the blood of the Dark Lord is shed, the black sky will turn blood red . . . And if the Dark Lord triumphs and the Chosen One falls, the sun will not rise again'

Bloody prophecies. Always messing with my life. I mean my life isn't as affected by this as Harry's, but it affects me a lot too. I lost the man I loved. Oh no, he isn't dead, he just left.

Who am I you ask? Well my name is Ginny Weasley. The younger sister of six older brothers, and the youngest of a strict line of Gryffindors. Am I not afraid of what's to come? No, I am not scared. I am terrified.

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