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Summary: Some Book Four; Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire spoiler! What happens if Hermione Granger who isn't what everyone had thought she was? What happens when her so-called 'friends' betrayed her? Just read and you'll find out … By the way, Blaise Zabini is a guy! I repeat! Blaise Zabini is a GUY! But I'm not sure if Blaise is black or white (I'm sorry if it offends you), but in my story, he's well, tan? Anyways, he's Italian, tan and Draco Malfoy's best mate a.k.a best friend. Again, I'm sorry that if he's not 'white' in other stories, but once again; he's a bit tan, tanner than Draco, that's for sure. Once again; I'm sorry!
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Genres: Action/Adventure
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[Report This] Published: 26 May 2010 Updated: 26 May 2010