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Penname: EyeCandy [Contact]
Real name: Candice
Status: Member
Member Since: 05 Jan 2004
Website: www.avidgamers.com/MutantX
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I'm a Mutant Fic writer mostly.... I have my own RPG for the Show as well (click wedsite if interested)
I'm 21 and i have a daughter who will be three the end of January!
I am Addicted to all things Sci Fi..but mostly Mutant x , Andromeda and Star Trek Enterprise.
I have a love for Adam and Emma Pairings from Mutant X ( i know EWWW GROSS... but i can't help it!!!) and Shal/ Bren pairing as well... and in my RPG I've found myself loving the way my character, Serenity and Adam work together and love each other... so i might write a fic of them!
In Andromeda I'm a Beka/ Tyr, Dylan/Beka, Rommie/Dylan and a Beka/Rommie ship reader. ( not that Femslash really intruges me.. it's how they interact that i like more.)
On ST: Enterprise I'm into Trip/T'pol, Trip/Sato, Archer/T'pol, Sato/Reed, Archer/Sato Pairings.. so there is diversity. I have been on lingdata.net (which is a great site for Sato fics).. and I have been drawn to a specific fic with a T'pol/Sato pairing... a great story!!!

but basically i'm just a huge FanFic Geek and I love to read everyones plots!!

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Stories by EyeCandy
Summary: Adam has feelings for Emma and writes her a poem. Shalimar and the boys find it and decide to play "Cupid"
Categories: Mutant X Characters: Emma, Adam
Genres: Romance, Drama
Warnings: Song Fic, Fluffy
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 2426
[Report This] Published: 05 Jan 2004 Updated: 05 Jan 2004