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Penname: rinewolve [Contact]
Real name: rine wolve
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Member Since: 15 Sep 2010
Website: http://tablourianime.blogspot.com
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Hi, there!

Call me Rine.

I live in Romania, in an almost too beautiful to be real mountain village. I'm 29, but I look like an over-grown 12-year-old.
I write mainly as a hobby and have never before shared anything except with my close friends. In a way, it's my therapy: I'm always so amazed at the amount of issues that can come out of my subconscious while writing. I start with a main, central idea, that pretty much develops by itself as I write. When it gets too psycho-therapeutical or personal, I don't feel comfortable to let the others read it, so I just keep it in my closet. That's why there aren't a lot of fanfics on my page... yet.

I'm a big Inuyasha fan. I love a lot of things about it, including the soundtrack. I've only "known" Inuyasha since the autumn of 2008, but it was love at first sight. No, I'm not in love with him, or wish him to exist; it's just that I recognise myself almost completely in this character and feel totally inspired by it.

I'm also an X-Men fan, so you can say I'm with one foot in anime and one foot in american toons. I can't decide between them... it would be like asking me to chop off one of my legs :p My favourite character (of all times) is Wolverine, regardless of form. I'm sooo gonna enjoy the anime, when it comes out. I don't care what the others say!

I also like movies, music, dancing... a lot of things, actually. I also draw and paint. I have a blog spot where you can see some of my paintings... and contact me about them, if you see something you really must have. Just so you know, they are done by pyro-engraving and colored with acrylics: http://tablourianime.blogspot.com

That's my story. Do enjoy my rantings!
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