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Hi all!

Okay, 19-year-old girl born and bred in D.C., but I go to college at Case in Cleveland now. I have a slight Coke addiction which I have no plans to fix anytime soon (the soda, not the drug, all you dirty minded people). Screw 12 step plans.

Works in Progress:

The Plural of Apocalypse (a post-season 7 Buffy Fic)

Summary: Eight years, seven showdowns, six-hundred vamps, five birthdays gone horribly wrong, four guys, three years of Hellmouth high, two resurrections, and it’s all lead to this.

Spoilers: Through “Chosen” (all of Buffy). The comics are willfully and cheerfully ignored.

P.S. I also have an account on fanfiction.net! Same pen name! Check it out!


I Beta!! I've found that reading other people's work helps me to critique my own, so I am going to continue offering up my services as a beta to anyone for the Buffyverse, Smallville and Bones fandoms. FF.net requires an actual beta reader profile detailing my strengths/weaknesses, so please check it out and don't be shy about emailing me!

Actually email me with comments, questions, feedback, anything... I love hearing from people!

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