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A Haunting Past

Authors Note: The characters from AoS are not mine sadly, however if they were the show would still be on!

Summary: Sinbad's foolishness pushes Maeve into the arms of another man, a man from her past. With Maeve's secret past revealed will Sinbad still love her?!

This is a sequel to A Forgotten Past but you needn't read it to understand this one

"Were going where?" Maeve asked Sinbad hoping that she had heard wrong.
"To the kingdom of Galway, on the islawd of Čire."

Maeve's blood turned cold. Her eyes widened as she fought to maintain composure, "Whatever for?"

Sinbad not noticing Maeve's nervousness answered, "My good friend, Lord Ruarc, his eldest daughter is to marry in three months time. If we leave now we should make it just in time."

Maeve nodded as she walked away in a daze. Her mind reeling. Dermott swept in and perched himself on Maeve's glove.

*Is it true, sister? Are we set sail for home?*

"Aye, that we are Dermott."

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