...Mightier Than the Sword
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Firouz cautiously walked up to Sinbad’s cabin door. He still couldn’t believe it was Maeve who had been lying there in the bed. Her fever had been very high so Firouz came back to the ship for a few more medicines. He just had to tell Sinbad. Though Sinbad never really said it, he knew how much she meant to him. Every island and every port they docked at he knew Sinbad hoped he would find her. Firouz knocked.

“Firouz, my good man, how is Baruuk’s fiancée?” Sinbad asked.

“Well, she is doing better but I needed to come back and get some more supplies but Sinbad there is something you need to know. The woman is...Well what I mean is that......What I am trying to say is....the woman...” Firouz was never good at giving news.

“Spit it out man, just what is it that you are trying to say?” Sinbad joked.

“The woman is Maeve!”

Sinbad froze. He nearly stumbled over at the sound of these words. After years of searching, could it be true? Had Firouz really found her? Did he want it to be true since she was betrothed? “Are you sure?”

Firouz look up at Sinbad and could see a hundred questions and emotions flying through his head, “Yes.”

“Take me to her.”

Firouz cautiously creaked open the door to the room. He walked up to the bed where Maeve was sleeping. Sinbad couldn’t believe his eyes. It was her! Her same pretty face and wild hair. She was a bit pale. And she looked very fragile. Sinbad hurried over to her. He touched he just to make sure she was real. She was so hot to the touch. Waves of emotion rushed through Sinbad as he kneeled gazing at the only woman who ever captured his heart. Maeve started to toss and turn. She was having a nightmare. In a almost whisper she called out. Sinbad couldn’t make out what she said so he brought his head down to her face.

“What did she say?” Firouz asked.

Sinbad looked up at Firouz, “She called out for me.”

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