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A Forgotten Strength

Author's Note: I do not own Sinbad, Maeve, Doubar, Firouz, Rongar, Bryn, or Dermott or anybody else from the Television Series. I wish I did though, since they left us hanging.:(

Summary: Sinbad and the crew finally find Maeve but she isn't the Maeve they once knew.

Rated PG-13 for some references to adult like material.

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Sinbad's eyes surveyed the lush green land of the island that lay before them. He plopped down onto the sandy white beach and took a deep breath of fresh sea air. He couldn't wait to get to the palace which was less than a day's walk from here. Sinbad and Doubar hadn't seen Baruuk in years.

"Come on men!" Sinbad motioned for the crew to follow.


She stood there, arms crossed. Her dark hair sweeping violently across her face. Man, she's feisty, Sinbad thought to himself. For the split-second, another feisty female flickered into his mind. One who's face he hadn't recalled in months. Her crimson ringlets. Sinbad's heart felt a slight twinge of pain then it faded. He shook all of it away. His face concentrating back on the woman in front of him.

Sinbad rolled his eyes, "And woman."

"That's better," Bryn scoffed.

Doubar belted out a laugh, "That's my girl."

Sinbad shook his head and trudged on...
Baruuk had seen the crew from miles away. He was overjoyed at seeing his old friend again. He quickly ordered his servants to ready the palace for such a reunion. He walked over to the bed and stroked his love's face. She was burning to the touch. Beads of sweat pooled around her forehead. She took small short breaths. Her condition was worsening. If anyone could help her was Sinbad and his legendary crew...

"Welcome my old friends! Sinbad! Doubar! Oh how I have missed the two of you!" Baruuk hugged his friends and welcomed the new ones, "Please make yourselves comfortable! Let my servants know if you need anything! Anything at all!"

"Baruuk! I can't believe this is all yours now! I remember when you were still an arrogant little prince!" Doubar bear hugged Baruuk.

Sinbad smiled and introduced his crew one by one. Baruuk ears perked when he heard Firouz's name and title, "Physician, eh?" Baruuk was relieved to know that Sinbad did indeed have a physician aboard.

"My friend, you couldn't have come a better time. I have a favor to ask." Baruuk hoped they would help.

"Anything for you my highness, all you must do is ask," Sinbad was more than willing to help out an old friend like Baruuk. After all they were as close as brothers could be.

"My fiancée has taken ill. She had not risen from her bed in a week. I was hoping that your physician could perhaps help her." Baruuk now almost pleading.

Firouz interjected, "Of course I will, your highness, just take me to her."

Sinbad smiled at Firouz's enthusiasm...

Baruuk pushed open the door slowly. Firouz stepped in and walked up towards the sleeping woman. The covers were pulled up almost enveloping her. The smallest bits of red tresses escaped the think blanket. Her kneeled before her and put his hand up to her forehead. She was hot to the touch. He pulled her blanket down to reveal a much remembered face. Firouz practically tumbled over. Quickly regaining his composure he searched her face. The same porcelain skin. The ever wild and unruly scarlet curls that framed her pale face. It was her. Maeve.

To Be Continued.......

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