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Guardian Angel

Mourning Emma

It was late that night. She sat on the couch, hands covering up her face as she cried. A picture sat in her hands. Shalimar couldn’t believe it. Her best friend had been killed. Emma didn’t deserve to die. She kept thinking that she should’ve been at Emma’s side protecting her. Now she was gone. Jesse and Brennan just left a while back. They said they needed to think. No one was taking this well. Shalimar remembered how scared she was when Caleb killed Emma. Emma came back to life, and Shalimar swore that she’d never lose her again. She looked back down at the picture.
Lexa Pierce entered the room to see Shalimar sitting on the couch looking at a picture of Emma. Tears were streaming down her face. Lexa didn’t know Emma but felt bad for Shalimar. She sat on the couch next to Shal.
“Hey,” Shalimar said looking up at her.
“You two were close weren’t you?” Lexa asked.
Shalimar nodded.
“Emma was the closest thing to me,” Shalimar explained. “She was like my little sister or maybe more than that. I lost her once already, and I never thought I’d lose her again. We were always there to protect each other. I can’t believe it ended this way.”
“When I was eighteen, my friend was killed by another mutant,” Lexa said told her. “We’d been so close until then. I swore that I would take the guy that killed her out, and I did. But revenge didn’t pay off, my friend was still gone.”
“How long did it take you to forget?” Shalimar asked.
Lexa looked at her confused.
“I haven’t.”
Shalimar sighed and looked back down at the picture. Lexa glanced at it. It was Shalimar and Emma at Sanctuary. There arms were around each other. Big smiles were on their faces. They looked so happy together.
“You can’t forget her, Shal,” Lexa said looking back up to her. “Forgetting is putting her out of your life forever. Do you really want that?”
Shalimar shook her head and began to cry again. Lexa scooted closer to her and put her arm around her.
“I want her back,” Shalimar cried into Lexa’s shoulder.
Lexa pulled her closer to her and stroked her long blonde hair. Shalimar held her so tightly, as if she was hanging on for life. She’d never seen Shalimar so vulnerable.
“I know.”
Lexa held her for what seemed like hours, before Shalimar pulled away.
“Thanks, Lex,” Shalimar smiled at the psionic.
“I’m here anytime, okay Shal,” Lexa smiled back.
“Okay,” Shalimar replied.
Lexa placed a kiss on her temple and got up.
“Night Shal,” Lexa said going in her room.
Shalimar lay back on the couch and began to drift asleep. The sound of footsteps was heard in the room.
“Lexa?” Shalimar said opening her eyes.
She almost fainted when she saw the sight in front of her. Emma deLauro stood before her smiling at her. Shalimar jumped to her feet and ran to her old teammate. The two girls met in a tight embrace.
“You’re alive?” Shalimar asked hopefully.
Emma shook her head.
“I had to say goodbye,” Emma replied. “You were grieving, and I couldn’t take much more. Your thoughts were continuously flowing through me. I just have to say that there was nothing you could’ve done back there. It was my time.”
“No,” Shalimar responded. “Your time was way later on. Those freaks stole it from you.”
A tear ran down Emma’s face.
“Look, Adam can find a way to bring you back. I’m sure of it.”
“Shal, there’s no way possible that I can come back,” Emma replied.
“Then take me with you,” Shalimar begged.
“I can’t do that to you,” Emma said back. “Shal we’ll be together again later. You have to live your life, like I lived mine.”
“I will find a way, Emma” Shalimar said taking Emma’s arm.
Emma pulled Shalimar into her. Shalimar gripped Emma’s black sweater as she buried her face in her shoulder. Emma could sense all the pain Shalimar was going through. She led Shal to the couch and sat her down.
“Emma, don’t leave me,” Shalimar pleaded.
Emma sighed and sat down next to her.
“I can’t stay, Shal,” Emma told her sternly.
“Just tonight,” Shalimar looked at her with tearing eyes. “Please.”
Emma gave in and took Shalimar in her arms again as the feral drifted to sleep. Emma stayed a while after she fell asleep. She stroked her hair, just watching her friend hold on to her. She would miss Shalimar so much.
“I love you, Shal,” she whispered in her ear.
Shalimar woke the next morning. She was lying on the couch, alone. A note sat on the table in front of her on top of the picture.

I wish I could be with you forever, but that can’t happen.
It would be great if there was a way to bring me back
Know that I loved you so much, and I’m always here at your side.
Think of me as your guardian angel.
Well, I need to go. Tell Jess and Brennan I’m sorry.
Tell Lexa that I said to take care of you.
I love you,

Shalimar put the note back down on the table. Her eyes once again met the girl in the picture.
“I’ll find a way, Emma,” Shalimar promised. “I swear I will find a way.”

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