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“Let’s go! Let’s go!” Crow yelled to Hawk and Raven. The three ran down the hall. Crow led the pact, he jumped on top of the wall on their right, Hawk and Raven followed. Spreading their wings the three jumped off the top of the building. They soared through the sky away from the prison that they had spent all of their lives in.


Adam Kane watched the latest Proxy Blue news report. The voice of the holo-image rang out through the halls of Sanctuary. The report stated that someone had sighted three people with wings flying over the city.

“Jesse.” Adam called to the man on the floor above him.

“Yeah?” Jesse Kilmartin answered looking up from the computer, then down at Adam.

“Did you hear this Proxy Blue report?”

“Of course, I think even the people in China could hear it.”

“Well then, check it out. Find out if there’s any truth to it. If we could find an Aves it could really help us out.”

“Alright, I’ll look into it. But most of the time Proxy Blue is misinformed.” Jesse continued with his work switching his focus to this incident.

While Jesse searched for a truth to these claims, Adam searched his Genomex database to find out if any Aves hybrids were still alive and who they are.


“God, I hate it when we have to do the wings thing. The retracting them is the painful part.” Raven said rubbing her back where the wings had retreated into the skin.

“Don’t complain it’s not that bad.” Crow said, he put his coat on overtop of his shirt to hide the two holes in the back of it which allowed his wings to come out. Hawk and Raven did the same.

Raven took the bag off of her shoulder before putting on her overcoat. Kneeling down she put the bad on the floor. She tossed her hair out of the way, while tossing the flap of the bag open revealing dozens of files and computer discs.

“What’s in there?” Hawk asked looking over Raven’s shoulder.

“Look at our personal files and medical files, see if anything’s worth looking into.” Crow said.

Raven skimmed through the files looking for anything that sounded or looked familiar. Nothing seemed to be common throughout the files. Raven looked and looked again. She stood up holding a handful of files across her arms.

“Crow, Hawk.” she said looking over her shoulder at the two men standing behind her.

Crow and Hawk walked up beside her and looked at the files in her hands. “So…what am I supposed to see here?” Hawk asked.

“Look here.” Raven pointed at a name in one of the file folders. “This man’s name appears over and over throughout most of these files.”

“Do you know who he is?” Crow asked.

“Not sure, but it looks like he supervised our medical treatment during the first few years of our lives, but after that there’s no mention of him anywhere.” Raven showed them the other times that this man’s name was mentioned.

“Can you find him?” Crow questioned.

Raven closed the files and put them back in the bag. Closing the bag, she put it over her shoulder. “Just get me to a computer. I took all the programs I created for this sort of stuff when we left.” she said smiling.

“You always knew how to work it.” Hawk joked.

“Hawk, you and Crow were never interested in the computer stuff. That’s why we compliment each other so well.” Raven replied, flipping her hair as she walked past the two men and out the door of the warehouse.

Crow and Hawk exchanged glances before following Raven out the door.


Jesse looked down from his computer before saying. “Hey Adam, I’ve found a few more reports of three people flying over the city. I haven’t been able to get a lock to track them though. They seem to be nowhere. They don’t show up on any scans. I’ve done all I can.”

“Thanks Jesse, you make a disc of it?” Adam asked.

“Got it here.”

“Toss it down.”

Jesse tossed the disc down to Adam.

“Thanks Jesse, keep trying to locate them. I’m gonna try to get a name off of ours and Genomex’s databases.”



“Hurry, hurry.” Hawk said, him and Crow were crowded around Raven at the computer.

“You can’t rush these things Hawk. You got to just let the program run.” Raven stood at a computer console in the middle of the street. She had used the computer to hack into everything she could to find this man. Raven was furiously using the touch screen to search through all available and unavailable information.

“Police response teams will be here in a few minutes. I don’t care if you have nothing just download it all, we can use the handheld to scan through it later.” Crow said extending his vision to see the police cars at the end of the street.

“Just a minute more.” Raven attached a small device to the computer screen.

“Come on, come on.” Hawk was talking to the computer.

“Wait for it, wait for it.” Raven closed her eyes allowing herself to see all the information on the screen and download it into her brains memory banks. Grabbing the device off of the screen, she turned the computer back to the original Proxy Blue web news. Putting the device into the bag over her shoulder, she Hawk and Crow ran down the street and turned the corner just as the police car was pulling up to the digital newsstand.


Crow, Hawk and raven sat in the back corner of a café. There were file folders and papers scattered across the table. Three cups of tea sat in a small corner of the table.

Holding the handheld computer in one hand and her tea in the other, Raven took a sip and put the cup back on the table. She picked up the small pen-like sensor. “Okay I’ve been able to retrieve most of the info from the disc and converted the info stored in my memory banks into binary code so I could fill in the blanks. I’ve run a search for the name and got a couple of hits off that search. I only found a couple of things about a location, but nothing’s absolute. I found a lot of references to a secret hide out and many safe houses throughout the city. If we could get into one of these safe houses I could use their computer to find him.”

“So, where do we have to go?” Crow asked.

“I think our best bet is to go after this one inside a subway station. There’s very little security and no one is there right now according to all this information we got.” Raven showed Crow and Hawk the location on the map.

“So, do we go then?” Hawk asked.

Looking at Raven, Crow asked. “What’s the risk factor?”

“Slim to none.” Raven replied after reviewing the information again.

“Then, we go.” Crow instructed.


An alarm sounded on one of the Sanctuary computers. Adam ran out of the lab to the computer. Shalimar Fox had beat him there and turned off the alarm.

“So, what’d we got?” Adam asked.

“Nothing, it’s gone. Whatever it was it’s gone now.” Shalimar answered puzzled by the results.

“That doesn’t make sense, how can it be gone?” Adam questioned.

“I don’t know. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Do you think Jesse could trace the signal?”

“I guess we’ll find out now won’t we?”


“So we’re here, what do we do now?” Hawk looked around the safe house curiously. “Interesting set up they got here.”

“Hawk!” Raven said hitting him. “Sit down, shut up and stop touching everything.”

“Have you always treated me like a dog?” Hawk joked pulling a chair from a table and sitting down.

Walking over to the computer built into the wall opposite Hawk, she said. “Only as long as you’ve been acting like one.”

“Come on Raven start working. We don’t have much time.” Crow said seriously.

“Alright then.” Raven cracked her knuckles before logging onto the computer. “what do we have here? Not much hard data, mostly all a person can get on this thing is Proxy Blue.”

“Can you get the location?” Crow asked, looking over her shoulder.

Pulling a handful of discs out of her bag. Putting the bag down she scanned the labels of the discs. She put all but one of the discs into the pockets of her overcoat. Raven put the disc in her hand into the computers disc drive. “Maybe with a little help from Omega, I can expand the system.” Raven said.

“What’s with the Greek alphabet thing?” Hawk asked trying to cut the awkward silence.

“nothing, it just sounded cool and that way no one really knows what’s on it but me.” Raven explained never looking up.

Crow paced the floor. Although he seemed to be nervous and jittery Crow’s mind was going through countless scenarios from worst to best of future events. “Anything yet?” he asked.

“Be patient, okay? This’ll only take a few more minutes. I’ve almost got it just zeroing in on it.” Raven typed in sequence after sequence her fingers flying over the keys in a blur. “Bingo!” she said.

“Where is it?” Both Crow and Hawk walked up beside her questioning.

“Right here.” Raven pointed to an onscreen map.

“Download it.” Crow ordered.

“Already done. So…am I a genius or what? Huh?” Raven replied jokingly.

“What is the question, ‘cause you’re definitely not a genius.” Hawk joked.

Raven hit him again. “Jerk.”

“Let’s go, it’ll be dark soon.” Crow instructed.


Sanctuary was asleep during the dark of the night. Dark figures ran through the dark forest to the edge of a cliff. Using hand signals one of the dark figures gave the others the direction in which to go.

The figures climbed about half way down the cliff. A dark figure reached into a pocket and pulled out a small electronic device. The figure placed it on the rock face in front of the figure. The figure entered a code and the rock face faded away. The figures jumped down onto a metal platform. Removing the device, behind them the rock face reappeared.

The figures ran down the long corridor shaped platform without making a sound. Once the group reached the other end they faced another door. Taking the same device that they had used on the rock face one of the figures placed it gently on the door. Again the figure entered a code. The figure placed a gloved hand on the handle and turned it. The door opened and once the device was removed the group entered Sanctuary.

Quietly the group slowly walked through Sanctuary. They walked past a large wall computer towards a staircase. Without noticing one of the figures walked by a motion sensor.


Adam awoke to a faint noise. He shifted his gaze from the screen he was looking at to the screen on his right. Flashing on the screen were the words ‘INTRUDER ALERT’. Using the internal communications system Adam contacted Jesse, Shalimar, Emma deLauro and Brennan Mulwray and told them what was going on.

Jesse used the computer in his room to access Sanctuary’s internal sensors to find the intruders. With that information they formulated a plan. Quietly Adam, Shalimar, Jesse, Emma and Brennan exited their rooms. All except Adam were dressed in their pajamas due to the late hour. They met in the corridor that connected all the rooms. They crept up the corridor almost to the end where it exited into a large common area. Adam accessed a small computer panel in the wall and with the push of a button their plan went into action.

The lights in Sanctuary suddenly turned in a blindingly bright flash before going down to a comfortable level. The flash of light stunned the intruders. Adam and the others used this advantage to surround the group of intruders. The intruders went back to back as their eyes adjusted to the light.

Adam looked at the intruders and asked. “Are there any more than you three?”

“If there were don’t you think we’d be in a different position?” the shorter man said.

“Do you work for Genomex or the GSA?” Adam asked.

The taller man stepped forward signaling that he was the one to address. “No, we don’t work for Genomex or the GSA.” Looking at Emma he added. “And the answer to your question is that we hacked our way here.”

“A telepath.” Emma responded.

“We all are.” he replied.

“Well, who are you?” Brennan Mulwray asked.

“My name is Crow, and this is Hawk and Raven, my brother and sister. You may know us as ‘The Triplets’. And who are all of you?”

“Brennan Mulwray, Emma deLauro, Shalimar Fox, Jesse Kilmartin…” Adam pointed to the person as he said the name.

Crow interrupted him. “So that makes you Adam Kane.”

“Yeah he is and we’re known as Mutant X the big pain in Eckhart’s ass.” Brennan said sarcastically.

“We’ve been looking for you Mr. Kane.” Crow stated.

“Why?” Adam asked.

“Since we left Genomex we’ve been trying to uncover our past. We managed to steal most of the information and files on us. Mr. Kane your name came up more than a few times so you were the first person we thought we’d look for.” Crow answered.

Adam looked at the three people in the middle of the circle of people that surrounded them. “Follow me.” Adam turned around and begun walking towards the lab.

Crow, Hawk and Raven started to move forward, before they could take more than one step Brennan stopped them. “Don’t.” he said, a ball of electricity in his hand.

“Brennan let them go. Follow me.” Adam continued walking towards the lab with Crow, Hawk and Raven behind him.

“What the hell was that about?” Brennan asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to get changed. It’s about time I wake up anyway.” Shalimar said.

“Just leave it alone for now Brennan.” Emma yawned. “Adam’ll tell us everything once he knows it.” Emma followed Shalimar towards the bedroom hallway.

Putting his hand on Brennan’s shoulder Jesse said. “It’s not like we’ve ever been in the loop, you should be used to not knowing anything.”

“You guys are probably right, but I still hate t.” Brennan looked down the room towards the lab. “Alright let’s go get some clothes on.”

Brennan and Jesse followed Emma and Shalimar into the bedroom corridor.


“Alright, I just want to run a few tests. Get some blood samples and that’s about it.” Adam said setting up his equipment.

“I think that you’re going to want to look at these.” Raven stated, she took the bag off of her shoulder and put it on the table beside Adam. “This is all the stuff we got from Genomex. It’s mostly all in code that we can’t crack so we can’t read it.”

“Thank you for all this. I think I can decode it for you to read.” Adam replied.

“Oh, and Mr. Kane is there anyway we can by any chance get a shower ‘cause we’ve been stuck in these for a couple of days?” Raven asked.

“Please call me Adam and sure I’ll see what I can do. Let’s get these tests over with first though.” Adam answered.

One by one Crow, Hawk and Raven took their turns in the magic chair, while Adam ran every conceivable test possible. The Mutant X team assembled in the lab, as Adam was completing the final tests. When the tests were finished Adam asked. “Shalimar, Emma could you show Crow, Hawk and Raven where they can have a shower?”

“Sure.” Shalimar answered. The two girls led the group out of the lab.

When the men of Mutant X were left in the lab Adam asked. “Jesse take a blood sample from me.”

“Why?” Brennan asked as he and Jesse exchanged glances.

“I just need to get something straight.” Adam rolled up his sleeve.

Brennan nodded at Jesse before Jesse said. “Fine, I guess.” He took the sample. “What do you need to get straight?”

“Just a hunch.” Adam said beginning his analyzes on the test results.


“Oh, that shower felt great. Thanks you guys.” Raven said. She sat with her brothers and the Mutant X team(minus Adam) on a set of steppes inside Sanctuary.

“So, what’s with the bird names?” Emma asked curiously.

“It’s for our DNA. Every strand of new mutant DNA in us is identical except for our Aves DNA.” Crow said.

“Why the names then?” Jesse asked.

Raven replied. “To tell us apart easier. We all were given the best of all the categories of new mutant DNA but because there was no research or statistics on Aves’ they had no way of knowing which was the best so we all got a different bird.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that’s it, just for identification.” Shalimar was stunned.

“When we were little though I remember someone, a man, calling us by our real names. The ones our mother gave us that is.” Raven smiled at the thought.

“What were they?” Brennan asked.

“Demona.” Raven said.

“Mine was Bryce.” Hawk replied.

“Connor.” Crow said. “I remember we weren’t supposed to know anything about our mother but one birthday we were given pictures of our mother and older half brother. In the pictures she looked so happy but if you looked close enough you could see that she was so sad, it was in her eyes.”

“What happened to the pictures, Connor?” Emma asked.

“We’re used to the bird names, we haven’t used our real names in years. Raven you got them?” Crow replied.

Reaching into her back pocket Raven pulled out a handful of pictures. She unfolded the pictures and showed them to the group. “That’s our mother and the little boy beside her’s our half brother. He’s no little boy anymore though, this pictures almost two decades old.”

Brennan took the picture from Shalimar as it was being past around. “Hold up, where’d you say you got this picture?” he asked.

Walking over to beside Brennan, Raven said. “A man at Genomex gave it to us, so that we’d know about our family. Why?”

Brennan pulled his wallet out of his pocket and took a picture from it. He held the picture beside the one that Raven had in her hand. “This is a picture of me and my mother.” he said.

“They’re identical, that doesn’t make sense. Does that make you our…Adam.” Raven called.


“Okay Adam, we need some answers. What the hell is going on?” Raven asked on behalf of the whole group.

“It seems that what I thought was true. While I was at Genomex the higher-ups ordered a project to be started, at this time we were finally finding out about the abilities that our patients were beginning to have. We did months maybe even a year or so of research before starting. A woman was chosen and with her consent the project started.” Adam explained.

“Why was she chosen?” Brennan asked.

“Because she’s beautiful, intelligent and everything that they were looking for. With a woman a man needed to be chosen, Genomex had the best and brightest at the time so they chose from the men working there. The man was never told and no one really knew who it was. Until now, I did a DNA test and found that I was the man chosen. While she was pregnant and after the birth I was put in charge of your care.” Adam continued.

“Why didn’t she keep us?” Hawk asked.

“Genomex promised her that she would be able to keep you three but they went back on that once you three were born and kept her from you.” Adam continued with his story. “I wanted you to know about your family but Genomex wouldn’t allow it, so I did it without anyone’s knowledge. I was taken off the project after about ten years and shortly after that I was forced into going into underground. I never knew what became of you although I tried to find out I had no luck. That’s is the story of your past.”

“So, you’re not…” Brennan stuttered.

“No, but who do you think took that picture?” Adam said.

“Wow, that’s a lot to take in.” Raven sat down.

“So you’re our…father.” Hawk said.

“We never knew.” Crow replied in disbelief.

Adam turned to the console behind him and brought up four different visuals of four different DNA strands. “While I was analyzing the test results I found something interesting. From the information that I have I found that Crow has a different father than Raven and Hawk. I don’t know who or how it happened but it’s true.”

“What? How is that possible?” Raven questioned.

“I’m trying to figure that out.” Adam replied.

Raven looked from Crow to Hawk. She walked past everyone and out the lab without a word. Crow followed right after her.


Raven! Crow called out to her using their telepathic link. Raven closed her mind to him. He couldn’t reach her. “Raven!” Crow yelled as he jumped through the air and landed right in front of her. “Raven.” he said calmer. Tears were slowly streaming down her cheek. “Listen to me Demona, no matter what they say in there I’m still your brother. Nothing can change that fact. I still love you Demona.” Crow took her in his arms and held her tight.

“I don’t know what to do Connor. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to feel?” Raven asked.

Crow wiped the tears from her eyes with a hand slightly warmed to evaporate the tears from her face. “Don’t worry Demona, everything will turn out fine. You’re not supposed to do or feel anything that’s not what you really want to.”

“But I don’t want to feel this way.”

“It doesn’t matter how you feel as long as it’s how you feel.” Crow looked down at her. “Okay?”

“Yeah, I guess, considering.” she hugged him tight before letting him go. Raven dried the rest of her tears and the two walked back to the lab.


After returning to the lab, the group went their separate ways allowing Adam to do his work. Jesse stayed behind in the lab to help Adam. The rest of the group left Sanctuary to retrieve the contents of a storage locker that the Triplets had set up in case of their escape.

They reached the building where the Triplets had the storage locker. All they had was a locker number and a key. The group looked in the building finally finding the locker on the bottom floor. It was more than just a small storage locker; it was as large as a one-car garage. Raven unlocked the door and together the Triplets opened the large door. Inside the locker they found a car covered by a tarp.

“How did you guys manage this?” Shalimar asked surprised.

“We got a lot of help from others who escaped Genomex.” Crow said.

Beside the car there were three medium sized backpacks full of clothes and other things. Raven picked up her backpack and opened one of the side pockets. She reached in and pulled out a small device and a set of car keys.

“We got a ride.” Raven said, holding up the keys.

Hawk took his bag and quickly looked through it, he found an old wore black leather overcoat in the bag and put it on. Going through the side pockets he took out a wallet and communications device. Hawk put them into the pockets of his overcoat.

Raven threw the car keys at Brennan, who was at the back of the car. “Pop the trunk.” she instructed.

Catching the keys Brennan opened the trunk. Raven walked up beside him, she took the keys out of his hands. “Now, no one come back here I got to change out of these clothes.” Raven said to everyone.

“Okay.” Emma said, as her and Shalimar ushered the boys out of the way.

Raven quickly changed out of the clothes she had been wearing for days now. She shoved the clothes that she had been wearing into the now almost empty bag, then put the bag into the trunk. She came out from behind the car. “Crow, Hawk throw your bags back here.” Both of the guys threw their bags into the truck and Raven slammed it closed.

“What now?” Hawk asked.

Emma looked at her watch. “Well it’s early, and no one’s eaten. How about breakfast?”

“Yeah.” everyone agreed. The group split into the two cars and drove to a small diner on the outskirts of the city.


“So what am I looking for, again?” Jesse asked Adam as he stared at the computer screen puzzled.

“Anything, anything that looks like something.” Adam responded.

“That really helps.” Jesse said sarcastically. He leaned back in his chair and took another sip of coffee from the cup in his hand.

“All we need is a lead.”

“Remember anything from back then that might be able to help us to find out who Crow’s father is or how it happened?”

“Wait a minute.” Adam began to type in the keyboard.

“What is it?” Jesse came up behind him. Looking over Adam’s shoulder Jesse said. “I think we’ve found ‘anything’.”


Shalimar, Emma and Raven laughed as they talked amongst themselves.

“I’ll never understand how all women can talk to each other even of they’ve never met.” Brennan said as he Crow and Hawk watched the women talk.

“Being a telepath, women aren’t the enigma they once were.” Hawk joked.

“I always know what Raven’s thinking. Our minds are telepathically linked, it takes more energy to block each other so we’ve learned to deal with it.” Crow said.

“That must suck to have your sister always in your head.” Brennan said.

“It’s not as bad as you think.” Crow replied.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Hawk said getting up. “I just need so air.”


Hawk stood outside the diner. He looked from side to side, seeing that no one was looking Hawk reached into his pocket and pulled out the small communications device. He flipped open the device and punched in a number, the screen went black for a second before the vision of a man appeared.

“A diner on the outskirts of the city.” Hawk said.

The man on the screen gave a brief response before terminating the conversation. Hawk closed the device and replaced it in his pocket. He looked around again to make sure that no one had seen him. Hawk returned to the table inside the diner.


Everyone in the group put some money down on the table when the bill reached their table. “Ready?” Brennan asked getting up.

The group nodded in agreement. They walked out of the diner to their two cars. As the group was about to get into the cars two large black SUV’s pulled up to the diner. They turned and looked at the SUV’s. The doors on the SUV’s opened. As a group of men stepped out of the SUV’s, Raven said. “Get in. Get in!”

The group scrambled to get into the two cars. The men, who had just gotten out of the two SUV’s, immediately got back in. The two cars sped down the open road, with the two SUV’s following directly behind them. The SUV’s followed closely behind the two cars as they reentered the city. The cars weaved in and out of traffic as they tried to lose the SUV’s behind them.

Finally out of view of the two SUV’s for a split second, the two cars turned into an alleyway in an attempt to throw off the SUV’s. Both cars stopped and turned off the engines of the two cars once inside the alley. Everyone looked back, they saw the two SUV’s speed past the alley. The cars waited in the alley for a few minutes to be sure that the SUV’s had totally past and had not doubled back. The group exited the two cars and walked to the edge of the alley.

“How the hell did they find us?” Shalimar asked frustrated.

“I don’t know.” Crow said looking down the road in the direction the SUV’s had taken off in.

“Maybe they had agents in the diner or they were following us.” Emma tried to find an explanation.

“No, the GSA wouldn’t try covert ops unless they had a new mutant infiltrator. Someone told them we were there or they would’ve been at the diner a lot sooner.” Raven said.

“What difference does it make? They found us…we got away…end of story.” Brennan replied.

“These things aren’t that simple, Brennan.” Emma said.

“Does it really matter, though? We’re all fine and they’re following nothing. Nobody gets hurt.” Brennan argued.

“Who cares? Let’s get on with the day.” Raven said opening the driver’s side door of her car.

“Where to now?” Hawk asked.

“Mall?” Emma suggested.

“Perfect.” Shalimar said getting into the other car.

Brennan rolled his eyes, looking at Crow and Hawk he sarcastically said. “Watching them shop, how fun.”

“Yeah.” Hawk agreed climbing into the car. The two cars exited the alley and sped down the street.


Jesse walked past the large wall computer on his way to the kitchen. “Proxy Blue.” He said signaling the computer to access the Proxy Blue website. Jesse stepped into the kitchen. While he listened to the news coverage he poured himself another cup of coffee. One of the news stories Proxy Blue was reporting on caught his attention. He touched a panel to his left, a screen appeared with Proxy Blue’s holographic image. Jesse watched the amateur footage of what looked like an elemental new mutant. Turning off the screen he grabbed his coffee and hurried back to the lab.

Adam met Jesse at the wall computer console. Adam was watching Proxy Blue. “I’ll tell the others and start a trace.” Jesse said.


“Shalimar.” Jesse’s voice came through the comlink ring around her finger.

“Yeah.” she responded.

“Where are you guys?”

“On our way t the mall, why? What’s up?”

“Proxy Blue reports what looks like an elemental on Broadway and Fifty-second. Can you guys check it out?”

“Sure. Do we know anything about this new mutant?”

“No, just that it’s a young girl. Probably very early teens.”

“Alright, we’re on it.” Shalimar said. “Contact Brennan and tell him where we’re going.”

“Got it.” Emma said, as she contacted Brennan through his comlink.

Shalimar turned the wheel making a U-turn in the middle of traffic. The car behind her swerved to follow.


The two cars came to a halt. They had traveled far out of the city, out into the open fields, following a trace on a new mutant. This new mutant traveled very fast and the group had been following the trace that Jesse had put on her. The group emptied out of the two cars and looked around for the new mutant girl.

“The trace says that she’s here. Since there’s no place to hide, where is she?” Shalimar asked frustrated.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Raven said looking around.

Crow walked up beside Raven and said. “I feel it too.”

“Where could she be? If she was here we’d be able to see her.” Brennan said. “Emma, do you sense anything?”

“There is something here but I don’t know who, what or where it is.” Emma turned around in a circle to see all directions. “Do any of you see any residual heat anywhere?” Emma looked at the four ferals.

“Nothing out of the ordinary.” Shalimar said scanning the landscape.

The group walked farther into the open meadow before them in search of what was out there. Whatever it was.


Adam called to Jesse, who was tracing the new mutant. Jesse walked into the lab and asked. “Yeah?”

“I have it.”

“What, Adam?”

“It all fell into place once we found that switch of the blood samples. It was so simple.”

“What was so simple?”

“I accidentally had switched Crow and Hawk’s blood samples, which means that Hawk is the one who has a different father, not Crow. I thought about it, and it dawned on me that there was only one other person that had enough access to the project to do this without being found out. So I did the test and look what I found.” Adam pushed a key and Hawk’s DNA and the DNA of another man came up on the screen. At the bottom of the screen there were two words flashing in green ‘PERFECT MATCH’.

“Eckhart?” Jesse questioned reading the name above of the other DNA sample.

“He and I worked on the project together. I was in charge of the scientific part while he took care of security. It makes perfect sense, he must have found out that I was chosen to father the children.”

“But why would he do this?”

“Mason and I were always competitive despite the fact that we were friends. It was shortly after the project started that I was promoted and had full control. Even though he acted happy for me, he resented me and always had.”

“Oh shit.” Jesse ran out of the lab to the computer that he was using to track the new mutant. Adam raced after him.

“What is it Jesse?” Adam asked as he reached Jesse at the computer.

“Earlier this morning while everyone was out, they almost got attacked by the GSA but they managed to lose them after a small car chase. Less than half an hour later we hear news of a new mutant, and they chase this new mutant out into the middle of nowhere. Also despite exact co-ordinates of where this new mutant is they’ve found absolutely nothing, no one at all.”

“What are you saying?”

“I think someone set them but for an ambush.”

“Warn them.”

“Shalimar.” There was no response. “Emma” Still no response. “Brennan.” Nothing at all. Jesse typed at the computer. “Someone’s set up a dampening field we can’t communicate with them anymore.”

“Do you still have their position?”

“Not anymore but I still have their last position they couldn’t have gone far.”

“We’ll take the helix.”

Quickly Jesse sent their last known co-ordinates to the helix’s navigation system before running to catch up with Adam.


“Anything?” Emma yelled across the meadow to where Crow, Raven and Brennan were searching.

“No, you?” Raven replied shaking her head.

“Nothing.” Emma answered. The two groups walked towards each other. Upon closing the gap, Emma said. “I don’t think we’ll find anything.”

“I guess we should go.” Shalimar said. The group nodded in agreement, so they began walking back towards the two parked cars.

Down the road Crow spotted two black SUV’s. “They’re coming.” he said.

“Who?” Brennan asked.

Crow looked around the group. “The GSA.”

The group broke out in a run towards their cars hoping to make it there before the SUV’ arrived. But they were not fast enough, before they had even closed half of the gap the SUV’s had already parked and the GS agents had already disembarked from the SUV’s. Although the GSA dangerously outnumbered them, the group continued to run forward ready for whatever the GSA could throw at them.

Several of the GS agents charged forward with weapons drawn in an attempt to weaken the group. The group stopped as the Gs agents charged and readied themselves for a fight.

With a wave of a hand, using the force of the wind at her control, Raven sent two of the ten agents who were charging at them back. The force of the wind knocked them both back into the sides of the two SUV’s and they slumped to the ground unconscious. Behind Raven it was possible to hear the growls of the three ferals Shalimar, Crow and Hawk. Shalimar and Crow leaped forward behind two of the GS agents. Shalimar and Crow worked in unison fighting the two agents, before they both hit the ground.

There were still six agents charging forward. Brennan looked at his hands. He rubbed them together creating a small spark of electricity. Brennan clasped his hands together close to his body. He looked up at the two agents closest to the group, Brennan thrust his hands toward the two agents. Electricity extended from his outstretched fingertips. With a stream of blue electricity extending from both hands, he hit the two agents with a very large shock knocking them both out.

Emma spotted an agent coming up behind Raven who was already engaged in a fight with another agent. From Emma’s forehead came a small glowing ball, with one look she sent it at the agent behind Raven. The glowing ball struck the agent in the side of the head, the telepathic energy contained in the ball was powerful enough to knock the agent out. Raven looked back, as the agent she was fight fell to the ground, to see the agent Emma had incapacitated on the ground behind her. Raven silently thanked Emma for her help.

The two remaining of those who had charged at the group were easily subdued. But their were still ten more agents standing by in front of the tow SUV’s stopping the group from leaving. Hearing a faint humming noise Raven looked up into the sky. She saw the double helix decloak and land between the group and the GSA.


The hatch to the helix opened, Adam and Jesse ran out to the group of new mutants. Behind them the helix hatch closed the ship disappeared from view. Jesse grabbed Hawk as he reached the group.

“What are you doing?” Raven said to Jesse.

Hawk phased out of Jesse’s grasp and bolted towards the GS agents opposite the group. “I guess you’ve found out my secret Adam.” Hawk said smugly.

“What’s going on?” Raven shouted.

“Don’t believe what Adam says. That’s not the truth.” Hawk said moving forward slowly closing the gap between him and his sister.

“Adam?” Raven asked in shock.

“Hawk’s you’re half-brother not Crow, and Eckhart’s his father.” Adam explained.

Raven stumbled back a few steppes, staring at her brother in disbelief.

“It’s not true Raven. Crow’s our half-brother, his father was Adam ours was Eckhart.” Hawk said inching closer. “Come with me, Raven.” he outstretched his hand. “They’ll never accept you because of who our father is. Your only choice is to come with me.”

Raven put her hands on her head as tears streamed down her cheeks. Crow tried to grab Raven to comfort her and get her away from Hawk, but she pulled away. “Don’t touch me.”

Crow walked a little closer to her. “Raven, you can’t trust him. Listen to your truthsense, just focus.”

Talking over top of Crow, Hawk said. “Don’t listen to him Raven. Don’t listen.”

“Shut up! Just shut up!” Raven yelled, she rubbed her temples trying to concentrate. She closed her eyes and focused her attention on her connection to Crow. Raven sorted through Crow’s mind looking for the truth. Her eyes burst open, tears still falling down her cheeks she screamed angrily. “Why Hawk? What did you expect to gain from this?”

“Exactly what I did, the location to Mutant X’s precious Sanctuary.” Hawk taunted them.

Raven walked forward her eyes flashed with fire. She outstretched a hand toward Hawk, a stream of fire danced towards him. With the wave of a hand in front of him Hawk countered with a mist of water that extinguished the flames.

“You can’t beat me with powers Raven. I have all that you do. Except maybe some DNA.” he said smiling.

Raven smiled back at him. “I don’t need to beat you with my power. I just need to distract you for this.” She ducked and rolled out of the way as Crow dived in front of her. He released a telepathic mind block, to block Hawk’s memory of the location of the Mutant X Sanctuary.

Hawk fell back from the blow, behind him the Gs agents came forward to grab Hawk’s body from the ground. They raced into their SUV’s and drove off. Crow grabbed his sister and hugged her as she cried. Crow wrapped his arms around her in a futile attempt to comfort her.

Adam nodded to the rest of the Mutant x team. Crow tossed Brennan the keys to their car as he, Shalimar and Emma headed for the two cars. With the touch of a button Jesse landed and decloaked the helix in front of them. “The hatch opened, Jesse walked in with Adam close behind him. Adam stopped just before he entered the cockpit of the helix and watched as the two cars sped off to Sanctuary. Crow slowly ushered Raven to the helix and into the cockpit behind Adam. Crow sat her in one of the chairs at the back of the helix.

“She needs some time.” Adam patted Crow on the back as Crow looked back at his sister crying.

“I want to help her.” Crow replied.

Jesse stood up giving Adam the controls. “Crow, you sit up here, and let me talk to her.”

“Why you?” Crow asked.

“She feels betrayed by both you and Hawk. Raven doesn’t trust you yet.” Jesse answered.

“How do you know how she feels?” Crow demanded.

“I’ve been in the same sort of situation.” Jesse said. “Sit down before we take off. And trust me.”

Crow looked back at Raven then sat down in the chair beside Adam. Jesse walked to the back of the helix and sat down in the chair in front of Raven. Jesse turned the chair around to face Raven and moved it closer to her.

Jesse looked at her with her head in her hands crying. “Raven.” he said softly. Raven lifted her head up to look at him. Jesse wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Don’t cry.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Raven said.

“Not cry. You have nothing to cry about.”

“How do you figure?”

“Hawk used you and your brother just to find us.”

“I really screwed that up, because of me all of you guys were compromised.”

“But nothing happened we’re still safe. Think of it this way, it was better to find out about Hawk now before he could do any damage.”

“That’s supposed to help me feel better?”

“Nothing’ll ever make it feel any better. In time, though, you’ll learn to accept it.”

“How do you know?”

“I was used by my father in a plot to get him money. I felt betrayed when I found out but I’ve learned to deal with it. All it takes is time and someone to vent everything to.”

“That’s it?”

“Stop asking questions and just believe me.”

“I’ve heard that before.” she laughed softly.

Jesse laughed with her. “That’s it, laughing is a really good thing.”


“Sorry father.” Hawk stood at attention in front of Mason Eckhart’s desk at Genomex.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Hawk.”

“It was Adam’s fault he found out about me.”

“Don’t blame other people for your own mistakes.”

“I had it father. I did.”

“Well, you won’t make that mistake again.”

“Father, don’t do this. I can sway her to coming over to our side, just give me some more time.” Hawk pleaded.

“I’ll give you one more chance, but only because you’re my son. But this is your last chance Hawk.”

Hawk walked to the door and turned around before he reached it and said. “You won’t regret it, father.” he walked out the door.


“She seems to be feeling better.” Adam said looking across the room at Raven and Jesse.

“In the past few weeks she’s been doing great.” Crow replied.

Brennan glanced over at the two. “Jesse’s helped her a lot.”

Shalimar looked at Emma beside her before saying. “Don’t be thinking of suddenly turning into the classic big brothers and beating him up.” The group laughed, everyone had their eyes on Raven and Jesse.


Sneaking a peek at the five staring at them. They laughed. “They’re always watching us.” Raven said.

“And there’s no place else to really go.” Jesse replied. “I think they’re mainly just making sure that you’re alright.”

“Thanks to you, ‘cause you were always there. Wait a minute, did you plan this?” Raven joked.

Continuing the joke Jesse replied. “Now that you know this I’ll have to kill you.”

“Well you’ll have a hell of a time trying.”

“Oh yeah.” They laughed as Raven got up and ran towards the bedrooms, with Jesse right on her heels. She phased through the door to Jesse’s bedroom. Laughing she turned around to face him. Jesse ran through the door and tackled her onto the bed.

“I think I’ve got you now.” Jesse said.

“And how do you expect to keep me here with all of the power that I have?” she jokingly mocked him.

“With this.” Jesse kissed her. “So are you going anywhere?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I might be persuaded to stay.”

Jesse kissed her again. “Really?” he said kissing her again.

“Yeah.” She said as she kissed him.


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