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By Danielle Gastineau (Danielle_G@att.net)

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Disclaimer: All characters that appear on the “Mutant X” Series are property of Tribune Entertainment Company. No copyright infringement is intended in the writing of this fan fiction.


He walked up to the large building that was Erickson High School he found the front office and walked over to the front desk. His name was Brennan Mulwray he was here to find his sixteen year old sister who had sent him an urgent message.

“Excuse me?” Brennan says.

“May I help you?” the front office clerk asks.

“I am looking for my sister Alexis Mulwray” Brennan says.

“One moment” the woman says. “Someone called her in sick this morning”

“Do you know who it was?” Brennan asks.

“Her foster parents I believe” the woman says “anything else I can help you with”

“No thank you” Brennan says leaving.

He got back to his car and felt something was very wrong it had been two years since he had seen his sister and the only communication they had was email and when the emails stopped he thought at first she was upset with him but then when he got the message this morning he knew something wasn’t right.

He drove down and found where she lived. He didn’t see any car in the driveway so he drove up and got out and went up to the front door and rang the doorbell but after a few minutes there was no answer.

“Adam” Brennan says.

“What is it Brennan?” Adam says.

“Something is not right” Brennan says.

“What’s going on?” Adam says.

“I got a strange email from my sister Alexis this morning and when I went to her school she called sick apparently Marcus and Sarah her foster parents called, but there doesn’t appear to be anyone around here” Brennan says.

“Can you get in the house?” Adam says.

“I don’t have a key Alexis usually leaves her window unlock during the summer months I will go around the back and look around” Brennan says.

“Call if you need anything” Adam says.

Brennan made his way to the backyard and found Alexis room and to his shock it looked almost empty he opened the window and quietly made his way in and looked around for anything that might give a clue to where she is.

“Looking for something or someone” a voice says from behind.

“Where’s Alexis?” Brennan says.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” the man says.

“You know who I am talking about Marcus” Brennan says.

“Oh that’s right your sister emailed you last night didn’t she. Well Bren your to late she is probably on her way to England right this very second.” Marcus says.

“Why is she going to England?” Brennan says.

“Brennan my wife and I felt it was best to send her away to a special school for people with gifts like hers and we found one outside of London somewhere” Marcus says. “She didn’t want to go I had practically force her on to that plane, besides I don’t know why you would care you haven’t seen her in over two years” he says leaving.

When Brennan got to the car he asked Jesse to find information on any flights that were headed for England today, and asked Emma to find any information on any schools for the gifted that are located anywhere in London or in a fifty mile radius.

“Brennan I found three flights going to England today and the morning one left hours ago your sister was aboard” Jesse says.

“Ever been to London Emma” Brennan says.

“No” Emma says.

“I think we all need a little vacation” Brennan says “Meet me at the airport”

An hour Shalimar, Jesse, Emma and Adam arrived to meet Brennan. Adam after hearing about the situation bought the tickets and they took the very last flight to London that day.

On the way Brennan did mention that his sister was a New Mutant and had the powers of Telepathy, Precog and was Telekinetic.

When they arrived in London they stayed at a local hotel and met up in the room Adam was renting to discuss the plan. Emma told them that there was only one school for the gifted in downtown London and a few smaller private ones outside of London.

“Where do we start?” Shalimar says.

“Anywhere” Brennan says.

“We should split up” Adam says.

Meanwhile Alexis arrived at St. Patrick Academy. The nun who brought her took her belongings and started to tell her about the school and the many rules. Alexis was about 5’5”, Brown Hair, and Brown eyes.

“This is your room” the nun says “I am Sister Agatha I run this part of the dorm this is your roommate Melinda”

“Hi” Melinda says.

“I will bring your uniform and your books later” Agatha says leaving.

“Hi” Alexis says “Is there a phone somewhere here I need to call someone”

“There is but we can only use it on weekends” Melinda says. Melinda was about 5’3”, red hair and green eyes and spoke with an Irish accent. She wore a dark green plaid skirt and had a white shirt with dark green tie on.

“What about email?” Alexis says.

“Oh yea you can do email want to use my computer” Melinda says.

“Can I?” Alexis says.

Melinda helped Alexis get onto the internet. Once Alexis found her email account she started to write Brennan another email not realizing he was already in London. Shalimar and Emma who had already searched to schools arrived at St. Patrick’s. They entered and found one of the nuns walking down the hall with other student.

“Excuse me?” Shalimar says.

“May I help you my child” the nun says smiling.

“We are looking for a girl named Alexis Mulwray we were told she went here” Shalimar says.

“Oh a new student was brought in from the states it may have been of her are you two family members” the nun says.

“Cousins” Emma says “We are her cousins who just happened to be in London on vacation and her parents called us to make sure he arrived safely may we see her” she says smiling.

“Of course” the nun says.

The nun looked at the files and found Alexis had arrived and the two were taken to the library. The same nun went to the room Alexis was in and told her that her family was here to see her.

“You lied to a nun” Shalimar says. The two start laughing.

Thinking it was Brennan she left with the nun. At the library Emma and Shal new Alexis wouldn’t know who they were so Emma got up and went over and gave Alexis a hug.

“Brennan is here” Emma says. “That’s Shalimar and I am Emma pretend we are your cousins” she says in a very low whisper”

“Cousin Emma and Shalimar how are you?” Alexis says.

“Will you be ok” the nun says.

“I’ll be fine” Alexis says. The nun leaves.

“Where is Brennan?” Alexis says after the nun is out of sight.

“We didn’t know what school you were in so we split up” Shalimar says.

“You have to get me out” Alexis says.

“We will” Emma says

“First we have to tell the others you are here” Shalimar says.

“You will have to stay here and we will think up a plan with the others tonight” Emma says.

“The nun told us about visiting hours how do we get past that” Shalimar says.

“Email me. Brennan knows my address I am sure there is an internet café somewhere in London email with your plan” Alexis says. “My dorm mate has a computer so I can hook up to my email”

“Alright” Shalimar says. “We better go”

“Hurry” Alexis says.

The two leave and head to the hotel and tell the others Alexis was found and that plan would be needed to get her out. The next morning they were ready the plan was for Shalimar and Emma to tell them they wanted to take Alexis shopping for the day.

The two arrived and found that school was in session and they would have to come back later, they asked who to ask about passes to leave the school just for a day trip.

“We want to take her shopping” Emma says.

“We only allow this on weekend from 10am – 4pm Saturdays only” the front desk clerk says “take these and fill them out and sign and bring them with you Saturday”

“We will” Shalimar says.

When they arrived back at the hotel they emailed Alexis with the plan. When Saturday finally rolled around Shal and Emma left to pick Alexis up while Adam made flight arrangements. When they got there they were met by Sister Agatha.

“She must be back by 4pm on the dot” Agatha says.

“We won’t be late” Emma says.

The three returned to the hotel and Alexis is reunited with Brennan. Two hours later they left for the states; around 5pm when Alexis didn’t arrive back at the school Sister Agatha started to worry.

“What do you mean she’s missing” Marcus says over the phone.

“She left with her cousins and never came back” Sister Maria says.

“She doesn’t cousins in England you dimwit” Marcus says.

“What if they realize I haven’t returned” Alexis says walking with the others towards the terminal

“I have already taken care of that” Adam says.

“Umm...Sister Maria there is a Lord Herrington on the other line it’s about Miss Mulwray” a young woman says.

Back in the states Alexis was taken to sanctuary while Adam and Brennan went to her home. When they got there they went to the door and a man answered.

“Where is she?” Marcus says.

“She is safe and being well cared for” Adam says.

“I want you to sign this” Brennan says.

“What is it” Marcus says taking the paper.

“I want you to sign it given me soul guardianship of my sister” Brennan says. Marcus takes the paper and pen and reads it over.

“What if I don’t” Marcus says. The phone rings seconds later. Marcus goes to answer “Hello….Lord Herrington from where….I will not sign it…..you can’t do that…what do you mean she’s under your protection…I don’t know who you think you are but…” Marcus puts the phone down and takes a pen.

“Who’s Lord Herrington “Brennan says?

“Let’s just say he owed me a big favor” Adam says.

“Fine here she’s all yours” Marcus says signing the paper.

“Thank you” Brennan says leaving with Adam.

Back at Sanctuary Jesse, Shalimar, and Emma were helping Alexis get settled buy giving her a huge tour of the place. They even showed her room which she was allowed to set up how ever she liked. The two returned they found the others sitting around talking.

“Did he sign it?” Jesse says.

“Good” Emma says.

“Now what happens” Alexis says.

“You go back to school” Brennan says “And I don’t want you to use your telepathy to pass tests or anything like that”

“You’ve only been my guardian for a half a day and your already telling me what to do” Alexis says causing Emma, Jesse and Shal to laugh. Alexis just sits with a small smile on her face and says to her brother using her Telepathic abilities. “Just kidding Bren” Alexis says smiling.

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