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Jelly Beans

by Mystic
Gilmore Girls and its characters belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino, the WB, and all the other beautifully talented people who work on that show. I'm just borrowing to fulfill the need to write something silly in the wake of all the yucky cliffhanger finale's and cancellations. I also felt the need to have something posted on the list that was actually finished. I love you guys, I really do, but don't any of you have stuff that's not part one of a question mark?

Stars Hollow
Monday Morning

Lorelai pulled off her jacket as she entered Luke's and she smiled when he turned away from her, pretending not to have seen her. She found it amusing so much of the time that he would go so far as to avoid looking at her to not talk to her. It wasn't that he found her annoying, she knew, it was that he didn't want to admit that he enjoyed their bantering. Lorelai would probably do a dance and scream for joy if he ever admitted that.

"Luke..." she started.

"Gimme a minute," he mumbled, taking a young couple's order.

"Coffee..." she trailed.

"Lorelai," Luke warned, pointing a finger at her without turning around.

"I... need... coffee..." she said, acting like someone in the middle of the desert thirsting for water.

He ignored her.

Lorelai pursed her lips and lowered her eyebrows, "Fine, I'll just get it myself."

"No," Luke said, turning.

Lorelai smirked, raising one eyebrow at him as she said, "Ah, threatening to touch your equiptment... THAT gets your attention."

"I can pour your coffee just like you can wait two minutes," he told her, cocking his head.

She looked concerned. "But if I wait two minutes, I might go into withdrawal more serious than I'm experiencing at the moment and then I'd fall on the floor writhling like a fish out of water and you'd be all to blame just 'cause you couldn't take a second of your time to get me a cup of coffee."

Luke closed his eyes and turned towards the coffee machine and filled a giant cup, then went quickly to her table and set it down in front of her, giving her his largest grin, "There, ya happy?"

"Damn straight!" Lorelai said quickly, poking him in the nose.

Luke stood and went to fill the order he'd just taken and Lorelai giggled, drinking her coffee.

"I don't get why you bother that boy so much," Miss Patty said from one of the booths. She was chatting with two women Lorelai knew were parents of girls Miss Patty had once taught. Withers and Henderson, if she remembered correctly. Always gossiping about things that weren't their business. Lorelai turned to look at the women,

"And hello to you too."

"Seriously, he's a sweetheart."

Lorelai pouted, "It took him a whole two minutes to get me my coffee."

"Well, Lorelai, dear, there are more people in Stars Hollow than just you," Miss Patty said with a grin.

Lorelai feigned shock, "Why, by golly you're right. I must immediately begin an expedition to search out new territory to claim in the name of Lorelai Gilmore!"

Miss Patty waved her off, "You're such a silly girl."

Lorelai smiled, "Well, I try." She turned when Luke emerged, "Do you have jelly beans?"

"Jelly beans?" He asked.

She put her fingers an inch apart, "Yeah, little chewy things, this big. Come in lots of different colors and flavo..."

"I know what jelly beans are," he said, putting his hands on his waist.

"Well..." Lorelai trailed.

"What?" Luke asked.

"You got any?"

"Why would I have jelly beans?" He asked, giving her a confused look.

"I don't know, 'cause you serve food."

"Jelly beans aren't food, they're junk food."

"Food, in the species Junk, but food nonetheless."

"Go to Dosey's if you want jelly beans."

Lorelai narrowed her eyes at him, "You have jelly beans, I know it, you're just keeping them from me because you know I want it. Don't make me ask Miss Patty to order jelly beans just to prove my theory correct."

"What the hell do you want jelly beans at ten in the morning for?" He asked, going behind the counter to retreive the bag.

"Oh!" Lorelai pointed, then looked at Miss Patty, "See, and you say I bother him, he just withheld junkfood from me."

"It's not good for you," Luke said, giving her a grumpy look.

"Ok, Jenny Craig, I'm having a sugar craving."

"You're practically made OF sugar," Luke smirked, walking over to her with a small cup full of jelly beans.

"Yuck!" She exclaimed looking at them.

"What?" Luke said, looking into the cup.

"You've got black ones in here."


"So I hate black ones and they're fraternizing with all the other pretty ones. Look, I think this orange one is about to jump ship! Oh no, the reds are making a run for it." She looked up at him. "The black ones are evil..." she trailed looking back at them. Then she wrinkled her nose and added, "and they taste bad."

"What, you want me to take all the black ones out by hand?"

She smiled up at him..

"I'm not picking out all the black ones. You asked for them, I'm giving 'em to ya. You pick out the ones you don't want."

"Don't expect a tip."

"Like you'd give one."

Lorelai made a face of disgust. "Now that's just mean."

Miss Patty laughed, "Ok, you two, stop before I have to send you to corners."

Lorelai sighed, "Alright," she said, picking into the cup.

"What are you doing now?" Luke asked, going to refill an older man's cup of coffee. Sometimes when Lorelai was in here, he felt like he'd suddenly become a part of a comedy routine he'd never signed on to be a part of.

"Picking out all the black ones to give back to you."


"Because I'm not going to eat them and there's no sense in letting good junk food go to waste."

"I can't take back your jelly beans."

"Why not? They're perfectly good jelly beans."

"You've already put your fingers all over them."

She looked up at him, "Luke, it's not like I've had my fingers in dirty places."

"Well, I don't know that."

She waved a hand, dismissing him and continued digging through the cup. Luke knew better than to stop her and he continued serving the people until she stood, pulling her jacket back on. Lorelai waved at Miss Patty and then at Luke, "Bye!"

"Freak," Luke muttered.

"I heard that!" Lorelai said as the door closed behind her.

Luke shook his head, going to her table to retrieve the four dollars and he almost laughed out loud as he looked down at the small smiley face made of black jelly beans. Luke shook his head and turned to see Miss Patty staring at him, smiling with the two other women.

"What?" He asked, trying not to grin.

Miss Patty stood with the two women and she gave Luke money to pay for their brunches, "Nothing, you two are just too cute sometimes."

"We're not cute," Luke tried to sound macho, but it ended up sounding like he doubted himself.

Miss Patty only nodded her head, leaving Luke to clean up after Lorelai.

Ok, that was just stupid! Yay! Just needed to write something and I don't have time to really do my Gilmore Girls long story that I'm working on... ;)


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