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Things Change

by Meana
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em (wish I did) and I don't plan to hurt 'em. I'm just having some fun.
Rated G presently.
Notes: I started this story way back in November 1997 and I'm still working on it, which tells you just how slow a writer I am. I hope you enjoy it. Also this is a Rollie/Angie romance.
Summary: Rollie and Angie have to share a trailer....things progress from there. Incomplete.

Part One

After she put the last load of equipment down on the floor Angie Ramirez glanced around the small confines of the trailer and groaned. She turned to leave and ran right into her friend Rollie Tyler.

"Oh!" she gasped, the breath knocked out of her by the force of the collision.

"You okay Ang?" Rollie asked.

"I'm fine, except for what the sight of 'our' quarters has done to my stomach," she replied and then burst out, "It's way too small Rol! We're already using the table, couch, and almost all of the floor space just for our gear. And just where am I supposed to sleep? I mean even if the couch wasn't covered in equipment it would still be too small for me to sleep on, let alone you!"

For the first time Rollie took a good look at their accommodations. His groan matched the one voiced by Angie moments earlier. "I knew we should have left sooner. We'd have been here ahead of everybody else and could have gotten two trailers. We'd have plenty of room then."

"Well, it's not my fault!" Angie exclaimed. "I wasn't the one who couldn't get off the phone with his girlfriend despite the fact you were going to be seeing one another a few hours later. Now we have no choice as to where to stay. This is the only trailer left and there are no motels close enough." Four hours straight on the road made Angie extremely cranky. "We can't even use the van to store some of this stuff since it's full and the rented trailer is leaving us right now," Angie said glancing out the window to see the tail lights of the rented U-Haul moving away.

"Maybe, I can wake Danni up? She'd let me bunk with her." Rollie said beginning to smile.

The smile was erased when Tom Deery, the director, spoke up from behind Rollie. "No can do Tyler. I don't want either of my stars distracted so they're not to have any 'sleepovers' at their trailers or in other trailers. I've even got that written into their contracts. In fact those two are the only ones with trailers of their own. All the other trailers, including my own, have two or more people sharing them. Look it's not so bad. You'll probably only be in here to sleep okay, and it's a double bed, you're grownups and friends so you shouldn't have any problems." With those words and a grin the director left, shutting the door behind him.

Rollie and Angie barely noticed he'd left. They were both focused on the bed a few feet away. Gradually both realized that there was no alternative--they were going to have to share the bed. Slowly they met each other’s eyes and smiled shakily.

"Get a grip girl," Angie told herself. "It's just Rollie, your best friend. You can handle this." With these encouraging words ringing in her head Angie told Rollie, "Look we have to be up in..." She quickly glanced at her watch then continued, "...five hours. We both need some sleep so turn around so I can get changed."

"You're right Ang. We're just tired. Things will seem better in the morning," Rollie replied with his back to Angie.

"Probably," Angie answered her voice muffled by a yawn. "You can turn back around."

Rollie turned and smiled slightly at the sight that greeted him. Angie stood in from of him wearing a pair of old shorts and a Mickey Mouse nightshirt. "Your turn to turn around Ang," he said reaching for his clothes. Quickly and efficiently he changed from jeans and T-shirt into a pair of sweatpants. "Done."

Angie turned and faced him. For about a minute they stood facing one another, neither one willing to make the first move towards the bed.

"This is ridiculous!" Rollie exclaimed moving towards the bed. "Get in Ang and lets get some sleep." With a determined jerk he flipped the covers down. He looked up at a snort from Angie to find her on the other side of the bed fighting to keep from laughing. When she saw him looking at her she lost it and fell on the bed, her laughter filling the tiny trailer. Rollie smiled at the infectious sound as he sat on the bed. "Something funny Ang?"

Once she'd stopped laughing Angie gasped out, "You Rol." Slyly she continued, "I've never seen you so forceful!" She looked at him with ridiculously wide eyes full of mischief.

"Oh, go to sleep," Rollie answered, lightly slapping her arm. He stretched out his arm and turned of the light plunging the trailer into darkness. Lying down on his side, with his back to Angie, he pulled up the covers and closed his eyes. Angie followed suit and sooner than either had expected they were both asleep.

To be continued.....as Danni finds them.

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