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by: Jen

Disclaimer: I've said it once, I've said it twice, I don't own em', I'm just borrowing them from Rysher, or Winterset, or CBC, I'm not sure honestly.
Summary: While baby-sitting, Angie considers her feelings towards Rollie and Julia. And Rollie's thoughts about his feelings for Angie
Classification: Okay I had to give into the urge, and Starlog, this explores the Angie and Rollie romance thing. Well not in reality, just in Angie's mind and Rollie's mind. Ya I know bizarre but it's late and that's what happens.
Rating: G, ya it may be RAR, but I don't mention one bad thing!
Okay this brief fic is in the "Changes" reality. So if you at least liked that then this should be cool with you, but if you didn't than sorry. This also does deal with Rollie/Angie relationship possibilities, cause I read that Starlog article and it was pretty much stated that they got together so I figured, what the heck.

The rain beat down steadily on the windowpanes of the shop, not too harshly, just hard enough that the sound was comforting and hypnotic. Angie sat mesmerized by the sound, and by the sight of Julia napping on the couch. She would have taken her upstairs to her crib when she had fallen asleep, but Julia was a light sleeper and probably would've woken up. So she decided to leave her there and just watch her closely so she didn't roll off the couch.

Rollie had had a meeting with a new director that afternoon at the last minute, and didn't have time to get someone else to baby-sit while he and Angie were in the meeting, so instead Angie offered to stay behind and watch Julia. It wasn't any huge sacrifice, neither she nor Rollie loved these kind of meetings, where a director would ask them to do some unreasonable special effect for a scene. They might argue about it, but they usually wound up doing it or something like it. That was all she was missing. Instead of that all she had to do was watch Julia.

It hadn't even struck her as baby-sitting when Rollie asked her. She helped Rollie with her so much of the time, that staying with her seemed natural. Before these past several months Angie had not thought a whole lot about having kids. She figured she'd have them someday, but she was only twenty four, and had a good career, and most importantly there wasn't anyone who she'd want kids with right now. Rollie had always been Rollie, her best friend, and sort of a big brother. Except now, parenting with him seemed right. They were learning about children together, depending on each other to be there when the other one couldn't be. She knew that if she was doing this alone, or if Rollie didn't depend on her and insisted on doing everything on his own, it would be impossible, but together this was working. Julia seemed happy at least, and that's what is important.

She had been having these thoughts for weeks now. There were so many conflicting emotions that it was hard to see through them, to the truth. She couldn't make up her mind, 'Did she have more than brotherly feelings for Rollie?' It was a good question, that she didn't seem to have the answer to.

Julia stirred on the couch and Angie got up from the computer and walked over to her. The little girl looked up at her with deep brown eyes that Angie knew all too well from her father. Angie picked up the girl and sat down on the couch.

"So what do you think I should do? I wish you could tell me what you're daddy's feelings are towards me. That would sure help me sort out mine. I mean we practically grew up together, well I suppose I had more growing to do than he did, I was only eleven. He's not that much older than me though, it used to seem like alot more. I always thought of him as a big brother, but I don't know anymore. It's just looking at you, and him with you and when we're all together, it just feels,.....right.....You know what I mean?" Angie stopped, looked down at the girl to see she had fallen back to sleep. "Well I guess I should start putting you to bed, I'll just talk about my problems and that will get you to sleep less than a minute." Angie said as she got up and walked slowly up the stairs to put Julia in her crib

Angie hadn't heard Rollie come in. She was standing by Julia's crib still holding her, Rollie stood in the doorway just watching, not wanting to disturb her. He liked to do that more and more these days. Watching Angie with Julia, made him completely happy. For someone who lost their mother quite young, Angie had no trouble mothering herself. It seemed so natural, even though Julia wasn't hers. Of coarse he had surprised himself that he could be paternal, so why couldn't Angie have maternal instincts? He had started to realize she did have them. When Julia was first given to him he was nervous, he had no experience in child raising, neither did Angie. Together though, they were doing fine. He really liked it, in fact he'd loved to raise more children, which wasn't even the fact that scared him the most. He kept slipping and saying to himself 'Next time Angie and I will do this differently, or we won't overreact about this.' This was Angie, little Angie, little eleven year old Angie that he had met when he was twenty. But every time he looked at her with Julia it all seemed so right, she was a woman, who he loved very much, and who loved him and his daughter very much, so where was the problem? He figured the problem was he wasn't sure whether or not this love was a romantic one, or a friend one, and that made all the difference.

Angie placed Julia in the crib lightly and then turned around to find Rollie lost in thought standing in the doorway. She was surprised because she hadn't heard him come in. He had a look on his face of complete and utter contentment. She wondered what he possibly could be thinking about to make him look that way, and distract him so much, she wanted, no she needed to know. She walked up to him and touched his shoulder.

"Hi." He said after he realized she had turned around

"Hi, I didn't hear you come in." She replied.

"Ang, can we talk?"



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