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Facing Truths

by Megan Marie Irvin
Rated G
Sequel to Unexpected Surprises. Complete.
Disclaimer: F/X: The series does not belong to any of these authors. All rights belong to Rysher Entertainment, Winterset Productions, as well as any other that can't be remembered right this minute.

Chapter One

Angie walked along the deserted sidewalk in deep thought.

She knew she and Rollie, still had a lot of things to settle about the previous night, and that it wasn't going to be that easy to going back into that closeness of a friendship they had always shared, but she also knew they'd be OK.

Angie started to wish she let Rollie drive her home. She hadn't known how dark it was out still, even though it was ten in the morning. The fog, cloudiness, wind, and light rain didn't help things either.

'At least I live close by." Angie thought to herself, as she pulled her coat up around her the best she could.

Getting closer and closer to an alley, that Angie passed every time she went to and came from Rollie's, she started to hear loud male voices yelling.

Even though she knew she shouldn't be doing this, Angie turned down the alley to see what was going on.

Walking slowly, and cautiously down the alley. Turning a corner she immediately ducked behind two trash cans, as she saw three men in the distance shouting.

One of the men was kneeled down on the cement ground, shaking his head saying over and over, "It wasn't me...It wasn't me!"

The second man was standing in front of the first man, pointing a gun at him.

The third man was standing next to the man with the gun, shouting, "Shoot him! Shoot him now!!"

"No! Please! I didn't do it! It wasn't me!" The kneeling man pleaded.

Before Angie realized what happened, the gun went off and the first man fell backwards.

Angie knew she had to get out of there. Backing up she ended up backing into and knocking over a third trash can, she didn't know was there.

As the trash can hit he ground, the two men in front of her turned to where Angie was hiding.

"Go check it out!" The third man ordered, walking over to the dead man picking his pockets pulling out a black, square, and flat object that he quickly put in his own pocket.

"Who's there?!" The second man, with the gun shouted, as he approached Angie who was trying to figure out what to do.

As the gunman got closer to the trash cans, Angie jumped out from behind them, facing the two men.

Throwing the piece of steel, she found near where she was hiding, it hit her target, like she hoped it would, knocking the gun out of his hands. But when the gun was hit by the steel pipe it went off.

Angie ignored the pain that was suddenly surging through her arm. She had to get out of there, she didn't have time to weary about it.

She quickly turned and ran, she ran as fast as she could, out of the alley.

"Leave her. We'll take care of her later. We got to get the package back to the boss," The third man told the gunman.

"But how are we going to find her? We don't have any idea who she is!" The gunman shouted.

"She left something behind," The man answered holding up what he found by the trash can's, revealing Angie's drivers license.

The gunman smiled a wicked smile, as he put the gun in it's holster and turned to retreat with his partner.

When Angie got out of the alley she kept on running not knowing if she was being followed or not.

She quickly retraced the steps she had just taken, going back to the shop.

Once Angie got back to Rollie's, she went in though the phone booth instead of the front door.

When she entered the shop Angie was able to call out Rollie's name before she collapsed onto the floor.

Rollie was laying on the couch, half asleep, when he thought he heard Angie calling out his name.

'I'm probably just hearing things,' Rollie thought to himself, forgetting about what he thought he heard.

A moment later, Bluey started barking rapidly. Opening his eyes to see what was bothering Bluey, Rollie looked around the shop.

As his eyes came upon the area where the phone booth was, panic surged through him, seeing the unconscious body laying on the floor.

He couldn't see her face, but Rollie recognized Angie's coat.

"Angie!" Rollie called out sprinting up from the couch rushing to her side.

He kneeled down next to Angie's body, turning her over on her back, and putting her head in his lap.

Rollie could tell she was in shock, but he couldn't figure out what from.

Checking her over, Rollie stopped when he saw a dark, wet, spot on Angie's coat sleeve. While looking at the place where the spot was Rollie saw that there was a small hole in the middle of the stain.

"Oh, bloody hell! You've been shot!" Rollie exclaimed, picking Angie up, "I got to get you to a hospital."

End Part One

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