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Unexpected Surprises

by Megan Marie Irvin
Rated G.
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Disclaimer: F/X: The series does not belong to any of these authors. All rights belong to Rysher Entertainment, Winterset Productions, as well as any other that can't be remembered right this minute.

Chapter One

Rollie woke up to a pounding headache.

'Oh, my bloody head. Just how much did I drink last night?' he asked himself. Trying to remember the previous night, with not that much of luck, he pulled himself in to a slouched sitting position. He remembered going to the wrap up party for "Pitfall", the movie he and Angie just got done doing the special effects for, and he also remembered dodging the main actress of the movie the whole time at the party, who kept trying to get his attention.

Rollie suddenly froze, as he heard a moan coming from the other side of the bed, behind him, realizing he wasn't alone in the bed.

'Oh, please tell me, I didn't get so drunk that I bought that 'tuna for brains' actress home with me!' Rollie thought as he buried his head in his hands. 'Think, Rollie, think!'

Angie woke up to a pounding headache that was so bad she couldn't even hear herself breath..

Deciding she better get up, even though she didn't feel like it, Angie opened her eyes, and after one quick look at the room and immediately realized that she wasn't in her own room, but in a room that seemed vaguely familiar but she couldn't place as to who's it belonged to.

Angie's heart then quickened as she became aware of someone laying next to her in the bed.

'oh, man! what happened last night? Where am I? Who am I with?' She asked herself, trying to find the answer to all three question's at once.

Angie didn't remember much about the previous night, just going to the wrap up party with Rollie, and having a wonderful time watching Rollie dodge the star of the film.

Hearing the person behind her move around, she decided to get this over with.

Rollie could tell the unknown woman in his bed had been awake for a few minutes now, by the way her breathing had changed.

Now she was turning over, which meant they would come face to face.

As she pulled herself up into the sitting position she kept her head down, so Rollie couldn't figure out who she was, but he could tell it wasn't 'tuna brains' by the fact that she had brown hair and this woman had blond.

"Mornin', " Rollie quietly told the blond woman, turning his head to look at her. When Rollie got a look at her he ended up falling on the floor, because he was in such a state of disbelief at seeing who the stranger in his bed was, "ANGIE!?!"

"ROLLIE!?!" She couldn't believe it. What had she...they...done?

End Part One

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