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by Heather
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WARNING: This is a Rollie + Angie love story. If you like it, great, send me along an e-mail. I'll accept constructive criticism, but no hate-mail, please.

Angie awoke to bright sunlight streaming onto her face. 'That's odd,' she thought, 'My window doesn't usually let the sunlight in....'

Remembering that it was Saturday, Angie decided to forget about the sun and rolled over to go back to sleep. She was careful not to move her feet and disturb her cat, for fear that he'd wake up and want to be fed. And all Angie wanted to do was go back to sleep for a few hours; she had a bit of a headache and she didn't want to aggravate it any more than she had to.

Angie turned over onto her side, expecting her hand to flop over the side of her bed the way it usually did. But instead of hanging off the side of the bed like it was supposed to, her hand hit someone's shoulder with a solid thwack. Angie was instantly awake, sitting up and holding her hand against her chest-which she only now discovered was bare, so she quickly covered it with a sheet- because the force of the blow had hurt it.

Whoever Angie had hit wasn't too pleased either, because they had a hand on their shoulder, and they were cursing.

Angie figured her headache must've been worse than she thought, because something was wrong with the words the person was saying. They were.....pronounced wrong. They person had a lisp or.....or an accent. Angie's stomach did a flip-flop. An Australian accent, that's what it was. Angie's breathing shallowed and she stared at the person's back in horror. 'Oh God,' she thought, 'Oh dear God, please, no.......'

Rollie was rudely jolted from a peaceful sleep by someone slapping him on the shoulder. 'Well,' he thought sarcastically, 'That'll teach me to sleep in on Saturday......'

Then Rollie began to actually wake up and discovered a few things. The first thing was that it hurt to move. The second was that he didn't have any clothes on. And the third was that there was someone in bed with him. The last two realizations came relatively close, one behind the other, and Rollie glanced around the room he was in to make sure it was his own. Yep. He was in the loft.

Rollie stopped cursing as he saw something across the room in a chair; a shirt that looked suspiciously like the one Angie had been wearing yesterday. Rollie's heartbeat quickened as he studied the shirt more closely. There was a streak of white paint along the side of the shirt; Angie had gotten a mark like that when she was helping Rollie paint a set yesterday. Rollie forgot about his shoulder and how much it hurt and instead tried to figure out if the scenario he was beginning to realize was actually possible. The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed to be true.

A low groan escaped his throat. This was SO not good........

It was pretty obvious to Angie now who was in the bed beside her. She just stared at his back, willing him to turn around and get it over with. She also hoped that he would turn around soon because Angie felt like she was either going to faint or throw up if he didn't do it soon. Maybe both.

'Okay,' Rollie thought, 'it's now or never'. He tried to psych himself up before he turned around, but somehow knowing what he was going to find was worse than not knowing what he was going to find. He took a deep breath- and turned around to look into Angie's eyes, which were staring back at him in horror.

Even though Angie knew that it was Rollie, a small piece of her had clinged to the hope that she was wrong. It never once occurred to her that if they were in Rollie's bedroom.......... But Rollie had turned around, and her fears were justified. Her head began swimming uncontrollably. Her last thought before she blacked out was, 'Oh-oh, too late....'

Rollie wished he could've seen it coming; Angie's eyes rolled back into her head and she fell back- right off the edge of the bed and onto the floor. He made a frantic grab for her arm but he wasn't expecting her to black out and he missed. 'Probably just as well,' he thought as he scrambled out of bed and into a pair of jeans, 'If I had caught her I probably would've jolted her arm out of her socket.' He ran around to Angie's side of the bed, where the bed sheet she had wrapped around herself was still on, and knelt down beside her, to make sure nothing was broken. She was Okay.

"Oh Angie," He said softly, "I'm so sorry."

He got up and walked back around the bed, towards the door, heading for the bathroom so that he could get a cold washcloth for Angie's forehead. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid,' he thought as he reached for the doorknob, 'How could we have let this happen?'...........

Jenna awoke with a start, and for a minute she couldn't figure out why. Then she realized that it was because a crashing sound had just come from upstairs. She threw off the blanket she had slept under- she was still sleeping on the couch in the lounge- and looked up towards the ceiling as she stood up. Apparently the sound had come from Rollie's bedroom, because that's were Blue was looking, too.

"Hey Bluey," Jenna said as she wrapped her bathrobe around her, "You heard that too, huh?" The little dog looked at her, wagged his tail good morning, then looked back up to the ceiling and whined.

"I'm going," The girl said in her Australian accent as she grabbed her glasses off the coffee table and put them on. She started out towards the stairs to the loft, not sure what to expect when she got up there. Either Rollie had fallen off the bed or something else up there had fallen down, and she didn't know of anything else up there that would make such a racket. 'Oh well,' she thought as she began trudging up the stairs, 'I guess I'm gonna find out....'

Rollie returned to the bedroom with a damp washcloth in his hand for Angie's forehead, then closed the door behind him. When he got over to Angie, she had already regained consciousness and was trying to untangle herself from the bed sheet she was in. When she saw Rollie, though, she covered herself up again protectively and glared at him.

"Hey, it's not just MY fault." He snapped. Angie's face crumbled and Rollie instantly regretted the words. "Here," he said, trying again, "Put this on your forehead." Angie accepted the face cloth and put it on her forehead, holding it there with both her hands. She looked genuinely miserable. 'Well,' Rollie thought, 'I can't blame her. After waking up to...me...and then falling off the bed, I wouldn't want to be wrapped in a bed sheet with my legs on the bed and the rest of me on the floor.

Realizing that must not be a comfortable way to be lying, Rollie bent down to help Angie up.

"C'mon," He said, "Let's get you off the floor." Angie propped herself up on her left arm and kept her right hand on the face cloth. Rollie put one hand on her shoulder and wrapped his other arm around her to help lift her up. The sheet began slipping off of Angie, and since she had Rollie supporting her weight now, she grabbed it with her left hand and hiked it up to her collar bone.

Working together they got the woman off the floor and back onto the bed fairly quickly and without much fuss. As soon as Angie was back sitting on the bed, she took the now warm cloth off of her forehead to turn it around and get the colder part against her now throbbing head. But Rollie, who was sitting across from her, got a worried expression on his face and moved her arm aside. He put a hand up to her forehead and brushed some of her hair out of the way.

"You're going to have a good bump on your face before the day is out." He said. Angie groaned. As if enough hadn't already gone wrong today. "You must've gotten it when you fell off the bed." He said. Rollie turned her face towards the bright sunlight to get a better look at the injury, and Angie didn't bother to resist.

Jenna stepped onto the second floor and began down the hall to Rollie's bedroom. When she reached it, she put a hand on the knob and knocked quietly on the door.

"Rollie?" She asked quietly through the door. "Rollie? Are you okay?" No response. Jenna opened the door and stepped into the room, afraid that maybe Rollie HAD fallen out of bed and knocked himself unconscious. The sight that met her eyes was not one of Rollie on the floor, out cold, though; it was one of Angie wearing only a bed sheet and her brother in only his jeans, sitting within a foot of each other with Rollie caressing Angie's face.

Jenna let out a yelp of shock and stepped quickly back out into the hall again, closing the door and pressing her back against it, with one hand over her mouth and the other still on the doorknob, her eyes shut in disbelief.

Angie and Rollie didn't know what event had just occurred. They were still looking at the door, wondering what the hell had just happened.

Jenna opened her eyes and lowered her hand from her mouth to her stomach. She took a deep breath.

"You......guys.....all right in there?" The girl managed to choke out, with no small amount of wincing.

The two inside the bedroom looked at each other doubtfully.

"Yes, Jenna. We're fine." Rollie finally responded as Angie groaned for the umpteenth time that day, then slumped back onto the bed.

"Well.....okay, then." Came the shaky response from the other side of the door. Rollie and Angie listened as the girls footsteps receded down the hallway.

Rollie looked at Angie and sighed. "Wanna split up until the shock wears off and we realized what we've done?" He asked, half in joke. To his surprise, Angie nodded solemnly. Rollie raised his eyebrows and got off the bed, walking over to where his T-shirt was on the floor from......er.....the night before. Which, Rollie now realized, he could remember NOTHING of. He glanced over to Angie as he pulled the shirt on. She was lying with her eyes closed on the bed, one hand on her forehead where she had bumped her head. Rollie wondered if she could remember anything.

'Oh well,' He thought as he finished putting the shirt on and started towards the door. 'If she does, now is NOT the time to ask her.' He slipped through the door and started downstairs. From halfway down the stairs he could see Jenna sitting backwards on the couch, watching his descent warily. He stopped on the stairs and they stared at each other for a moment, then he finished coming down and strode over to her.

"If you tell a single soul about this........."

Angie heard the door click shut behind Rollie and opened her eyes. Her insides were all messed up. She couldn't remember a thing that had happened.

She threw the bed sheets off of herself and began searching for her clothes. She headed first for the chair and pulled her shirt on, then found some other articles of clothing behind the chair. As she began pulling them on, she began worrying about what had gone on last night. When she had finished dressing she was still as clueless as before. The only thing she knew was that, right now, she felt like crap.

Two months later...........

Angie was awakened by someone gently shaking her shoulder.

"Aaaan-gieee...." Came a voice, breaking through the remains of Angie's slumber. "Aaaan-gieee....." The woman groggily raised her head, just enough to figure out where she was. She was inside the FX van. She had fallen asleep in her desk chair, her head resting on her arms, which were on the Annex. Angie grudgingly sat up and stretched, raising her arms over her head and yawning.

"Angie, that's the third time this week you've fallen asleep on the job," Rollie's voice came from beside her. He was smiling, though, and he had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. The man had his typical apparel on for a day at the set: a black leather jacket zipped all the way up,- it was cold outside and that's where they were working today- a sweat shirt, black jeans, black shoes and his usual gadgets; a PDA and a headset.

"Oh, boss, I'm so sorry," Angie said, a great wave of guilt washing over her. "It won't happen again, I promise," She said, pulling her chair closer to the Annex as if to prove that she was going to work twice as hard to keep herself awake. She was wearing her typical clothes, too; blue jeans, a sweat shirt, sneakers and a jacket, which was slung over the back of her chair. She also had on a headset.

"It's Okay," Rollie said, a little oddly as he stepped away from her. "Well- no, it's not okay. It's just not that big of a deal," He finished.

"I'm sorry," She repeated, looking at Rollie with doe eyes. "I've just been so tired lately......" The woman ran a hand through her hair as she turned back to the computer. Rollie looked at her in concern.

"Well....like I said, it's nothing to kill yourself over." He said. The woman nodded again.

"Um....guys?" Jenna's voice came from over the headsets, "Rollie?" Rollie walked the few steps to the window in the van and looked out of it. Angie followed suit, only she pushed her chair over and looked out. Jenna was standing on the roof of an abandoned apartment building about three stories high, preparing an effect that was going on later in the day. The effect involved explosives, and since the scene needed three explosions, Rollie had shown Jenna how to rig the stuff, then left her to do it. It was a fairly simple task and Rollie thought that Jenna could handle it.

"What is it, Jenna?" Rollie asked.

"I'm missing some of the casing," The girl said. Rollie glanced to the sidewalk beside the building.

"It's in the crate below you on the side walk, Jenna." Rollie replied. Angie watched as Rollie's sister walked to the edge of the building and peered down, and, upon finding the casing, signaled to one of the crew members to attach it to the rope she was using to haul all of the stuff she needed onto the roof top. She had it tied to something on the roof that Angie couldn't see at the moment, but at least it appeared to be anchored.

Rollie glanced at Angie and noticed her unapproving look.

"Well, the only other way to get up there is the ladder on the side of the building," He said, pointing to it. Angie nodded.

"So anyway," Rollie continued, turning his attention back to Angie, "Are you going to be okay? You're not sick or anything, are you?" Angie looked away from the window and back to Rollie. She suddenly felt angry with him. Why couldn't he just leave her alone?

"What's the matter, Rollie? Don't you trust me?" She said coldly. The man took a few steps back, startled. "Don't worry. I won't fall asleep on the job again. I'm fine." She spat out. Angie pushed herself back to the computer and began to work. Rollie just stared at her, shocked.

"Well....okay, then," He said, before looking at her back for a moment, then turning to leave the van. As soon as he was gone, the woman buried her face in her hands. 'What's wrong with me??' She thought angrily. 'Rollie was just trying to make sure I was okay.....' She shook her head and looked back to the Annex. 'Oh well,' she thought, 'It's done. Back to business.' Angie's hands were poised over the keyboard when she heard Jenna talking to Rollie over the headset.

"Oh, God- Rollie! Something's wrong!!"

"What?" Rollie asked.

Angie turned back to the window to see what was going on. Rollie was jogging towards the building, and Jenna was backing away from the special effect she had just been setting up.

"I don't know! It just-" Her frantic words were cut off as her feet got tangled in the rope at the edge of the building. The girl gasped and flailed her arms to try and keep her balance, but it didn't work. She fell off the side of the apartment in kind of an arc shape, then the rope that her right foot was tangled in ran out and she slammed against the side of the building- hard. The jacket she was wearing, which was Rollie's and too big for her, wasn't zipped up and it fell off of her, and the headset tried to follow. Luckily the girl caught the latter in midair. Rollie was now running towards the building as fast as he could and some of the crew had found a blanket somewhere and a bunch of them were holding it, spread out, in case the rope gave out and the girl fell.

Angie watched the whole scene in little more than curious wonder as to what would happen next. She didn't have to wait long. Jenna was struggling to try not to fall and Rollie was just starting up the ladder the on the side of the building when shock number two came: whatever Jenna had been rigging up on the roof exploded.

Everyone turned away from the blast for a moment, then looked back to see if everyone was okay. Jenna was still halfway between the ground and the top of the building, and Rollie had been only slightly deterred by the explosion. Everybody was okay.

Angie turned her attention back to Jenna, hanging upside down from the rope, just the kind of situation that Angie had saved Rollie from many times before. 'Hmm...' Angie thought to herself as she turned back to her work, 'It must be genetic....'

The next day Rollie and Angie didn't have to work because it was raining. Hard. Most of the scenes being filmed right now were outdoors scenes, and none of them needed rain. So the crew was filming inside today, and they didn't need any SPFX for those scenes.

Rollie and Jenna were up anyway, though, because that's what they were used to doing on weekdays; getting ready for work. Jenna hadn't started school yet, so she could still do that. It was so close to the second term anyways, so she figured that it would just be better to start then. Until then she had been recruited to help the FX crew.

The siblings were in the middle of their breakfast when Angie had come into the shop, soaked to the bone from the pouring rain.

"Hi Ang," Rollie said in greeting before eating another spoonful of his cereal.

"Hello, Angie," Jenna added. The girl was having toast covered in peanut butter, and she was tearing the meal into pieces and rolling them into little balls before eating them.

"Hello Rollie. Hello Jenna." Angie said as she peeled off her outer layer of clothing. After she was done that she walked over to where the two were standing(Rollie), and sitting (Jenna), eating their breakfasts at the workstation.

"We're not working today," Rollie informed her as she walked over to them.

"Oh, Okay. That's just as well, though. Can I have this?" She asked Jenna, indicating to an uneaten piece of toast. Jenna nodded. Angie thanked her, picked up the toast and took a bite.

"Why is it just as well?" Rollie asked.

"I've got a doctors appointment today," Angie said through a mouthful of food. "I figured I should, since I've been feeling so rundown lately. You know- falling asleep and all." She took another bite of toast. Jenna nodded again.

"That's a good idea," The girl said. "It could be a problem with your...uh..." She motioned to the side of her throat, searching for the right word. "Thyroid!" She finally said triumphantly. Then she looked at the floor in confusion. "At least I THINK that's the right word...."

"Don't worry, Angie," Rollie said, looking pointedly at his sister, "I'm sure it's nothing. You just need more rest, that's all." Angie grimaced.

"I hope so." She said, picking up a napkin, left over from one of their countless takeout dinners, from the worktable and staring towards the sink. "If it's anything serious, I don't know what I'll do." She turned the tap on and wet a corner of the napkin, then turned the tap off and started back towards the other two. Jenna finished rolling the last chunk of toast into a ball and popped it into her mouth.

As soon as she was done, Angie took the girls hands and wiped all of the peanut butter off of them, as if this was a normal thing for her, which it wasn't. Rollie cocked his head and watched with an odd expression on his face, kind of like, 'What on EARTH are you doing?'. But Angie just continued until the girls hands were clean, then folded the napkin in half and threw it in the trash. The woman glanced at her watch. "Well, I should probably be going," She said. "My appointment is in a half an hour and it's going to take me that long just to get there in this weather." She smiled halfheartedly at Rollie, who was still trying to figure out just what the hell was going on with his assistant. She headed towards the door and put on her sopping wet jacket. "I just wanted to tell you where I'd be. Later."

Angie picked up her purse and the keys to the truck. Then she walked out of the shop, leaving the two people inside staring after her. Jenna still had her hands raised in front of her as they had been when Angie was washing them.

"Rollie?" Jenna finally said, breaking the silence. Rollie looked at her. "Would you please marry Angie so that she can be my Mum?"

Angie had been gone for two hours when Rollie decided to leave the shop and go out for groceries.

"If she gets back before I do, would you tell her to wait until I get back? I want to know that she's okay before she's out of my sight again," The Aussie said to his sister as he threw on a jacket and grabbed the keys to his car.

"Yes, Rollie," Jenna answered absentmindedly, paying too much attention fiddling with a game on the computer to pay much attention to what Rollie was saying. Rollie just gave her a sideways glance and waved it aside. He'd just be as quick as he could and hope to beat Angie back to the shop. He left the girl trying to figure out the intricacies of the game.

To be continued.....

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