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Guardian Angel

by Amanda

Disclaimer: the usual, don't own them, no monetary gain, blablabla.
Website: http://www.mooncross.com/fiction.plaza/
Summary: Julia has a guardian angel watching over her. But he turns out to be of the jealous kind. Unfinished business needs to be dealt with before she can live her life in peace.


"Alonzo, you have to let her go," the boy firmly told the older man. Uly looked up; he didn't have to tilt his head back far to catch Alonzo's eyes. He had grown so much in the past few years; the tall pilot only had an inch or two left over him.

"I can't. I love her too much," Alonzo said, a loneliness in his voice that, through the years of isolation, was honed to a razor-edged sharpness. Uly wondered what it'd be like to love someone so much, that even in death it was impossible to let go.

"She's not for you, not anymore," he continued. Bare emotion, a naked sense of loss, washed over the boy, exuded by the man standing before him. Uly was hard-pressed to keep his voice steady.

"I know," Alonzo sighed, his brown eyes almost black with immense grief. He sighed disconsolately and sank to his knees. He shook his head slowly. "I didn't know it'd be so hard, so very hard," he whispered and as he glanced up, Uly saw the tears in his eyes. Not knowing what to say, he knelt next to the man, wanting to put his arms around him, to hug him, yet knowing he couldn't.

"Alonzo, it's better that you leave here," he said quietly when at last the man's sobs subsided. "Sever your ties, find your peace among the stars. For her sake, and yours." Alonzo nodded, reluctantly.

"I'll try," he whispered, "I'll try."

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