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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is a one-shot, intended to be one of a HP Next Gen series with the viewpoints of all three of Harry's children on what happened shortly before Christmas at their home.
Christmas Surprise
by hgseeker

Lily Luna Potter was bored. Her dad was away on Auror assignment but due back any day now; her mum was busy altering her old Holyhead Harpies uniform for a Quidditch practice suit for her. Her brothers, Merlin curse them, were thankfully out of the house. Probably went to uncle George's house to meet their other cousins, his children (among others) who often congregated there.

George rarely disciplined them as strongly as their parents sometimes did--but they couldn't be too bad, since Christmas was fast approaching and there were too many things they wanted to risk their parents grounding them or taking their wands away for the holidays. She wasn't as likely to misbehave as her brothers were, fortunately. Her oldest brother, James, named after their paternal grandfather, was forever getting into scrapes just like him. Albus Severus wasn't as mischievous, but did tend to be easily led and their parents were forever telling him not to take James so seriously all the time because of his annoying tendency toward practical jokes.

Nor did it help matters that his best friend Scorpius Malfoy was the leader type--almost as much as James, although he wasn't as much of a prankster. When it came right down to it, though, the siblings loved each other dearly and would fight to the death to help and protect their family and friends.

Lily tried to concentrate on the latest magic lesson her mum had given her, how to do a Summoning Charm, but couldn't seem to make her wand obey her. There must be something she was doing wrong, but she couldn't figure out what it was. She gave up for the time being, simply throwing the wand onto the bed before deciding to seek out her mother and see if she'd heard anything more about when Daddy was coming home.

Being the only daughter, he tended to favor her, and Mum was always lecturing him about displaying too much overt favoritism. Daddy said he did that because she looked so much like her mother, except for her green eyes. In fact, more like her paternal grandmother, for whom she was named. She loved her mother, of course, but as the old saying went, she was the proverbial 'Daddy's girl' and had him almost literally wrapped around her little finger. Only Mum was more adept at getting him to do things for her.

As far as that went, she and Daddy touched and kissed entirely too much for Lily's taste. I mean, with older people (they were almost forty years old!) such as them, it was unnatural. Totally nauseating, in fact, to walk in on her parents with their hands and lips all over each other like a couple of randy teenagers. What if they continued that unseemly behavior until they were really old, like her grandparents? She had no idea, of course, that her maternal grandparents themselves not only still touched and kissed, but still shagged several times a week.

Ginny had never told her because she recalled her daughter's reaction to catching her and Harry going at it sometimes--usually if they happened to forget to put up Silencing and Locking Charms. Age and maturity would likely change this attitude, but for the time being, Lily preferred not to think about it. Things like this seemed to happen virtually every time Daddy came home from work.

All too often she didn't see her parents until supper that evening--and when she did, their eyes seemed unnaturally bright, they walked rather gingerly, and their lips seemed swollen. Worst of all, however, were the looks they still gave each other, like they wanted to eat each other up. Sickening! She hated to think that one day she herself would actually be doing such things.

Her mum had told her when she was five that there would come a time in her life when her body would change. She would not only have a monthly flow of blood and get curves and breasts like her, but strange desires for another person. Usually it was a male person, although she had heard of people who preferred members of their own gender romantically. She would even supposedly, eventually, want a boy to touch her and kiss her. At some point they would even take their clothes off to do it! Frankly Lily couldn't imagine wanting to do such a thing with anyone, at least not at present.

Thankfully she had never seen any homosexuals, people romantically attracted to their own sex, interact. It was bad enough to see her parents do it. By 'strange', Ginny had meant sexual, and even though she had been assured that the desires were entirely normal, Lily frankly dreaded the time when it would strike her. James was thirteen now, which meant that he was a teenager, so it was likely that he had already experienced the 'facts of Life' talk ... not to mention the aforementioned changes in his body and emotions.

By this time she had reached the living room, forcing the unpleasant thoughts away as she came into view. Ginny was still learning to alter clothing magically. Molly was teaching her but she hadn't mastered it yet. What she couldn't do magically, she would do manually. Ginny lifted her head as she heard her daughter's footsteps stop before her.

"Mummy, do you know when Daddy is coming home?"

"Last I heard, he said via Floo that he had every intention of being home for Christmas. He might even be earlier, but couldn't say for sure. Auror assignments are loaded with unexpected developments, just like life. Basically, we should expect him when we see him."

"When did you last hear from him?"

"About three days ago. Haven't heard anything since. Why?"

"Just curious. Seems to me that he's never been gone so long 'on business', as he calls it, as he has this time."

"Well, there isn't anything we can do about it, darling, except learn to live with it. What matters is that he always comes home to us." Ginny set her needlework aside, including her wand, opening her arms to her daughter, whom she sensed was missing her father even more than usual. She wasn't the best substitute, of course, since Lily loved to listen to her father's rich, accented baritone, feel his warmth and strong arms around her, his kiss on her forehead or cheek ... sometimes even his hand or lips stroking or kissing her hair.

Ginny herself loved it too, but for her own private reasons. In fact, Harry had all but promised to have a special Christmas surprise for her when he got back home, but wouldn't say any more than that. His surprises were always sexy, romantic and memorable, so whatever he had in mind, she was sure she would enjoy it. It was the waiting that was tough.

In fact, it got tougher every time he left, even though she was strengthened by the knowledge that they would make up for lost time with a vengeance. She was also certain that the kids were all too aware of what she and Harry did upon his every homecoming and felt especially sorry for Lily because she would have to endure the development of her two brothers before it finally happened to her. Meanwhile, she would simply have to keep herself occupied by helping the children, particularly Lily, pass the time until Harry came home.

Lily had told her the problems she was having and Ginny suggested private sessions with both her and her father in order to see to it that she overcame any problems and mastered all the necessary spells, charms and hexes for everyday use. All three children were registered at Hog-warts, although Lily was the only one not going yet. She wouldn't go for another two years. James was to start his third year in September, and Albus his first.

She had complained that it was unfair that she couldn't go too, but Harry had assured her that the time would eventually pass and she would join her brothers. Two years seemed an eternity to her, but she couldn't make him understand, so she didn't try. Instead, she would talk about it to cousin Hugo, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione's son, who was the same age as her. Cousin Rose was also due to start at Hogwarts in September, so she wouldn't understand either.

She would have been surprised at how well her parents understood everything she was going through, but wouldn't learn this until years in the future. Meanwhile, she returned to her room while other things began going on downstairs.

* * * * *

Shortly after her daughter left, Ginny decided that she had done enough sewing and Vanished the articles up to the bedroom. She got tired so easily these days, especially with three active children to keep her busy. Her neck and back felt stiff and achy. At a time like this, the only things which could relax her were private times with her husband. Unfortunately only Merlin knew when he would return, despite his supposed 'Christmas surprise' for her. Since the boys weren't due to return until that evening, she thought she had best have a lie-in while she had the chance.

* * * * *

She awakened to a warm, sweet and familiar (albeit most unexpected) kiss. Her eyes opened to see a beloved face smiling above her, green eyes sparkling behind his round glasses as they met hers. However, he was strangely dressed--all in red, trimmed with white faux fur, and with a long white beard and wig over his ebony-black hair. "I'm back, love."

"Obviously," Ginny returned dryly even as she smiled back and took in his unusual state of dress. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"This is part of my Christmas surprise," Harry told her. "Which reminds me ... are the kids around?"

"Only Lily. She's in her room practicing the latest homework we gave her. The boys are over at George and Angelina's. They won't be back for hours."

"Great. That gives us some alone time," he growled seductively, waggling his eyebrows. "Let's go."

Ginny suddenly got a wicked idea. "Let's start here."

Harry's eyes widened, then his smile. "Temptress. Not even seventeen years of marriage has satisfied you."

Ginny returned a cheeky smile. "What do you expect? I'm a Weasley. We're insatiable."

"And I love it," Harry returned, hunger in his eyes. "Let's get started."

With that, he kissed her deeply and his searching hands soon found their way under her shirt, loving the feel of her warm, soft, scented bare skin. The feel of it nearly drove him mad, especially after days apart from her. At the time like this, virtually nothing could stop him once he got started. He had to have her soon or climb the wall!

The moment Harry touched her, Ginny didn't care who walked in on them, not even the kids. She had missed him so much--missed his touch, his kiss ... the feel of his bare skin, his hardness inside her, his rich, accented baritone husky with desire and murmuring sexy endearments in her ear--just as he was doing now.


Unfortunately Lily had come downstairs again and was heading for the living room. She stopped at the door and looked inside, stunned to see a man with a red suit trimmed with fur and a white beard passionately kissing her mother. She had never seen her father dressed this way before, so she didn't realize it was him.

At her age, she still believed in Father Christmas and his annual trip around the word, giving presents to deserving people. Her parents had long ago assured her that the Yuletide season wasn't just for children but anyone who wanted to give gifts to those they cared about. She had also been told that Father Christmas was married, so what was he doing here, kissing her mother? And why was Mummy kissing him back, moving against him and moaning in pleasure as she stroked the back of his neck with her fingers?

It was for sure that neither of her brothers would believe this, especially not James. Still, she had to tell not only them but her cousins about this as soon as she could. The family was due to go to the Burrow to see Grandmum and Granddad Weasley for Christmas, so she would tell her cousins then. Meanwhile, she backed out as quickly and quietly as she could, then high-tailed it back to her room, her thoughts confused and chaotic. She eventually fell into a troubled sleep even as her parents continued their tryst just one floor below her, all the while hoping she would be able to keep it secret until then. A week seemed an awfully long time, but she would have to manage somehow.

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