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Her by Lea
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Story Notes:
Written for btvsats_20 LJ challenges :http://community.livejournal.com/btvsats_20/
Prompt: What’s under your mattress/pillow? Why
AN: Okay, so this my first time doing something like this, usually I am writing long fics... so I hope I'm doing this right.
Round Four-Challenge 1- What's under your mattress/pillow?


“So, Angel, what do you have under your mattress? Curious minds want to know.” The red head asked, as she skimmed through the latest crime report in the newspaper.

“I…I…Where’s Buffy?” I ask, avoiding the witch’s question. Standing up, I move away from the scoobies and into the kitchen where Giles is reading up on the history of our new Mayor.

“Come on man, don’t ignore the question. We all had to answer it, and you agreed to play truth or dare and you picked truth. So spill it!” Oz said, getting up from the couch and reaching for a cookie on the table then taking a seat by his girlfriend.

“Ah, I found it. How could I have missed this when researching last week?" Giles gasped loudly, taking his glasses off, and cleaning them with his shirt.

“What? What is it Rupert?” I ask his widen eyes glance at me for a moment before looking toward the gang in the living room.

“It seems that Mayor Wilkins is over hundred years old-maybe older-I’m not sure, but it looks like, from what I can tell, whatever he is planning, it will happen on graduation day.”

“I’ll check it out and call you if I find out anything more”

I‘m relived that I don‘t have to answer their question and I pick up my jacket and head to the door quickly. “If you see or hear from Buffy, let her know I’ll contact her later.”

Before they can answer me, I open the door and scurry outside into the freezing cold.


I have been sitting here, in the dark, in my room, in my favourite chair for almost 6 hours now. I glance down at the object in my hands. The object that everyone was so curious to know about. I scan it curiously, my fingers running along the soft material.

I glance toward my king size bed, the blood-red satin sheets glowing slightly in the moonlight. I can smell her sweet perfume, a mix of berries and sage. And for only a moment I can picture her soft, long legs, dangling slightly over the bed. I can still remember everything about that night, the way her skin felt against mine, the way she whispered my name, over and over.

I hear her moan and my eyes shut, my crotch throbbing at the thought of being inside of her again…making love to her.

A small sob escapes my lips and I lift myself off the chair and head over to the empty bed. I lift the warm material to my nose and her presence surrounds me.

I swallow the guilt erupting inside of me and slip under the covers, my hand still grasping at the skimpy cloth. I know having it is invading Buffy’s privacy, but I don’t care. If I can’t have her, this shirt, is the only thing I have that I...I can hold on to.


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