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Story Notes:
To explain my terrible rhyming, I wrote this when I was in fifth grade...
It was the night before Christmas and flying through the sky was the Man of Steel in his ruby red cape

He flew through the sky, thinking of Lois and her house strung with lights

When what should he hear? But a jolly laugh in the starry night sky.

He looked to his right and saw to his surprise a tiny sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer.

As the sleigh pulled close he saw sitting in the sleigh the number one elf, Santa himself!

The man nodded and smiled and Superman did the same.

"Not working tonight?" the jolly man asked?

"All the villains are hiding, the criminals in bed."

Santa nodded and grinned and said to the man, "Well I will be off. Stocking to fill, cookies to eat, on this fine Christmas eve."

Superman nodded and waved as the tiny sleigh took off and Santa flew away.

Far in the distance his keen ears heard words full of laughter, they were so bright, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight."
Chapter End Notes:
If you must comment, please leave my fifth grade writing dignity intact!

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