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Story Notes:
Understand that this was just an idea. I really didn't make out a plot and so on, I just wrote.
The X-Mansion

Jean sat quietly in the library of the Xavier Mansion, her mind absently wandering the grounds. She sat like this for some time, at peace, until a distant shouting shattered the bliss. As usual she found the uprisers to be scott and Logan.
"What in the name of God are they arguing about now? They can't even go one day without getting into a fight." She stood her mood now black with anger and frustration. "They're in so much trouble!"

Logan was standing, arms crossed, as Charles tried to calm Summers down. " 'pparently Chuck didn't count on Summers' reaction to the news." He thought, amused.
"No Proffesor I can't, I WON'T allow it." Scott was yelling, again, at Charles. That's when Jean entered the room, her eyes blazing with emerald fire. Immediately the room fell silent.
"Allow what Scott?" her voice was extremely quiet and controlled, meaning she was furious.
Scott merely remained silent and sat in one of the conference room chairs. On impulse he went and answered for him. "Well Darlin' it seems up in Britain the Hellfire Club is causin' some trouble for Parliament. Chuck here," he pointed to Charles, who had remained silent this whole time, "wants to send you and me on a mission to help out the British. Summers is just a little peeved to see himself not on the list of those goin'. "
Jean raised her eyebrows, "And who exactly is going?"
Scott found his voice and said, "Just you and him." he glared at the floor. "I can't allow it."
"How dare he..." she thought. "He actually thinks he can decide for me!" She turned to Charles, who already knew her answer. "I'll go."
Scott jumped to his feet, sending his chair flying. "You can't be serious Jean! I can't let you go!" his face had turned purple with rage.
Jean glared at Scott with her eyes, now hard and catlike. "You do not decide for me Scott. This is my choice!" her voice softened, "You worry too much, We'll be fine."
Xavier nodded. "Very well. You leave in the morning." turning to scott he said, "Scott please come with me."
"I can't believe you're going to let Jean go with him!" he stode down the hallway, following Xavier.
"And why not Scott?" Charles, being Charles already knew his answer but scott still felt like bellowing it out.
"Because you know that son of a bitch will use the chance to steal away Jean!"
Charles stopped moving, "Language Scott." he lightly reprimanded, "Why would that be a bad thing is she is happy Scott, hmmm?"
"Because, because I love her!"
"Love is a shared thing, and if Jean does not feel the same, what then will you do? It is something to think about. Goodnight Scott." he said and wheeled away.
The Next Day-
Charles had ordered them first class plane tickets the night before, explaing to Jean and him that the jet would be too well recognized. Now Charles was giving them their alias's. "You'll both be foreign diplomats from France while in Britain. Jean," Charles looked at her, "you'll have to make Logan here look a bit more french to those who see him with your telepathy."
At this she smiled, the first time since last night. "Oh lovely Charles, I don't know how this will work out."
"Don't worry Darlin', I'm a regular charmer. It'll work out fine.
Clearing his throat, Charles continued, "Anyways, you will be posing as the french Ambassador and his fiance. Luckily Jean looks remarkably like the ambassador's fiance."
Logan nodded, "Simple enough." he said.
"Well your plane will be leaving soon. You'd best be off."
Logan again nodded and picked up both Jean's and his suit cases and headed to to the car.
"Goodbye Charles." she leaned down to hug him goodbye.
"Take care Jean." and with that Jean followed Logan out to the car.Up in the library Scott watched the car leave the grounds. Sighing he shoved his hands into his pant pockets to leave. Passing a vase, one Logan had brought back from Japan, his anger consumed him and he struck, sending the vase shattering to the floor.
"Oh Scott," Jean thought as she watched the incident through Scott's thoughts, "was that really nessecary?" she sat back in her seat seat, deftly wiping away a tear.
"Somethin' wrong Jeannie?" Logan asked.
"No, " her voice was quiet, "nothing's wrong. Nothing at all."
Chapter End Notes:
End Part One!!! ALL comments welcome!

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