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Voldemort sat on his throne as his Death Eaters dragged in a new group of Muggles to torture. The Muggles were thrown onto their knees in front of him, there were five of them this time, a small group to be sure. Three women and a man and a seven year old. There would be a division of course he would give a Muggle to his chosen Death Eaters to do with them what they liked. He would keep one for himself but which one? He crucio the first woman and she screamed so prettily. Then he moved on to the next woman, he inflicted the same curse on her, she screamed at such a high pitch that it almost made his ears bleed, this one he would not be keeping. The man grunted and ground his teeth to prevent himself from calling out in pain, that one could be fun to break. The last woman fainted under the pain, how boring, no staying power at all.
Voldemort turned his attention to the boy who was currently glaring daggers at him. Voldemort smirked and cast the curse. The boy's eyes widened and his face flushed red, but he did not scream, no he began to laugh as if he were being tickled. To say that Voldemort and his followers where shocked was a bit of an understatement. Voldemort ended the curse and the boy breathed in deep breaths through his nose getting his laughter under control. The boy spoke his voice raspy from laughing so hard.
"I take it that's not supposed to happen." The boy grumbled something along the lines of 'it figures, stupid mojo.”
"How were you able to withstand my curse?" Demanded Voldemort. The Muggle shrugged showing no fear of the Dark Lord.
"Magic goes weird around me, always has. Although I'd say this instance has something to do with that unnatural lightening Hiten tried to kill me with." The Muggle shrugged again and the Death Eater beside him cuffed him on the back of his head. The kneeling boy turned his head to glare at the man who had hit him causing the Death Eater to take an entire step back. The Muggle smirked.
"What is your name muggle?" Demanded the Dark Lord.
"I'm Shippo, and your that Flight of Death guy, huh?" Shippo looked around the audience chamber with a critical eye. "Nice set up you got here, I'd say it's on par with what Papa had, not InuYasha though, he can't stand minions" Shippo said mostly to himself. The Death Eater had regain sufficient courage to clout Shippo again, and did so. Shippo snarled "Do that again and I'll rip your arms off and beat you to death with them." The Death Eater squeaked and backed up again. The Dark Lord was furious and amused, he was not entirely sure which feeling he wanted to give into. "Don't suppose you could drop me off where you found me?" Asked Shippo with a sigh.
"How dare you give me an order!" Apparently furious had won out. "Die! Avada Kedavra" Green light shot out from the end of Voldemort's wand and hit Shippo on the chest. A flash of green light blinded every one. When the light subsided, there kneeling was Shippo blinking up at the Dark Lord.
"That wasn't an order, it was a question" Shippo corrected " and did you just try to kill me?" The last question was yelled "that's rude you know!" Voldemort shocked all his Death Eaters by breaking out into loud laughter.
"You are a most interesting Muggle. How did you survive my killing curse?"
"I thought happy thoughts" snarked Shippo none to pleased at his captor for trying to kill him and with no poise what so ever. The standards on evil Dark Lords were lacking now a days.
"You must be under a spell that protects you! That can be the only explanation!" The Dark Lord's voice edged on insanity. "Finite Incantatem!" Cried Voldemort putting a huge amount of his power behind the spell. Shippo paled as the spell hit him. He could feel the possessions from his youth waking up. Apparently the spell Voldiebutt had used stopped the safeguards in his mind from working. The safeguards that Mama had erected around his mind to protect his conscious mind from the urges that the demon and the foxness pressed upon him. Shippo’s eyes glowed eerie red and dark power radiated off his body in visible waves.
"Oh, that was a mistake." Shippo said his voice now had the tones of InuYasha, Koga, and Sesshomaru over laying his own high voice. The result was disconcerting, too say the least. "You've woken them up" The Death Eaters shied away from him. The Dark Lord yelled the killing curse only to find that the curse was now useless against the Muggle, not even creating a green light upon impact. Shippo continued as if he hadn't been interrupted with the killing curse. "and they're hungry!" With a snarl Shippo lunged forward eating up the space separating him from Voldemort. Shippo struck again as he ripped out Voldemort's throat with his teeth, killing him in a spray of warm dark blood.
The Death Eaters scattered when Shippo turned his face and chest covered in their Lord's blood, a crazed grin on his face. The room was emptied in seconds, even the Muggles brought in with Shippo fled in panic. Shippo turned back to the body of Voldemort and with out care to where the body fell threw him off the throne. Then Shippo sat in the throne he had just made vacant, his childish laughter filled the air. With the standards on Dark Lords so lacking, perhaps Shippo should give it a try? Why not? He had nothing better to do.

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