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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS it belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Now let's get on with the show.


Buffy tossed and turned as she slept in her bed. Nightmarish visions and horrors of things to come flooded the forefront of her dream scape. Hellmouths, Angels, demons, vampires, the harvest and all things evil. The Master turned his head and his eyes bore right into her.

A still small voice whispered out of nowhere. �She who watches will come and change it all."

Buffy woke with a start as her mother called out to her reminding her of her first day in a new school and that she didn�t want to be late. �Oh No," Buffy said groggily. "Wouldn't want that."

The girl watched in confusion. �Hey I don�t remember the last part of that in Buffy�s dream. I've watched this twenty thousand times and that's never happened. Where did that come from?" She blinked and kept watching.

Buffy exited the library in a hurry leaving Giles thunderstruck. He thought for sure that this was the book she was looking for and that she was the Slayer he came here for. Confusion set in as he put his book away, he stopped abruptly as an eerie quiet voice whispered to him.

�She watches, she is coming, she will change things."

Giles looked around trying to locate the person behind the voice. When he realized he was the only one in the room he shrugged and finished his business, putting the little episode in the back of his mind for later reference.

On the other side of things the girl watched in amazement to the new footage of her favorite show. �Really, I've watched this to many times to have missed something like this. I don�t remember anything about a still small voice or anything about a girl who watches, someone�s messing with me."

After Buffy and her new watcher Rupert Giles finished their conversation about the extreme dead guy in the locker room with two little bite marks on his neck, Giles began his watchers rant about vampires and every evil creature that went bump in the night. Buffy rolled her eyes as she stepped out of the library with a frantic watcher trying to convince her of her duty. Alexander Harris slowly emerged from the stacks after hearing every crazy word. He looked completely bewildered. �What?" he said to himself and then he turned so quickly he nearly knocked over the books when he heard an eerily quiet voice whisper to him.

�She is coming; the changer of all things." �Be ready, be able, be strong."

Xander scanned the library so quickly he nearly gave himself whiplash. Seeing no one else in the room he quickly exited the library in terror.

�What the frock?" The girl watched in frustration. �Someone�s been tampering with my dvd's. This stuff didn't happen in the show. What�s with all the extra footage?"

Angel walked away from the alley a little hurt. �Why wouldn�t she want to be my friend? Well maybe it�s because you were stalking her in an alley way asshole," he said to himself. he stopped in his tracks as an eerily quiet voice whispered to him.

�She is coming, the watcher that will change things for all, and the friend that will be that for all."

Angel turned to see who was speaking and saw no one. He continued home contemplating what he'd heard.

The girls face crinkled as she looked at her dvd case to see if this was an alternate version of her beloved show. Finding nothing to support her claims she put her attention back to the show.

Willow unknowingly followed a vampire into the cemetery when she heard an eerily quiet voice whisper.

�She who watches is coming, she will change things for all," the voice creeped both her and the vampire out. �It is the appointed time for her return, make way."

Willow and the vampire looked around for the source of the voice. Finding not a soul Willow said. �Okay, this is nice and scary," looking to her companion with complete fear on her face. �Are you sure this way is faster?"

"This is getting extremely irritating," the girls said to herself as she rubbed her temples hoping to relieve herself of the oncoming headache. She paused the dvd player to contemplate just what the heck was going on in her world. Was she imagining all this? Or was she having one of her elaborately colorful and crazy dreams? She pinched the bridge of her nose.

�Ouch, damn it that hurt," she said to no one in particular. �Well you did it to yourself dumb ass,"well great now she was talking to herself, she wasn't having crazy dreams she was the one that was crazy. She laughed and continued watching her favorite show.

Within the Bronze Buffy killed Luke and destroyed the Master's planned ascension. As everything ended the scoobies headed out of the bronze as an eerily quiet voice whispered to them.

�She is watching, she is coming and she will change things for all."

�She will save the warrior."

�She will make whole the champion."

�She will make powerful the one who sees."

�She will change and strengthen the witch."

�She will teach the watcher how to truly watch."

�She will show the queen b her true heart and ultimate power."

The group of Scoobies looked at one another. �Who the hell keeps saying that?" They said in unison realizing that all of them heard the same voice.

�Oh boy, this is not of the good,� Buffy said as she watched Giles adamantly clean his glasses. It was time for research mode.

The girl freaked out.�Okay this is getting utterly ridiculous, someone is fucking with me! Okay candid camera, come out come out where ever you are."

She looked around expecting someone to come out of the shadows and make fun of her for buying into what was obviously a very well thought out prank. When nothing happened her freak out deflated and she continued to watch cautiously, whatever good that would do.

Cordelia walked with her cronies at school the next day. Talking about the gang that attacked her last night at the bronze and how Buffy was at the center of all the badness. She stopped suddenly as she heard an eerily quiet voice whisper to her.

�She is coming sooner than you think, be aware of the watcher who will change it all," the voice spoke in a slow quiet drawl. �S-e-e h-e-r."

Cordy slowly scanned the school grounds until she stopped and looked directly into the eyes of the girl who watched. She began to speak in an eerily quiet voice. �Choose your path watcher."

The girl screamed when every light in her house went out. She sat in her chair shaking in fear. The thoughts running through her fragile mind not helping as she sat there with only darkness to keep her company.

'Was she talking to me? She couldn�t be. Am I losing my mind? That�s a big yes on that one, Houston we have a problem. Because this is beyond the craziest fucking thing ever,' she contemplated what to do next and freaked out about her current predicament.

Then she asked the dark a stupid question. �What should I do?"

�Choose Watcher."

�Ahhhhh!" she screamed as the darkness spoke to her. She looked around in vain trying to find whoever or whatever might be in the room with her. Trying to settle her waring nerves she asked another silly question. �Choose what?"

�You�re Path."

�Oh my I�m so going to pee myself!!!" she started to wring her hands not able to wrap her mind around the situation she was in. �How do I choose?"

All hell broke loose as the television came alive and flashed all seven season�s of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on her television screen. This was amazing in itself considering she only had THE FIRST DISK OF SEASON ONE IN THE BLOODY PLAYER!!!!!

It slowed to a stop and the eerily quiet voice whispered once again. �Change things."

She slowly got up to take the disk out of the player and frantically looked around thinking something might jump out at her. She pulled the disk out and screamed as a surge of power flowed through her body feeling like one thousand watts of electricity. Her body started to shimmer and she disappeared, the disk dropped to the floor in dead silence. The eerily quiet voice said.

�It has begun."

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