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Story Notes:
Vor story with Logan and Kurt!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Kurt finds himself in a jar! And Logan explains why.
Ok I got this idea from GoldFox and there story ‘Hungry Elf’ After reading it I really wanted to write this story so asked and they didn’t mind-so here it is. XDWARNING: this story contains DEATH, SEXUALLY HARASSMENT, BLOOD, and flat out VOR!   *** Kurt’s head was spinning, he didn’t know what had happened, all he knew was he was studying in his room and next thing he knew he was out cold and now awoke in a new place. The room was huge and he found he himself was small?....uh oh…And to top it off he was in a jar.“Good morning Elf.” Logan smirked bending over to look with in the jar and the young nightcrawler.“Morning…” he answered back full of fear….why was he in a jar? And why was he 3 inches high?“Now that your up how about some breakfast?” Logan asked with an evil smile.Kurt didn’t like that look at all, it was one of those looks Logan gave to Sabertooth right before slicing into him. “No Thankz I just ate.” He jokingly lied. “Well that’s good to hear Elf…but sadly I have not.” With that he undid the lid and reached in grabbing Kurt. The young nightcrawler tied to ‘port’ only to find his powers would not work. “Please Logan vhat are you going to do vith me?” Kurt asked shacking.  “Nothing to bad kid…only going to flavor you up and have a bit of a snack.” He grinned. Kurt went wide eyed and tried to get away but Logan had him by his tail.Before Kurt could beg Logan dipped him into a jar of pudding. The sudden shove into the heavy cream caused Kurt to choke and gasp for air. Logan held Kurt in the pudding twirling him around by his tail and once in a while pulling him out to suck some of the pudding off of him then sticking him back in. Kurt took these small moments to breath. Logan plopped Kurt into his mouth holding him only by his tail and twirled his tongue over the young fuzz ball licking all of the chocolate off.Tears filled up in Kurt’s eyes, he didn’t understand why Logan was doing this…he hoped with all his heart this was some sick joke.   Once all the chocolate was cleaned off Logan pulled Kurt out and looked at him with a smile. “Your fur has such a great taste…its kinda like a sweet veil, soft to the touch and sweet to the taste.”Kurt, hanging helplessly by his tail, looked at Logan with begging eyes. “Please Hrr Logan, I don‘t understand…vat do you vant vith me?” Logan took this time to climb onto the kitchen counter and sat back having one hand support his body as he held Kurt and putting him over his head to make eye contact with him.“You mean its not clear yet Elf?” his voice amused yet stern. “You are my once in a life time meal…” he said each word with care to make sure it sank into the young nightcralwers head.  Kurt shook in Logan’s grasp. “Vhy….vhy are you doing this? I’m you friend Logan….your student….you…you can’t do this…” Kurt begged sobbing. Logan grinned a bit and flipped Kurt so he was fully lying in the palm of his hand.“You want to know why? Well kid let me put it simply…once every 100 years I get hungry. But not a normal hungry…see there is this spell I can use at this special time that turns anyone I wish into an ant…in technical teams of course. And this one individual becomes my craving treat.” Logan smiled explaining. “But…vhy me?” Kurt sobbed a bit header. Logan grinned and licked Kurt’s face cleaning it of his fresh tears. “Why you? Because your disappearance will be easier to explain to the professor. Plus in all truth kid, I like you…always have. I picked you because I longed to taste sweet soft fur…ever meal in the past has been humans-just plain nothing special, humans….but you…you are human-but with a very special touch…a tail-fur….your cute fangs and ears….its just makes my mouth water.” Again Logan licked him wiping away more tears for the young mutants fur. Kurt shuddered and shook violently. “Please Hrr Logan…please don’t…” Logan sat up and taking his other hand pushed gently on Kurt’s belly.Kurt cried more at this, he didn’t like the feel of the huge finger feeling along his stomach as if he was a plum ready to be harvested. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you alive for three days.” Logan smirked sweetly.The digit still roamed Kurt’s belly pushing on soft spots hurting the nightcralwer a bit each time. “Vhy-three-days?” Kurt asked weakly trying not to cry header then what he already was. Logan removed his hand to much of Kurt’s relief. “For on the third day the spell wares off…and you will be full size fully filling me up.” Kurt’s heart dropped…but had a small chance of hope….if he could live for three days then maybe once at full size could escape. It was small but at least it was something….as for the time being…he didn’t off hand want to think about.“So now that I have answered your questions, lets eat.” Logan closed his hand around Kurt.^^^^^^^^^^ Sapience! Hahaha! XD      

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