...Mightier Than the Sword
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Story Notes:
This is a crossover between Buffy/Angel and Dexter
Author's Chapter Notes:


Disclaimer: I don't own ATS or Dexter; they belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Jeff Lindsay and James Manos Jr.

Rita's Sordid Past Life

During her pregnancy Rita started having horrible nightmares, family's being hunted and massacred, Babies being stolen and eaten, horrible atrocities being committed by a lone couple terrorizing many cities and countries. Monsters one of their victims had called them and she agreed whole-heartedly, for what kind of human beings could do such things as she had witnessed in her nightmare.

She saw them walking in the dead of night as if they were walking straight towards her, Coming closer and closer until she could see their faces. The gentlemen was very well dressed and quite handsome you could even say that he had the face of an angel.

When Rita looked upon the face of the woman, her mouth went dry and her heart nearly jumped from her chest. NO! She screamed to herself, her eyes must be playing tricks on her this can't be.

The women stopped walking and seemed to look straight at Rita through her dream. Rita came face to face with herself.

Rita woke up screaming waking Dexter with a start.

"What's wrong Rita?" Dex asked as he rubbed at his eyes and looked at her.

She glanced down at him and grimaced, how could she possibly tell him that she was having dreams of brutally murdering family's and eating babies and doing all kinds of evil things with the man with the angelic face. Dexter would surely dump her.

"It's nothing Dex, Just a nightmare go back to sleep," She laid back down to do just that trying hard to forget the vividness of her dreams.

Little did she know that if Dexter knew about her dreams and that they were the result of something that she had actually did, he might do more than just dump her.

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