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Story Notes:
This is an AU Story for Season 3’s Dopplegangland. This is a crossover with Star Trek TNG, Hope you like.
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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters represented here, Joss Whedon along with Mutant Enemy does.

This is an AU Story for Season 3�s Dopplegangland, hope you like.

This is a Willow centered fic.

Revised and Beta'd by WillowRosenberg also thank you to my Beta and collaborator, vidicon. Thanks for all of your help it is appreciated.

The Child of the Mother

Willow Rosenberg had always wondered in the back of her mind why her parents didn�t take an active role in her life. Of course, that was the understatement of the century; her mom and dad were damn near non-existent in her life. Of all of the excuses that Willow came up with for their behavior, the truth of the matter was something that she couldn�t imagine in her wildest dreams.

Thing was she never really minded staying at home by herself when she got older, but when she was a little girl the experience had been absolutely terrifying. She remembered begging her mother not to leave her. Sheila Rosenberg simply looked at her as if she were dealing with one of her patients and not her daughter.

�Willow you�re going to have to grow up and be a big girl. Your father and I are doing important work and we can�t take you with us,� Sheila picked up her bags and started to walk out the door. She paused one last time, turned to Willow and gave her a smile that didn�t quite reach her eyes. �If you get lonely call one of your friends to come over to visit and you�ll be fine until we return.�

Sheila Rosenberg left her daughter crying as she went to the car where her husband waited for her. Willow shook herself from her bad memories and sighed. The past was the past and she had finally come to except that her parents were less than concerned for her. She followed her new friend to help her with finding the precious necklace she'd lost. Not knowing that her actions would change her life forever.

Willow sat down in front of Anya preparing herself mentally to help Anya with the spell she wanted to do, something about creating a temporal fold, to retrieve her lost necklace by reaching back into a place where it had been. She watched as Anya organized everything in front of her, some things she recognized immediately, the origin and uses of the others she had no clue about. She anxiously waited for things to start as Anya told her what she was doing and what her part in it would be. They began the chant.

Anya started taking a deep breath; she held her hands out palm up and over the plate.

�Eryishon, K�shala Meh-uhn, Q.�

Then Willow followed suit reaching out with her hand, palm up keeping hers tip-to-tip with Anya�s.

�Diprecht, Doh-tehenlo nu Eryishon Q.

�The child of the mother,� Anya chanted as she picked up the bottle of Sacred sand and held it over the plate.

�The river to the sea,� Willow finished as she took hold of the bottle as well.

Anya closed her eyes and smiled. �Eryishon Q, hear my prayer.�

Willow closed her eyes as the light show and gust of wind began. She gasped loudly when the visions began. Visions of her and Xander as vampires, she watched horrified as a battle hardened Buffy staked Xander and her boyfriend Oz impaled her vampiric self.

Then the situation became even more bizarre. A force reached inside her mind and focused her visions elsewhere. A place that felt warm and familiar, like home. This couldn�t be her home; she grew up in Sunnydale, didn�t she? The visions she was having had her reeling. They were visions of being in the womb with someone she somehow knew to be her twin brother.

�What? I never had a brother�I am an only child. Wake up Willow. Wake up now,� Willow thought to herself, frantically.

But try as she might, she couldn�t even move from her spot, let alone open her eyes or tear herself from the visions. The force of the wind increased into tornado-like conditions and Anya screamed as it tossed her about the room. An invisible force held Willow firmly in place as the temporal fold expanded and someone kept chanting in her head:

�The child of the mother�. Returns.�

�The child of the mother�. Returns.�

�The child of the mother�. Returns.�

Several minutes later, the winds and the light show dissipated and Anya got up from where she�d landed after her untimely flight. She frantically looked around for her necklace, knowing for sure it would be around somewhere. When she couldn�t find it, she yelled for Willow, thinking that she might have picked it up. When she got no answer, she looked up and realized she was alone in the room.

�Well, shit!� Anya said, perplexed that she now had two lost things on her list.

In a place far beyond the hellmouth Willow lay unconscious in a pristine white bed oblivious to the new world around her.
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