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Story Notes:
THe pairing is as follows: Chloe/Jimmy, Chloe/Davis, Kara/Jimmy
Destined love

Kara had at first when she returning from the phantom zone intended to disappear again. But Clarks sad face expression, the despair she saw in his eyes was something that changed her mind. She loved her cousin Clark like the brother that she never had. So now she lived with him on the farm and enjoyed being back on earth.

She loved the yellow sun that was on earth. It was warm and it fed her the energy that she couldn’t gain by eating normal human food. Life on earth was sometimes very slow and quiet. Other times it was hectic and dangerous. Not for her of course, but for the fragile humans that lived on this planet. That was the reason why she sometimes helped people when she could, without being exposed to the frail human sight.

Things had changed very much over the time that she had been imprisoned in the phantom zone. None the less Kara had adapted to all changes adequately. All but one.

The news of Jimmy Olsen being engaged and soon to marry Chloe Sullivan was something that evoked feelings that she had never had before. She knew Chloe Sullivan, because she was the closest companion that her cousin Kal-el had. That was why she knew her to be a very honest and loyal human. A human with a big heart and without a doubt a flawless character.

Kara had decided then that she would be happy for Jimmy Olsen to have found such a compassionate and loyal human like Chloe Sullivan as intended mate. She would burry her own feelings for the sweet human Jimmy, and allow him to be happy with someone who wasn’t herself. It was hard, but it was a sacrifice she was willing to make for him.

When Chloe Sullivan forgot everyone but Clark, and then Davis Bloom, Kara was starting to rethink her decision to stand at the side and let life play itself out without her interference. She was waiting for Chloe Sullivan at the top of the Talon, the day after Kal-el had successfully extracted Brainiac from her.

She noticed that Davis Bloom was standing by the corner of the Talon with a conflicting face expression. It was then that she spotted Chloe Sullivan step out of the back door and walk to her transportation vehicle. She observed Davis Bloom step up to Chloe Sullivan and talk to her in a manner that was only suitable for married mates. Or at least so she thought to herself.

She witnessed the love that was so absolutely between the both. And when Davis Bloom kissed Chloe Sullivan, Kara had been a little surprised that the female human was able to pull back from him. Her surprise grew when she heard her say that she ‘loved Jimmy’. Kara compared the way that Chloe Sullivan looked at Jimmy with the way that Chloe Sullivan looked at Davis Bloom.

She was very confused. Kara knew that Chloe had affection for Jimmy. She was marrying him. But she could also see the visible hurt and pain that Chloe felt for pushing Davis away. And it was then that she understood. Chloe Sullivan was putting her loyalties above her own need and love. Just like she had done in favour for Jimmy to be happy.

Kara decided then and there that she would set things right and save the humans from themselves just like she always did. Day in, day out. With determination she flew to where she knew Jimmy Olsen to be and set him straight to the situation.

She explained her own love for him. Then proceeded to set him straight about Chloe Sullivan being meant for another man. That Chloe Sullivan was only marrying him because of a false sense of duty and loyalty. She also mentioned his fear of loneliness and that that was the reason that he was clinging on to Chloe Sullivan even though she knew he actually had feelings for her.

At first Jimmy had not wanted to believe her. He was in denial. So Kara did the only thing she knew to do and kissed him. She noticed his closed eyes, his quickened breath and his absolute blissful expression.

Then she asked him “Is this the same way that you feel when you kiss Chloe Sullivan? Is she really the one you want to spend your life with? Or do you just want to make her miserable because you can’t feel happy yourself. You know that she is destined to be together with another man. And you with me!”

Jimmy had angrily yelled at her at first, then with resignation he begged her to leave. Kara-El had at that time really believed that all hope was lost. That Jimmy would marry Chloe Sullivan. That the connection that even she could see between Chloe Sullivan and Davis Bloom would be ignored. And she prepared herself for the agony that she would feel when Jimmy would officially say yes to Chloe Sullivan.

She had isolated herself for days on the Kent farm. She never cried, but still mourned the loss of her soul mate who would marry another for silly shallow human reasons. She was so overwhelmed with her pain and misery that she never noticed the man who had entered the barn and stepped behind her.

But she did notice the hand that surprised her by being put on her shoulder. Her first reaction was to grab the hand and slam who ever it was to the ground, and only then to make sure that the individual did not mean any harm to her. Had she not been months on end in the Phantom Zone beforehand, she would have resisted that urge. Sadly for her surprise visitor this was not the case.

So with a ‘thud’, Kara-el of Krypton stood seconds later over a very stunned Jimmy Olsen, who was now on the ground and absolutely silent. Kara was dumbfounded. Not only had someone been able to sneak up on her, but it had been Jimmy Olsen. The human she never wanted to see hurt, the human who meant so much to her.

They stared at each other for endless moments. Jimmy still on the floor and Kara towering over him in all her glory. It was him who ended the silence.

“I’m sorry?” he asked very careful and a little confused over what had just happened. Kara only stared at him a little more before she could compose herself. Then she held her hand out to him, and helped him up.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be where Chloe Sullivan is?”

Jimmy winced at the mention of Chloe and replied. “I guess I deserve that. … Kara, I thought about everything that you said to me. And you were right… about everything!”

Kara faced away from him. She didn’t want hope to bubble up in her at his words. But it was too late, she couldn’t suppress the little smile that had crept itself on her face. “What was it that I said, that was so right?”

“Everything. Chloe loves Davis. And she only wanted to marry me because she felt obliged to. And I only wanted to marry her because I feared she would disappear on me… just like… you had.”

Kara turned around and neared him slowly. Then she put her arms around his neck and stared into his eyes. “And what else?” she asked.

“And… the truth is… I never stopped having feelings for you. I only wanted them to dim, and threw myself at Chloe because she was willing to have me. … My feelings for you never did stop or disappear. And I was a fool to believe that I could be happy with anyone else but you.”

She smiled at him, satisfied at his confession. But there was one thing that still bothered her. “What about Chloe Sullivan?”

Jimmy blushed and looked to the ground. He tried to free himself from her hold but failed and then gave up on it completely. He sighed before answering. “I talked to her. She told me about her true feelings for Davis and truth is, I kind of knew it. I guess I always knew that Chloe Sullivan was supposed to be with someone else. Not Jimmy Olsen. And Davis Bloom is a good guy. He’ll make her happy.” He hesitated a bit before he continued. “Just like I will try to make you happy?” What had probably been a declaration of love and an admission came out like a scared unsure question.

Kara smiled and nodded. “Yes, I believe you will!” With that Jimmy’s hesitant face expression turned into a full blown grin and he scooped her up in his arms and spun her around.

Their happy laughter was audible from outside where an amused Clark stood finishing farm chores. He shook his head and smiled. He wished his friends, Chloe and Jimmy, as well was his cousin Kara, all the best and hoped that one day he would also find his destined love.

The End.

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