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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was a consequence after watching a music vid on you!tube. It was a fan vid featuring Mick (from Moonlight) and Chloe (from Smallville). After that I googled ‘Moonlight’ and watched the first three episodes on you!tube (in german)… Interestingly enough it is horrible in German, but much better in English!
Of new Beginnings

It had been three weeks since Beth had gone and followed her boyfriend Josh into another city. Mick should have probably known that it would end between them like that. He shouldn’t have expected more of this relationship to come. But still he did.

He had told Beth what he was and she had accepted it without the prejudice coloured opinions that came with such a great secret. He had even spoken with her about his transformation, and how his bride had turned him, on the night of their marriage. He never spoke of this to anyone before. And Beth had just stood there before him and listened. She had smiled a saddened smile at him, and he knew that all her affection toward him wasn’t played.

He had always watched her from a distance to make sure that nothing ever happens to her. He had watched her sneak out of the house as a hormonal teenager and watched her go through various dates, until one day she ended up with Josh. He always thought or probably wished to be able to keep a watch over her, make sure she is fine…

But now she had left. She had left with a different man. A human man, she intended to marry and to have children with. And as much as it hurt Mick to think about Beth together with another man, other than him, he knew that it was for the better.

If Beth had stayed in L.A. with him their happiness would have only lasted a short time. Beth wanted a family, and he could never give her that. Not as what he was. Vampires can’t have children. Or at least it never occurred before. And when ever Mick thought about the possibility of turning someone he always reminded himself what they would turn into, what they would leave behind.

Three weeks have passed… never has eternity seemed longer thought Mick as he looked out the window onto the full moon that hung in the night sky.


Chloe walked with all her confident and strength to the metal door. She came to a halt in front of it and took a moment to breath in and out a heavy sigh. The corner of her mouth was hanging and a look of determination was put on, more for her sake than anything else.

This is it… You are absolutely grasping on your last straw, she thought.

One last time she adjusted her handbag, straightened her clothes and went through her hair with her hand. She was about to knock on the door when suddenly it opened, and she saw what was probably the most handsome man, ever, standing behind the door and lifted a brow.

“Yes…?” he asked with a deep male voice, and she couldn’t help but hear amusement in his voice. Had he had cameras or something there, in the corridor, and had he watched her little ritual just now, she wondered when his face of amusement didn’t change.

“Sullivan, Chloe Sullivan.” She said and extended a hand to him. He shook it and inclined his head to her.

A minute passed without anyone breaking the silence that had stretched itself onto them. She stood in front of his door and he still stood behind it, looking at her with curious eyes. When the silence became unbearable she decided to speak up.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in, or at least ask what I want? You know, normal people would at least introduce themselves back.” She fumed back at him, before she could hold herself back. Darn, there goes the ‘Damsel in Distress’ tactic.

Instead of closing the door into her face, as Chloe had feared, Mick took a step behind and motioned her to come in. She did and took a look around.

“Well…” she asked after he had not spoken to her.

Mick had gone to his studio-kitchen and produced a glass of wine for her. He was about to pass it onto her, when her quick reply of ‘don’t drink at work’ came. He shrugged and started to sip a little from the glass of wine.

Even though vampires had no need to eat or drink, it probably would have been suspicious to throw the wine down the drain in front of her. So he sipped his wine and continued to proceed to the living area, where he sat down onto a couch. She followed and sat down next to him.

She looked at him expectantly. So he sighed and turned to her, so that she knew that she had his attention.

“You know who I am, because else you wouldn’t be here at my apartment. I have my own office for business. You said you don’t drink while at work, that tells me that you are either a cop or anything else that requires you to be still working and alert at this time of the night, instead of sleeping comfortable at home. The fact that you had to mentally get into shape before you even so much as knocked at my door tells me that you’re not a cop. So, why don’t you tell me why you’re here and more importantly who gave you my address.”

Chloe was gapping at him. It took her a moment to compose herself and then her stunned face turned into a full blown grin. “I can’t believe you’re just as good as Beth said you were!” she exclaimed with as much excitement as she had only felt for her ‘wall or weird’ articles.

At the mention of Beth, Mick suddenly dropped the playful attitude and his face went completely blank.

“You’re a friend of Beth?” he asked carefully.

“Well, kind of. We worked at the Planet together. We were teamed up on a number of stories before I decided to transfer to the L.A. branch of the Planet. She told me to see you…” she was hesitant now that she needed to tell him why she needed his help.

She wasn’t sure if this man before her could really help her. She had some hard time explaining to Beth that meteor-infected people, with special abilities, were mostly turning crazy and causing trouble in Metropolis. How should she tell this P.I. that those same meteor-infected people had suddenly all decided to make a field-trip to L.A. so that they could probably take over this city because Superman and the likes of his weren’t stationed in this city.

Absent minded she started to play with her long wavy gold blond hair and twisted it around her right index finger. That gesture didn’t go unnoticed. Mick looked at her, and couldn’t help think how beautiful this woman was, but yet at the same time that her nervousness was sweeping out of her in waves. He took a swift breath of air and took in her smell. But as he did so, he suddenly had a vision of her lying on the ground in her own pool of blood. It was night and in a back ally. And in the grey vision he knew that she was dead and that she had been in trouble before hand. When he ‘came back’ from the vision he noticed that she had been talking to him.

“… So anyway, it is these people that I have to find. Because they could be dangerous to others and we have to get them back to Belle Reave. I really need someone who knows this place and isn’t afraid of a little good old digging for information as well as the muscle work. And Beth mentioned that you were good at what you do. I really would need your help, and I have enough money to pay you.” She finished after having spun a half way believable story about an outbreak of Belle Reave inmates. She only hoped that he wouldn’t ask too many questions. Because she really didn’t want to tell him about their ‘special abilities’ that she had now just mentioned briefly, or the fact that the money she was going to pay him was from Oliver Queen, her friend and boss of the JL. Those are things that really don’t need to be discussed now, she thought while plastering on what she hoped was a winner smile.

Mick, who was still confused after having seen the ‘vision’, didn’t know what to reply. He had only heard half of what she had said, and wasn’t too sure if capturing inmates of a mental-institution was something the ‘normal’ police couldn’t do. She must have picked up on his hesitation because in the next minute she stood up and said with a determined face “This was a stupid idea. Just forget it. I’ll be able to do this on my own. Thank you for your time.”

She turned to head for the door, wanting nothing more to exit the apartment and forget her embarrassing meeting with this handsome but cold private detective, when a hand on her shoulder stopped her from moving on. “I didn’t say that I wasn’t doing it” he said. She turned hopeful eyes toward him and asked “So, you’ll help me?”

Mick looked down at the young woman standing before him. He had to admit that he wasn’t too sure about why he had the urge to help her. He told himself that it was because of the vision, and his instincts to protect. That he didn’t want to see someone so young already dead, without anyone helping her even though he could. He told himself that it had nothing to do with the funny feeling that his gut was giving him… nothing at all.

“Yeah, I’ll help you” was all he said. And this was how a new chapter in Mick’s life started. With the arrival of one spunky, gold-blond investigative reporter, that would in the weeks to come grow fonder onto him. She would be his ‘partner in crime’ so to speak in investigating odd happenings in L.A. and she would always face these things with an opened mind that he really did sometimes wonder about how she grew up to be such an amazing person, and the luck that she was now in his life.

Eternity was still rather long and lonely but Mick knew that he would at least enjoy the time he could spend with Chloe before time took her away from him.

End of Fic

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