...Mightier Than the Sword
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: Smallville and its characters and X-Men and its characters aren’t mine. I only write fan fiction.
A/N: I always liked the Chloe/Scott pairing… But at the same time I like the Chloe/Warren one sided ship… it has something sad and yet sweet to it…this fic was inspired by a drabble I've written for a fic-a-thon...
Some days were better than others. He’d go a day without seeing them. He could continue to live in a world of denial. Could pretend that his heart wasn’t slowly being ripped to pieces, by seeing the girl he cared for in the arms of his mentor.

Some days were just agonizing and painfully slow. He’d sit somewhere or stand in the kitchen only having to watch Scott Summers be absolutely happy with his girlfriend Chloe Sullivan.

They never mean to rub their state of blissfulness into anyone’s faces, but it was hard to ignore their happiness. He cared deeply for Chloe, and the problem was that he knew that Scott Summers was a fair and earnest man. He had taken him in after his escape from almost being forced to take the cure. He had taught him to fight, and had made sure to always have an ear opened for him.

But it was Chloe that had slowly renewed his faith in humanity. It had been shattered by his father, who wanted him to be just like everyone else. Who would have taken away forcefully what had been given to him as a gift by birth.

And today definitely was one of those days that were pure torment. He was once again watching Scott Summers laugh with the girl of his dreams. They were making their way towards the exit, and on their way to it, Scott turned to him, and nodded.

No, Warren couldn’t be a guy who came on to or steal the girl of another. Even if sometimes his heart dreamt of the possibility. He respected Scott Summers to much for that. So he braced himself that tomorrow would be another of those days that seemed to never end.

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