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Author's Chapter Notes:
Written for a friend in want of a chloe/warren romancit fic... with a bit of fluff and a funny surprise...
Chloe gets lost in the forest. She talks to herself and complains about not having wanted to go out and take a hike like everybody else. For god’s sake, she wasn’t a city girl for nothing. She wasn’t made to go hiking and try and camp out in the middle of nowhere… with no coffee or a decent café somewhere in the next five mile radius.

“Come with us, he says. It’ll be fun he says. No need for a map or something else, we’ll be there the whole time, he says!” then she shrieks out while stamping her foot “Well, were exactly are you now?” she calls out loud. She is screaming at no one in particular, more like she needs to get off the steam. “Because I don’t see you or anyone one else here!”

Her hair is tousled after another hour of wandering the woods alone. She has small branches and leaves in her hair, from the last fall she took. And yes she is extremely clumsy when it comes to walking on an uneven path, of which the forest seems to be made off of. And Chloe really wished she had something like a mirror with her, because she knows that her face is mud-smudged, but seeing it is so different from knowing it.

When she comes across a clearing she decided that she will not continue with her hike. She sits down onto a fallen tree trunk and just wants to rest, wishes everything is over. She hopes that the other team members will find her very soon. She cursed Scott Summers for the last three hours. She started disliking Bobby for having the idea of a day in the forest, and she is irritated that Logan hadn’t been there at the time to protest against the field trip like he would have done if he had been present.

She was massaging her feet when she heard a flapping sound. She looks up into the sky, and is amazed to see something big with wings come down to the clearing she was in. She knows that it is Warren, she was told from Rogue that Warren had the prettiest pair of wings one ever saw. But Chloe never imagined that she would see him like that. She can’t help but think that Warren looks like an angel with the light reflecting and getting caught up in his wings. His blond hair shines more than it ever did, and he looks so breath taking beautiful that she really has to wonder why he hasn’t made more friends at the institute.

Warren lands next to her, and she has never been so grateful to see one of the team in her whole life. He looks relieved to see her, and Chloe forgets for a second his shy nature, tackles him by giving him a, hopefully bone crushing, hug. Her euphoric mood must be very contiguous because one second she was giving him a hug, the next he picks her up and twirls her around. They are laughing together and Chloe is so thankful that he found her that she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

That seemed to be the wrong reaction to being found by a team member thinks Chloe, because the loose, friendly mood suddenly is gone. Warren looks at her with a tense and strained face. He looks away when she refuses to break eye contact.

They’re flight back to the others was silent. He holds her in a tight grip, and she thinks that he might be afraid she would fall from his hands. When they do get to the others, Scott and Storm are there to apologize to her for not keeping a better eye on her. They argue that they didn’t believe it when Clark told them that she was a danger magnet. She huffs irritated because she doesn’t like to be the centre of a joke.

Chloe notices that even weeks after Warren found her in the forest; he has been more distanced to her than usual. Of course Warren has always been shy around others, but he was actively avoiding her and she didn’t know why.

After another week of him actively avoiding her, Chloe decided that enough was enough. She was going to talk to him. After all she had always liked his intellectual reasoning to a problem, and the rare conversations she sometimes had with him.

She finds him in the gardens of the institute. And somehow it is amusing to see him sleeping on a tree branch. It really is amusing, especially when you remember Bobby laughing and saying that Warren sometimes was looked like a overgrown bird while flying. So she decides to climb the tree… which is always so much easier to watch than really do your-self. And again she tells herself that she is a city girl for a reason, and that really city girls just don’t climb trees.

One good thing is actually that her cursing and clumsy attempts at climbing up the tree trunk have woken him up. So when Warren jumps down to her, instead of quickly flying off to somewhere else, she is more than happy.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asks. He is confused to see the self proclaimed anti-sports person to be attempting to climb a tree.

She just stares at him for a minute before she even answers the question. She can’t help but think that even today, without the whole ‘sun-shining-onto-him’ thing, he is very handsome and good-looking. When she does answer she blushes and ducks her head. She just realised that it must have looked really stupid what she did. “You were avoiding me…”

She doesn’t look up, so she misses the surprised expression he has on his face. “I…I wasn’t…”

“No” she insists. Then she lifts her head and stares right into his eyes “you were avoiding me! Why?”

This time it is Warren who looks away. He doesn’t reply right way. Instead he breaths deeply and then turns back to her. “I’m sorry…”

“What for?” she asks confused.

He shakes his head. “I really … Chloe, I really like you… I have ever since I have met you.”

She is even more confused than before. “I like you too… so what is the problem here?”

He shakes his head again. “No, Chloe. I more than just like you.”

She looks at him with her mouth hanging open. After a stunned moment she catches herself and smiles, while ducking her face. In her mind she was doing a happy dance. She too had liked Warren, more than liked him, ever since she had seen him. She had only ever seen him before the ‘getting-lost-in-the-forest’ incident with his coat on. So she tell herself that her liking of him isn’t a superficial fling like it sometimes is with the others. But that still leaves the question why he is actively avoiding her…

“So, what is the problem?”

“I don’t want to come between you and Bobby…”

Her head snaps back to him. Bobby? “Huh?” comes her stupidly stunned comeback.

“When you first came to the institute… The first Sunday… I saw you with Bobby in the gardens. You were making out… and then he took a picture of you…”

Chloe laughs out loud. She holds her hands to her stomach and hopes that he doesn’t get offended but she really can’t help it. When her laughter dies down, she wipes her tears from her eyes. “That wasn’t Bobby… and I am not together with him anymore… With Jimmy I mean. That was Jimmy. He’s Bobby’s cousin. He was the one who recommended the institute to me!”

Warren’s eyes widen at that. “Oh…” and then after another moment he repeats himself with more force and realisation at the situation. “Oh!”

“Yes, oh!” laughs Chloe. She ignores the tiny voice in her head that tells her to wait things out, hugs him and gives him the second kiss on the cheek. She turns around then and tells him without looking back. “Come find me, when you have figured things out!”

Five minutes later Chloe finds herself lifted off the ground and in Warren’s arms. Wow, that was fast…

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