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Title: Control of the darkness…..

Author: Tunder28

Warning: May get violent a whole lot in this story.

Disclaimer: The Mutant x characters do not belong to me and I gain no profit from making these stories. The characters I own are Damien, Elayne, Nick, Andy, and Chris.

Summary: Sequel to Control Within……….

Just telling every one, the story will start in the next chap, but I would advise you ALL to read this. Thx.

The team are all faced with the threat of Genomex, and when some thing takes a turn for the worst, Eckhart gets more than he can handle.

What will happen when the team are visited right at their home, sanctuary, by unknown guests?

What will Brennan do when the beast inside rises further up into the open. Will he be swallowed whole by this gaping black hole of fury or push down into this well of black violence?

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