...Mightier Than the Sword
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On that day when away from home he rode,
Doing what his father to him told.
It was never to him known
That never again would he see his home.
Forth he went to Rivendell
Where Elves dwell.
To an important council that would determine Middle-Earth’s fate,
Would they save Middle-Earth; is it to late?
A Halfling from the Shire had arisen
For him nine companions were chosen.
Through lonely lands they did tread
Weary legs; hearts full of dread.
Then to Moria, where many dwarves secrets lay
On the Bridge, Gandalf died on that sad day.
From Moria they did depart
To Lothlorien, where the Lady spoke to his heart.
On boats down the River they went
With gifts that the Lady sent.
Behold! At Parth Galen his heart began to darken
“Don’t take it,” said his heart
But yet he would not harken.
He tried to take from Frodo the Ring
Failing to realize the evil of the thing.
But yet he did his part
Pierced by many a dart.
Dying on the ground he lay
Trying to save two hobbits on that doomful day.
Will anyone for Denethor’s son feel pity,
For never again will he see the White City?

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