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This is completely AU for BOTH Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but a sorta 'prelude' to my fanfic ‘From Hell’ , this shows how Buffy and Chloe met and became friends ). Set when Clark ran away to Metropolis before Lex’s wedding, and Buffy ran away from Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell.

Lex never married Dr. Helen Bryce. On the wedding day Chloe came to him with information about Helen’s alliance with his father. It ended up in a show-down between the bride and groom in which Helen was killed—by Lex—and Chloe surprisingly enough helped him get rid of her body. Lex left to Europe after using the cover-story that Helen had left him at the altar—and hasn’t been back since.

Buffy ends up in Smallville and makes friends with Chloe. And now with Clark gone, Smallville needs a hero…why not a Slayer?

p.s. Buffy, trying to go incognito, dyed her hair brown.


Heart in her throat, Chloe ordered herself not to look back as she broke through the woods and into the never-ending cornfield that now stood before her. Cursing fates, and her insatiable desire for knowledge, the blonde pushed forwards, hearing the crunching of his footsteps behind her as he slowly began to catch up with her.

Dammit dammit dammit!

Pushing through the cornfield towards the left, where she’d caught sight of the freeway leading towards Metropolis, Chloe closed her eyes to concentrate more as she continued to run. When she’d heard that about the mysterious and gruesome killings happening in McMan’s woods, she’d expected something weird, but not weird like what she’d found back there.

Giving a cry as she heard him gaining on her, Chloe wished she’d spent more time working out in P.E. then working to get out of P.E. It’d have served her a lot better than it was now!

Relief surged through her as she began her ascent towards up the loose rocks and made her up, until she found herself in the middle of the highway, right in the path of a beat up mustang coming around the corner at a blinding speed. Closing her eyes tightly she waited for the impact of the car, but the sound of skidding and the smell of burnt rubber was all she got.

Chloe opened her eyes in surprise to see that the car had stopped inches in front of her.

The driver’s door banged closed and a gorgeous brunette with her long hair up in a high ponytail came out. “Are you okay?” She asked, stalking towards her with grace that was almost inhumane. “What the hell were you thinking of, running into the highway that way?”

Hearing a growl, Chloe’s eyes widened and she remembered why she’d been running. “W-w-we have to get out of here, now.”

But it was too late, the boy jumped up onto the highway, eyes glowing freakily as he stalked them.

To her surprise, the brunette didn’t seem frightened at all. She stepped in front of Chloe, stance dangerous. “I’m only giving you one chance to leave before I tear you apart.”

The boy stopped and looked at her before throwing his head back and laughing, leering at the petite girl. “Oh, yeah, you and what army?”

“Wrong answer.” And with that she struck so quick it took both Chloe and the boy by surprise. Her fist met his jaw and he staggered back with the blow, landing on his ass on the asphalt.

He quickly stood and threw himself on her.

Chloe’s eyes widened as she watched them fighting like animals, she’d never seen anything like it before. She knew that Mike had somehow gotten infected with the meteor rocks, and had somehow developed some very werewolf-like abilities, so his rapidness wasn’t surprising.

It was the stranger that kept her mesmerized. She didn’t seem phased that this sort of thing could happen, and she fought like a tiger, filled with grace, strength and confidence that blew Chloe away. She fought as if fighting were second-nature.

The sound of a bone cracking filled the air, and the stranger fell to her knees on the asphalt, the dead body of Mike Malcolm crumbling to the ground.

Chloe took a hesitant step towards them and hurried over when the girl collapsed over him, unconscious. She was scratched, bruised, and had lost blood. On closer inspection, Chloe noticed how pale her skin was, the dark bags under her eyes that her makeup just couldn’t hide, and that her skinniness was more from starvation than anything else.

It was as if she hadn’t had a good meal in months.

Chloe bent and hooked her arms around the girl, grunting as she dragged her back towards her own car and after fumbling with the back door, she propped her lying down on the back seat.

Looking back at what remained of Mike Malcolm, she gagged at his head hanging oddly on his broken neck. Be brave Chloe, be brave! Taking in a deep breath, she decided that she couldn’t leave him there, but he was too heavy for her to pick up or drag, so she pushed his body over the side of the highway and watched morbidly as it rolled down the loose rocks until it disappeared into the tall corn below.

I just became an accomplice to murder. Again.

Taking in a deep breath, she went to the girl’s car and went into the driver’s seat, glad that she’d left the keys in the ignition.

I gotta take you somewhere safe.


Buffy woke up to warmth and the smell of coffee and soup. Groaning, she looked around the room that radiated love and warmth, and couldn’t help but wonder where in the world she was. She definitely wasn’t in Sunnydale, nor L.A., and she couldn’t remember in which state she’d stolen the parked mustang.

So where was she?

Getting up, the Slayer running from her past stood and looked around the room. There were pictures of the short-haired blonde she’d saved from whatever that boy had been. In some of the pictures the blond was with a brunette boy and a dark boy, in one she was with a brunette girl that Buffy didn’t like off-bat. On the wall were clippings of news articles that all had something in common. They were of the supernatural, they were written by someone with the initials C.S., and they all happened in Smallville, Kansas.

Figures, I run away from Sunnydale and end up in a town that’s just as messed up.

“Hey, I thought I heard you get up.” A voice said from the doorway.

Buffy twirled on her heels, and winced at the pain that shot up in her body at that motion. Out of pure habit she studied the girl in the doorway. Her hair was chin-length and spiky at the ends, her eyes mossy green, and a quirky smile completed a very pretty face.

“What happened to the body?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Hidden, for now. I’m going to go get rid of it better tonight when there’s less chance of someone seeing me.”

The fact that she’d said that without batting an eyelash both impressed and worried Buffy. She hid it well though. “Why do I feel that that isn’t the first time you’ve hidden a body?”

“Why do I feel that that isn’t the first time you’ve created a ‘body’?” The other girl countered.

Buffy tensed.

The other girl came in, tray of chicken soup in hand. “You’re not normal, are you?” She asked, placing the tray on the desk. “Were you here during the meteor shower?”

Buffy snorted. “No. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Not a meteor freak then.” The girl seemed surprised now. “But, if you weren’t infected by the meteors, how were you able to kill Mike?”

“Is that what happened to that guy?” Buffy asked, interested despite how dangerous this conversation could be for her secret identity. “He was Meteor Infected?”

“Yeah.” The girl threw herself on the bed, looking up at the wall where she had all of the articles plastered. “We call them Meteor Freaks. There was a huge meteor shower years back and ever since then the good people of Smallville have changed. Let’s just say that not many people accept my theory, but then again, they don’t want to accept anything that’s out of the ordinary.”

Hearing the distain she herself felt whenever the people of Sunnydale were all-too-happy to blame the vampire slayings on gangs on PCP, Buffy was more and more intrigued by this nameless girl. “And what is your theory?” She asked, heading to the desk and sitting down, taking a sip of the chicken soup, trying to refrain from groaning in pleasure.

How long had it been since she’d eaten something homemade?

The girl grinned beautifully at her. “My theory is that exposure from the meteorites have changed the people around here. You have no idea how many strange things happen in this little town, things no one wants to believe.”

“Oh, I’m not finding that hard to believe.” Buffy muttered to herself while still filling her empty stomach with the soup. She’d taken the warm bowl into her hands and turned on the chair to get a better look of the girl she’d saved, and ultimately, who’d saved her. “So, what were you doing out there in the middle of the fields in the first place?”

“I’m an investigative journalist for my school’s newspaper.” She announced importantly. “I—there were some gruesome murders going on in McMan’s woods, and everyone was blaming it on wolves, but we haven’t had a wolf here in decades.” Sitting up on the bed, pulling her feet under her, the girl nearly bounced in excitement. “So I decided to play Little Red Riding Hood and went out looking for the big bad wolf.”

Buffy couldn’t help but grin.

“Imagine my surprise when out of nowhere Mike Malcolm, THE hottest guy in school ever since Clark left, appears out of the shadows and tries to make me his newest meal…destroyed the school’s camera in the process.” Honestly, she seemed more ticked about the camera getting destroyed. “Had some really good pictures too.” Shaking her head, she got up and outstretched her hand. “Chloe Sullivan, Investigator Reporter, Editor of the Torch.”

Buffy looked at her hand for a moment before placing the soup bowl on the desk and shaking the hand firmly, a smile growing on her face. “Buffy Summers—not meteor infected.”

“Buffy? That’s original.” Yet she didn’t say it condescendingly like Cordelia would have, there was a large smile on her face. “So, if you’re not a meteor freak, what exactly are you?”

The once-blonde looked at the younger looking girl and raised an eyebrow thoughtfully, wondering if she should tell her or not. It wasn’t as if Chloe could just go and tell everyone what she was, and even if she did, no one would believe her. Plus, they’d just committed a crime together—even if they were practically strangers—that tended to be a bonding experience. “I’m a Slayer.”

“A Slayer?” Chloe’s eyes widened, surprising Buffy that she recognized the word. “You mean the whole, ‘ever since there was a beginning there was a Slayer’ Slayer?” She asked. “As in vampire-ass-kicking-every-night Slayer?”

Buffy laughed, something she’d done more in the last couple of minutes then she had in the last months. “Yeah, I guess you could put it that way.”

“Okay, that explains how you were able to defeat Mike.” Chloe announced, amazing Buffy by how candidly she was taking this. “So, you need a place to crash? Or were you going somewhere specific?”

Realizing what the blonde was getting at, Buffy blinked. “No, actually, I’ve been cruising without destination.” She’d never thought of a place when she’d run away from Sunnydale. All she’d been thinking about was getting enough distance between her and the memory of sending Angel, her first love, her first man—vampire—to hell.

She paled at the memory, remembering his face when she’d thrust the sword into him and thrown him into the portal to hell.

“You look horrible.” Chloe was pure bluntness. “Look, finish the soup and try get some sleep. I’ll be in the living room working on the next issue of the Torch. You’re welcomed to stay here as long as you need or want.”

Buffy watched her as she silently made her way to the doorway. “Won’t your parents mind?” She asked right before the other girl disappeared.

“My mom’s not around.” Chloe replied, back to her, hand on the doorframe. “And with Lex leaving for an extended trip to Europe dad’s been busy working in Metropolis. He’s never around much anymore, so the company will do me good.”

“Especially with the trouble you seem to get into.”

Her shoulders trembled and at first Buffy was frightened that she’d made the pretty girl cry, but then she realized that she was laughing.

“And you don’t even know me that good yet.” Turning her head slightly, Chloe winked and left.

Buffy watched her leave, a small smile on her face.


Chloe had gone to check on Buffy twice after leaving her eating, and both times the older girl had been sleeping on her bed. Chloe didn’t understand why she felt connected to Buffy, they didn’t know each other and had been thrown together in unusual circumstances, but then again—in both of their lives—unusual was quite usual.

Maybe it was the fact that she felt within Buffy the same sadness she’d felt within Clark before he’d disappeared when his mother lost the baby. Maybe it was the fact that both she and Chloe seemed alone in the world and in need of someone to help anchor them. She didn’t know…all she knew was she had a good feeling about the Slayer in her house.

So here she was, in the middle of the night, throwing a shovel in the back of her beetle and already planning on the best place to bury the body.

It worried her sometimes on how candid she thought of this, but after helping Lex do away with Helen’s body she felt that it would be hypocrisy to suddenly get a conscience now. Lex had given her the choice to go away immediately and leave everything to him, but she hadn’t wanted to leave him alone, broken-hearted, on his wedding day, so she’d stayed with him, helped him, and then hugged him as he finally broke down and cried against her.

“You weren’t planning on leaving without me, were you?” A voice asked from the doorway.

Turning, Chloe made a face at Buffy as she leaned against the doorframe, looking tons better now that she had food in her and a good sleep. “I thought you were sleeping, and weak.”

“Slayer healing.” Buffy waved that off as she pushed away from the doorway and went to sit in the passenger’s seat of Chloe’s car as Chloe got into the driver’s. “So, you have any idea what to do with wolfie boy?”

“Well, if he were a regular werewolf I’d say shove my mom’s stainless silver knife up his ass, stab a fork through his heart, sever his head from his body, and burn his remains.” Chloe replied as she put the Beetle in reverse and reversed out the driveway, putting the car in gear and heading towards McMan’s. “But considering the fact that Mike was a Meteor Freak, I think that’s a little inhuman. So we’ll just sever his head from his body, tear out his heart, and burn the remains while burying his heart somewhere far from his body. Just in case.”

The dark-haired girl looked at her for a second. “How do you know all about that? Those are standard procedure for werewolf killing.” She blinked. “Are you a watcher in training?”

“Watcher?” Chloe asked, stealing a glance in her direction curiously. “You mean like the Slayer’s living information resource?”


“No.” She laughed, then paused. “Did you have a watcher?”

“Yeah.” Buffy’s smile had disappeared.

Realizing that she’d touched a sore topic, Chloe didn’t pry, and they continued the rest of the trip in silence.


Once back at home, Chloe watched as Buffy said goodnight and went up the stairs to the guestroom, which she’d be using. The younger girl smiled as the Slayer closed the door. They’d done away with Mike’s remains, and Chloe couldn’t help but remember Buffy asking her if she was a Watcher in training. That was interesting. She’d have to look that up and see if she could qualify.

Seeing the red light on her answering machine blinking furiously, she pressed the play button and threw herself on the sofa, listening to the messages left while Buffy and her had been doing away with Mike’s body.

“Hey baby.” Gabe Sullivan’s voice could be heard. “Must have caught you putting The Torch ‘to sleep’, as you like to call it. Just called to let you know that I met Bruce Wayne today, and I’ll probably be heading to Gotham for some meetings. I let him know about you being a reporter, and who knows, maybe I can wrangle out an interview with you and the Torch? Well, love you—call me tomorrow at a decent hour?”

Giddy at the thought of getting an interview with Bruce Wayne—even if only via telephone, Chloe grinned like an idiot.

“Chloe.” The voice on the next message was reproachful. “You’re not home. You’re always home at this time.” His accusation was thick. “You know I always call at this time.”

Chloe frowned as the message clicked off. Ever since Lex and her had played Where-To-Hide-The-Body and he’d taken off to Europe, he’d called her every evening at eight, and they’d formed a strange yet comforting friendship. He acted like he was her older brother. And true to what he’d said, this evening was the first time she’d missed his phone call.

“Where are you?” Lex’s voice was irritation tinged with worry in the next message. “It’s not like you not to be home. Maybe you’re at The Torch’s office. I’ll call there.”

The blonde smirked. The bald billionaire was beginning to sound like a father whose daughter had stayed out past curfew on her first date.

“There was no answer at The Torch’s office either so you’re not there—and you’re not answering here either.” By now, Lex’s voice was pure worry. “Dammit Chloe, you should have let me buy you that cellular!”

She threw her head back and laughed. Yep. He was definitely acting like some over-protective father.

“Chloe, dammit, where the hell are you?” There was background sounds—was he pouring himself something to drink? Knowing Lex it was either scotch or whisky…vodka if he was really out of it. “I’ve called your house a million times, The Torch a dozen times, I even called that insipid Lang girl that Clark was always so fond of. She wasn’t there, but her aunt said she was out—sounded quite pleased that I was calling her niece. No doubt she thinks I’m like all the Smallville boys and find the girl damn irresistible. I don’t see what--.” But the answering machine cut his rant off.

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip to try and stop her laughter as the last message started.

“Dammit, if you’re not going to let me buy you a cellular you should at least invest in a decent answering machine! It cut me off!” By now the irritation was back full-force. “Listen to me good Chloe Sullivan; if you don’t answer the next time I call I’m calling the sheriff, FBI, CIA, and INTERPOL!”

And he wasn’t bluffing.

Right on schedule, the phone rang, and Chloe reached over, pulling the receiver from the hook and brought it to her ear. “Hello?”

“Where have you been?” A voice demanded dangerously.

“Nice to hear from you too Lex, how is Europe this time of the year?” She asked, looking up at the ceiling, fingering her hair playfully.

“Where the hell have you been?” He growled, sounding like an animal ready to strike.

“Saw your picture on the Daily Planet by the way.” She refused to answer him—he wasn’t her father! “That donation you gave to the Red Cross was quite generous. I was thinking about your question about how to get your reputation and image changed in the eyes of the people. I decided that you should sponsor a couple dozen children—you have more than enough money. That way you’d be helping starving children and your image in the eyes of the press. You can’t go wrong.”

“Dammit Chloe!” Lex snarled viciously. “Where the hell have you been?”

“Out.” She replied as vaguely as possible just to spite him.

“Chloe, how many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t be out by yourself--?”

“I wasn’t by myself.”

There was a pause. “You were out with Lana?”

“No.” She frowned. “Unlike most of Smallville, my life and what I do does NOT revolve around her!”

He chuckled. “So you were with Pete.”

“No.” By now she knew that he was expecting her to tell him, but she was a free, independent spirit, and didn’t understand why Lex had suddenly become so suffocatingly protective of her. Sure, she’d told him the truth about Helen Bryce, watched bride and groom hold guns to each other—watched him dodge a bullet and Dr. Bryce catch it in her heart—and kept quiet after helping him get rid of the body--but that didn’t give him any right over her or give him any say in what she did or how she did it.

There was another pause. “Clark returned?”


“Hey Chloe?” Buffy’s voice was distorted from upstairs. “Where’s the soap?”

“You in the shower?” She called, hearing the water going in the background.

“Yeah, as should you. You smell as bad as I do.”

She smirked. “Get back in the shower—I’m finishing this phone call and I’ll bring you a bar of soap.”


Lex spoke, his voice deadly calm. “Who was that and what is this person doing in your house at this time of the night?”

“Taking a shower.” By now she was getting more than a little pissed with Lex. “And in need of a bar of soap. Things got a little dirty and we need to wash off.”

“So I presume you were with this mystery person tonight?”

“Yes, you may presume all you want. It’s a free country.” Snarking, she giggled.

There was a sigh on the other end. "Just be careful Chloe. You know that people in Smallville are never what they seem--especially if they're into you."

She glared at the telephone. "I'll have you know that I've been with guys who WEREN'T meteor freaks!"

He chuckled. "Clark doesn't count. And anyway, he wasn't a normal joe either."

She frowned yet conceded. "I guess you're right."

With the strange Luthor-tenderness he'd begun showing her after their strange friendship began, Lex sighed and said: "Just take care of yourself, Chloe. You're more important to me than anyone I've ever known--I--I've come to think of you as the sister I've never had." He paused, then snickered. "The troublesome, headache-inducing, rebellious teenaged sister I've never had."

"I wove you too, big bwother Wex." She chuckled in a baby voice, shaking her head at him. "Anyway, I really need to bathe so--."

"NEVER MIND!" Buffy's voice could be heard calling out. "I FOUND THE SOAP!"

"Okay!" Chloe called back.

"That sounded a lot like a girl." Lex commented.

" It was a girl." The blonde rolled her eyes. "I have a housemate."

"Didn't know you were one of those." Lex teased.

"Oh stuff it Luthor." She giggled.

"Before you go," Lex interrupted.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"I'm returning to Smallville."

She was silent, before smiling. "Good. I knew you wouldn't let Bryce's betrayal run you away. A Luthor never backs down."

"God, you sound like my father." Yet he sounded amused.

"Ick factor right there." She giggled. "Well, goodnight mister Luthor. See you soon."

"Night Miss Sullivan." He chuckled throatily before adding. "And Chloe?"


"Try to stay out of trouble until I get there?"

Glancing a look upstairs, where the Slayer had just came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and waved down at her before hurrying to the bedroom, Chloe thought of the trouble they'd already managed to get themselves into and paused for a second before honestly answering: "I don't know if I can promise you anything."

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