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Story Notes:
take place during Normal Again
Out of Mind by Queensyche

Little girl sits in the corner
Locked in a stare
Arms waving madly at something
That sadly wasn’t there
Dressed in the days best by a nurse that is nowhere to be found
What does she see maybe she’s looking at me

She was sitting in a white room wondering what was real

She remembered a dark haired boy and a red haired girl

Old man strapped to a chair beard like a gown
Shouting and cursing and someone that clearly
Isn’t around
Father time has clearly twisted him mind
The staff says he’s not well
To whom does he speak?
Maybe he’s speaking to me

Men with British accents that meant everything
To her.

So we keep these people inside this walls
From society
Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd
They can’t leave

A silver cross in her face and dark hair and eyes

Staring back at her

You have left him here for me
So we keep these people inside these walls
Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd
They can’t leave

Flashes of green and long brown robes

Though the doors come people like me
Goodbye to them

Falling, falling so far and low

They see a picture that few of us see
They can’t leave
You’ve left them here for me

Something wet and bitter in her mouth

A voice telling her it was ok to come back to them.

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