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"A girl named Tara Davvies. A stripper in a place called 'The Diamond Club.' in Luisianna. She was found in an alley with her throat cut."

Sam read the papers he'd printed out as he and Dean drove along the highway. The Mississippi river ran along side and they cought a glimps of it every now and then when the road curved.

"Ok." Dean said. "Why is the flag raised for us? Why are we going to find a girl that seems to be just murdered?"

"Good question. You ready for this?" Sam asked, shuffleing a few of the print out's till he found the one he was looking for. Lifting it out of the pile he read slowly. "The police report says that her uterous was missing as well, removed with surgical percision. But the person who found her say's she was naked and their was no other wound any where on her body but her throat."

Dean frowned. Sam wasn't sure if it was becuase he was thinking or because of the diminishing afternnon sunlight.

"So she's missing organs, but she's not cut..." He said more to himself than to Sam.

"So either the police are wrong or somehow her uterus was taken out of her body some other way." Sam said and let it hang in the air.

Once again Dean was silent, thinking. Sam was sure.

"Dad and I had this one case not too long after you left in Kentucky. A guy said this white eyed woman attacked him and took one of his kidney's right THROUGH his back." Dean explained. "Said she just put her hand into him and pulled it throught his flesh with out leaving a mark. Dad and I found out that it was a girl who'd been killed 20 years earlier in a crazy frat initiation that had to do with the urband legend."

"The one about the people waking up in a bathtub full of ice with one of their kidney's removed." Sam added, understanding the meaning. "The victims live supposedly. I can see some crazy frat guys wanting to try it out."

"Exept that when they did it to her she bled out and died." Dean went on. "There's a reason those things are just urban legend's. They covered it up and where never found out. So anyway, we found out that the girl had some serious mental problems when she was alive. So in death, she went after the people who did it to her. Taking their organs with out having to cut them open like they did to her."

"So it's been known then?" Sam asked his brother. "Spirits CAN take something from a living body. It's gotta be a pretty pissed off spirit to be able to do something like that to a person."

"Wouldn't you be pissed off if some one took your uterus, Sammy?" Dean asked giving Sam a sideways glance.

They arrived in Louisianna close to midnight and decided that it was too late to start poking around. Well, Sam decided that. Dean wanted to go to The Diamond Club to check it out. After all, he'd said, their victim worked there.

"No Dean. There's no point. We don't even know if the witness was right about her not being cut open. We need to go to the morgue tomorrow and check out the body and get the police report. You KNOW that! You just want to go see strippers." Sam said hotly as they pulled away from the main office of the first motel they'd found with a 'VACANCY' sign.

Dean gave his brother a wicked smile. Sam had cought him red handed. He hadn't really thought that Sam would fall for something like that, he was too smart not to know that Dean had alterior motives. But he wasn't done having his fun at Sam's expense and fiegned a shocked look.

"NO!! I just think we should start where we can, since we can't do the morgue or the police station tonight." Dean said. "If you where any kind of dedicated hunter you would agree."

"No. If I was as much of a horn dog as you are I would agree." Sam retorted. "It's late and we've been on the road all day. There's nothing we can do tonight except sleep."

"If I was as much of a tight ass as you are I would agree." Dean said as they reached the line of two story buildings the clerk at the front desk had told them their motel room was.

There where parking spaces right in front of the rooms and Dean had to go around twice before he saw one of the last empty spots left. It was further from their room than he would have liked but he didn't see much of a choice. He didn't like leaving the Impala so far away, but it would have to do for tonight.

Just as he was approaching it he saw another car comming toward them from the opposite dirction. It speed up, racing him for the space. He picked up speed as well, he would be damned if this dude got it before he did.

"Dean!!." Sam yelled as the cars came almost nose to nose. At the very last second the other car made an almost 90 degree turn into the spot. Dean had to pull the Impala hard to the left in order to avoid the collision. They came to a screeching halt on the tarmac, thrusting them forward slightly.

"Are you crazy?!" Sam yelled as Dean threw the car into park.

"Me?! Did you see that asshole?!" Dean said implying the white car that was now in HIS parking space. "I'm gonna give this idiot a peice of my mind."

Dean threw open the car door and stormed out. He saw Sam come out as well, Dean was sure it was to stop him from hitting this guy in his stupid face. Which he was fuming enough to be able to do.

"Hey jerk off!" Dean yelled as he saw the white car door open. "It was my spot and you know it."

A slim figure stepped. It was a girl with long hair.

"Sorry dude. Too slow." She said not looking at him as she pulled a duffle bag across the front seat and hike it up onto her shoulder.

Dean's brow knit together in recognition. Was that...

"Rachel?" Sam called. Giving voice to Dean's thought.

Shutting the door the girl looked up in, reacting to her name. Dean saw her face fully then under the brighly lit lamps that lined the edge of the lot, it was Rachel. The girl who'd helped them on a case a about 6 weeks befor in Toledo. Dean's anger ebbed out, replaced with a fresh reminder of how beautiful she was. He'd almost forgotten how stunning she was.

"Sam?" She said, a confused look on her face. She shut the car door and let her duffle bag fall to the floor. She approached them.

"Dean? What are you two doing here?" She asked as she came to a stop befor them.

"We here to check out a case. You?" Sam asked.

"Let me guess. Tara Davvies?" She inquired.

Sam looked over at Dean who was now seeing what he should have seen befor. The white car was unmistakably her '67 Mustang.

"Yeah." Sam answered. "You just got here, Too?"

"I've been here three days already." She said then smiled. "You two following me or what?"

"Your in my spot." Dean said, annoyed anew.

She looked over at him and he saw a glint of her impossibly green eyes in the light. She wore a long sleeved black top and jeans that hugged her curves beautifully.

"Dean." She said amused. "Still a giant ball of sunshine I see. Like I said befor. Too slow, dude."

He was silent. Defeated as far as parking spaces went.

"You find anything out?" Sam asked. Getting back to business.

She looked back at him, getting more serious herself.

"Some. A few crazy things actually. You two settled in yet?"

"No. We where just about to park and do that." Dean said with malice in his voice.

She looked at Dean again and he saw her face tighten at the sight of him. Yeah, your thinking about how good I look. He thought, seeing how she was trying not show that she looked him up and down to take in the sight of the flannel shirt, worn jeans and boots he wore. You look pretty damn tasty yourself.

"Well, then." She said meeting his eyes. "I'm in room 207 on the second floor. Find another spot and come up. I'll fill you in."

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