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Sam and Dean walk into the morgue in Toledo, Ohio to investigate the mysterious death of a man who supposedly had a stroke while looking into a mirror. they have an idea that it's not as simple as that. They need to see the body to have a clue what they're working with. When they tell morgue tech that they're med students working on a paper and that some made up doctor told them it was ok, the tech looks at them like they're crazy.
"you guys with that girl?" he asks.
"girl?" Sam asks
"Yeah there was a girl here this morning as I was comming in. My buddy talked to her and gave her what she needed, so I didn't get a chance to talk to her." The tech smiled then. "I would have like to, she was a looker. But my co-worker said that she was doing a med student as well. She with you?"
Sam and Dean looked at eachother. Confused.
"Nope. She must be doing another paper." Dean says.
"well, I'm sorry, But I find this very funny. Two sets of med students for the same guy who died of a plain old stroke?" The tech said.
"Plain old stroke?" Dean looks at him and feigns hurt.
"You know, you should be more sensitive. My dad died of a plain old stoke. Screwed me up for years"
"Hey, dude. I'm sorry." The tech said with his hands up.
Sam puts his hand on Deans shoulder as if comforting him.
"It's ok, man. He didn't know." Sam says
"Ok. Ok. Come one I'll show you the guy."
As they looked at the victum laying on the cold slab
"Now the newspaper said his daughter found him. She said his eyes were bleeding." Sam said
"More than that. They practically liquefied." The tech said as he pulled the sheet back over the corpses head
"Any sign of a struggle? Maybe somebody did it to him?" Dean offered
"Nope. Besides the daughter, he was all alone."
"Could it be anything else besides a stroke?" Dean asked.
"Doc’s not sure. Maybe an aneurysm? Something burst up in there, that’s for sure."
"What do you mean?" Sam asked
"Cerebral bleeding. This guy had more blood in his skull than anyone I’ve ever seen." The tech said with a sigh
"The eyes—what would cause something like that?" Sam asked
"Capillaries can burst. See a lot of bloodshot eyes with stroke victims."
"Yeah? You ever see exploding eyeballs?" Dean said.
"That’s a first for me, but hey, I’m not the doctor." The tech looked sorrowfully at Dean "Did your dad's eyes explode? Wow dude, that horrible."
Sam and Dean exchanged a look.
"It's still hard for me, I'd rather not talk about it." Dean said faking a crack in his voice.
"Think we could take a look at that police report? You know for, uh…our paper." Sam asked.
"I'm not supposed to show you that. Besides, my buddy got charmed into giving a copy to that girl this morning and if I give one to you it could look bad. Besides, you guys aren't as cute as she was."

After leaving the morgue, The boys walk out to the parking lot toward the Impala.
"So what are we thinking?" Sam asked.
"I'm thinking that guy didn't just fall to the floor from a stroke. What about you, Sammy?"
"I think your right."
"You know, if you could only admit that more often I think we'll do ok."
"Don't be a smart ass Dean." Sam warned.
"Hey better that being a dumb ass." Dean shot back.
"I wish we could have goten that police report."
"Yeah, what's that whole thing about this chick, anyway." Dean said as the got to the car.
"You think she has something to do with this?" Sam Asked looking at his brother over the roof.
"Her story sounded too much like ours. Who ever she was I'm sure she was no med student."
"Do we try to find her?"
"Let's start with the family. see what they have to say about poor mister Shoemacker."

After finding the daughters at the funeral home, the boys approched them.
"You Must be Donna, Right?" Dean asked.
"Yeah." The girl said
"Hi uh—we’re really sorry." Sam said
"Thank you."
"I’m Sam, this is Dean. We worked with your dad."
"You did?"
"Yeah. This whole thing. I mean, a stroke." Dean said
"I don’t think she really wants to talk about this right now" the older girl said
"It’s okay. I’m okay."
"Were there any symptoms? Dizziness? Migraines?" Sam asked
"That’s because it wasn’t a stroke." The younger daughter said.
Just what they we're thinking.
"Lily, enough of this." Donna said to her little sister.
After speaking to her for a moment they hear the recount of everything they thought might be possible. the girl told them she had been playing Bloody Mary in the mirror with her friends when her dad came in and she insisted that she killed her father by calling Bloody Mary. That the spirit killed him instead of her and that it was all her fault.
"Enough Lily. It's one thing to tell that counselor, but these guys worked with dad." Donna said.
"You told a counselor this?" Sam asked.
"yeah. A pretty young counselor from her school came to talk to her today. She must be new, I'd never seen her at the school befor. Lily told her all this and I thought that once she said it she stop blaming herself, but aperantly not."
"There was a girl here asking questions about your dads death?" Sam asked befor he could stop himself.
"yeah. Trying to help Lily cope. Why do you sound surprised?"
Dean laughed and came to his brothers rescue.
"He has a problem with counselors. One gave him some bad advice once. Screwed him all up."

After leaving the girls with all the information they could get they decided to go to the house where the attack had happened. the family were going to be at the funeral home all day, they hoped, so the would just let themselves in and have a look.
In the car driving there Sam posed the nagging quesion.
"That girl again. Think it's the same one from the morgue?"
"It had better not be becuase she's starting to piss me off." Dean replied. "She's been everywhere we've been already. one step ahead of us. We couldn't get the police report because of her and now we couldn't talk to the family the way we'd like too with out looking suspicious. Who the hell does she think she is?"
"Well, let's just hope it's a coincedance amd we don't hear of her again." Sam said.
"I don't like people poking around in my case and it seems that's what this chick is doing. So your right, let's hope we don't hear from her again."

they let themselve in to the house via Sams hunting knife and the kitchen window. They walk through the house toward the upstairs bathroom.
"So. The girls are playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom, they say it three times in the mirror, dad comes in, get's it instead. Are we agreed.?" Dean asked.
"That sounds about right." Sam agrees.
"That must be bathrrom right there." Dean say as he points to a door in the hall with blood on the frame.
They walk toward it, turn into the small room and stop short.
Crouching on the floor looking at the dried blood on the tiles is a girl in her early 20's. She looks up startled and the first thing Dean thinks is how green her eyes are.
"Hey." Sam said.
"Hey." She said, looking nervously up at them. As if cought and trying to think of a way out of it.
"Who're you?" She asked.
"We could ask you the same question." Dean said.
She stood up slowly. She was tall and slender. Pale skin with black hair that fell to her waist.
"My name's Rachel. Your turn."
"How'd you get in here?" Sam asked.
"You first." She said simply.
"Um..." They said together.
"We worked with Mr. Shoemacker." Sam said.
"Bull. he was a day trader, he worked by himself." She said.
"You wouldn't happen to be Lily's counselor are you?" Dean asked.
The girl just looked at him. Silent. Guilty even.
"And you don't happen to be a med student as well? are you?"
"Ok. Who are you guys?" She asked. "P.I's or something?"
"Why are you snooping around. Who are you?" Sam asked.
She looked at them each for a second befor she answered.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Was all she said.
"Actually. I think we'd believe you just fine." Dean Replied. "Because we're here for the same reason."
"What are you talking about?" She asked.
"Dean?" Sam said.
With out taking his eyes from her he asked the question he'd been thinking since he heard she'd been poking around.
"You a hunter, too. aren't you?"
Everyone was silent as Deans question sunk in. He once agin never took his eyes from her. It was as if his inquiry was more of a challenge for her to tell the truth than anything else.
Not that he could take his eyes off of her anyway. She was probably the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.
"You guys are hunters?" She asked.
Their silence was their answer. When she realized that a smile spread slowly across her mouth. Dean couldn't help but think how kissable that action make her lips look. And how pissed off he was that she was bugging around his case.
"Well." She said. "It seems our girl Bloody Mary has brought more attention to herself than little old me."

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