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Author's Chapter Notes:
Discs.:Well, I don't own Criminal Minds - or its characters...

A/N:Okay, this is the first fanfic I ever published (even if there are nearly hundred ideas in my head...)!If the rating is the wrong one (or there is something else I could change to do a better job here) please tell me!I have to admit that this was not read by any beta - so please forgive me any spelling, or grammar mistakes...Maybe I should mention that there are spoliers for all episodes up to "The Boogeyman" (especially for "The Fisher King 1&2", "Psychdrama" and "The Boogeyman")...

However this is an Elle/Hotch fic, and even if I know that there are not many fans of this pairing out there - please do me a favor and read it! - I PROMISE IT'S GOING TO BE WORTH IT!!!

Now, enjoy reading the first chapter...
Painful feelings

1.A late-night call

It was hard for him to understand why she had left. Three days had passed now and he hadn’t slept at all. It was obvious that everybody around him was wondering what was going on in his head, but he was not willing to let anyone in. The truth was : It was eating him slowly away from the inside. He was missing her so much. He had called her for so many times, but she hadn’t answered even one of his calls. He had stopped by at her place all three evenings. Her car had been standing in front of her house, but when he ringed the doorbell she hadn’t opened.

Two days later :

They were working on a case involving the raping and killing of 24 young women, luckily it was a case in DC, what meant that he hadn’t to leave town and to tell his wife how sorry he was for being so absent from home.

They had decided to take a break and to get a bit of sleep so he had gone home, when he finally arrived he knew Haley would want to know what was wrong with him, but he wasn’t up for that now.

Hours later, when he laid in bed next to his wife his cell phone started ringing. Unwillingly Hotch got up to answer it. On his way out of the room, so that Haley could sleep, he wondered, what it even mattered to have to get to the office in the middle of the night when he wasn’t able to sleep at all.

He closed the bedroom-door and answered the call : “Hotchner…”

He was interrupted by a totally desperate sounding Morgan : “You have to get to the office – now!” He only said okay and prepared himself for telling Haley that he would have to get to the office as soon as possible.


She turned toward him : “What? You don’t want to tell me you have to get back to the office, yet, do you?!”

“It’s an emergency…” he was sounding sad.

“Fine!” The fights between them were, since Elle had been shot, nothing unusual anymore…He assumed it had something to do with the fact that he had missed the appointment he and Haley had at the hospital, because something was wrong with Jack. But, goddamn, that was weeks ago - and only one of the reasons... He realised that he had to get to the office - it had to be something serious, considering the fact how Morgan had sounded on the phone. So he just turned away and left for the office.

At the office :

“Okay, what’s that emergency all about?” Hotch was aware how stressed he sounded and it was true he was totally exhausted and depressed since what had happened to Elle. He was angry about everything and everybody. When he saw the pain in the faces of his colleagues he got worried.

“It’s Elle…” Gideon told him in a matter-of-factly way.

Hotch was totally shocked – the thought that something could have happened to her again was too hard and painful to handle for him. But he had to focus onto work, so he forced his voice to sound as normal as possible when he asked : “What is it?”

“One of her neighbors called the police when he heard shots from her house…” Morgan said in a low voice, which was filled with emotions. “For now we don’t know anything – but it could be linked to our case…I mean, look at the pictures of the victims – she is fitting the profile of the unsub’s targets perfectly fine…”

They were all silent for a moment then Hotch ordered : “We should take a look onto the scene to find out what exactly happened!”

The team got ready and forty-five minutes later two black SUVs parked in front of Elle’s house.

Chapter End Notes:
A/N: I hope you liked it...However, please send me a lot of REVIEWS and tell me what you think - if you have some ideas or advice for me how to become a good writer and to make this a great fic, please feel free to let me know! I hope I will be able to update soon!

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