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Something Major

Who knew fruit could cause so many problems . . .

Author Notes: Takes place after season 7 "I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia"

Disclaimer: I don't own Gilmore Girls or it characters at all.

Chapter One: Apples

Rory Gilmore sleepily trudged down the hall, her book bag hung heavily on her shoulder. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, opening the double doors to the mess hall of Yale University. On this particular morning, Rory was extremely exhausted and would have wanted nothing more than to go back to her apartment and go back to sleep. However, since she was in the second and final semester of her senior year in college, every class counted and she wanted to make the most of the last few months of her college experience. Her boyfriend Logan Huntzberger may have been living in New York for the last six or so months but they were still making their relationship work. He drove back to Hartford whenever he had the chance, and she sometimes drove to New York on the weekends. In fact, just a couple of months earlier he'd surprised her showing up at their apartment, saying he was going to be in Hartford for the day for a business meeting. She'd also seen him, not that it's the way she would have done it though, a week earlier when her grandfather had collapsed while teaching a class right in front of her. She'd called Logan and he'd jumped in a helicopter to come be with her and help her through. He'd had to leave, though, the next day. Rory missed him, a lot, but knew there wasn't any other choice and she'd seen him soon. Because she missed him so much, the fact that her professors were really stacking up on the homework, and also that her parent's marriage was in trouble she believed she was letting herself get sick. She hadn't felt good the past week, since her grandfather had had his heart attack, and she really wished Logan was here to make her feel better. She'd mentioned something to him at the hospital and he'd said she was just upset about her grandfather. She'd believed him, then, but a couple of days had passed and she hadn't gotten rid of the sick feeling in her stomach. Now she was okay, but she still felt uneasy. She was out of it, all the time, and frequently spaced out during class. She'd never done that in her whole life, and it was really starting to freak her out. She adjusted the strap on her book bag and joined the lunch line. Shaking off her restlessness, she took hold of a tray and followed the line. As she chose her food, she mentally went through what she needed to do that afternoon and the rest of the week. She automatically pulled her wallet from her purse and paid the cashier the right amount, simultaneously sliding her student card in the machine. Usually she ate lunch with her friend and former-roommate Paris Gellar and her boyfriend Doyle, but they were off attending something or other. So Rory selected an empty table and sat down alone. Drawing out an Ernest Hemingway book from her purse, she opened to where she'd last left off. As she read, she picked an item from her tray and brought it to her mouth. She bit into it and . . . her eyes went wide. The sweet, tangy taste of a ripe, Macintosh apple filled her mouth and she gulped, swallowing. Letting both the book and the fruit fall to the table, she looked down at her tray. When she'd chosen her food, she'd put two apples on her plate besides the meatloaf surprise that was being served this day. Something was wrong. A Gilmore girl never, ever willingly ate a piece of any kind of fruit unless someone practically forced it down her throat. Or . . . oh boy.

These apples were a sign of the apocalypse, and Rory was sure if not certain the sign was positive.

To be continued . . .

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