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So I decided to do a Crossover fic of my two current obsessions, Harry Potter and Charmed! Hope you like!! Disclaimer - I swear, I own nothing but the clothes on my body!
“Not now, Hedwig.”
Harry Potter frowns darkly, turning around on his bed. It was the third week of the holiday and he still hadn’t received any news about Voldemort. The Daily Prophet wasn’t mentioning him at all, and the letters from his friends didn’t carry any real news. He sighs, staring out the window. The sky was clear tonight – it hadn’t been this clear since Voldemort returned. Harry could only hope that it was a good sign…

Prue, Piper and Phoebe all stare at Leo in pure shock and he shrugs.
“It wasn’t my choice. It’s for a greater good!”
Prue frowns, shaking her head.
“So this… wizard, what’s his name? Volde…”
Leo claps his hand over her mouth instantly.
“Don’t say his name.”
“Oh, you’re not serious, are you?”
“They put a tracker on his name. You say it, they know where you are and they come after you.”
Piper frowns.
“Okay, but I thought he was after us already?”
“Well, he’s working with demons, yes… and technically, he is after you. He just can’t find you. Thanks to a spell by a wizard.”
“A wizard?”
“Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts.”
Prue frowns, running her fingers through her hair.
“Okay… so… we don’t really know anything about what they’re studying there. What are we supposed to do?”
“Well, they’re going to have to take a lot of different subjects this year – not to help get them through school, but to help them defeat You know who. Prue – you’ll be teaching defence against the dark arts. Piper – you’ll be teaching Muggle Studies, teaching them how to blend. Phoebe, you’ll be teaching divination… sort of. Since you can see the future.”
Phoebe frowns, shaking her head.
“But Leo, I can’t help them get my gift… it’s not something you can give to someone else.”
“I know… but you’ll know what to do when you get there. And your powers are going to be vital. Use them wisely.”
Prue looks at her sisters, frowning darkly.
“So I guess we’re really going to do this.”
“I guess we don’t have a choice.”

It’s a little less than an hour later when there’s a faint pop and a tall man appears in the living room. Prue immediately jumps up, her hand raised.
“Piper, Phoebe, warlock!”
”Prue, wait!”
Leo stops her just before she sends the man flying, looking at him apologetically.
“Sorry, professor. We didn’t realise you were going to apparate.”
”My plan was to apparate outside the door and simply knock… but I fear that my geography has let me down.”
The sisters share a confused look before turning to the wizard.
“Sorry… you are?”
“Albus Dumbledore… pleased to meet you. You must be the Charmed Ones.”
Phoebe nods, staring at the wizard in awe.
“Do you… always dress like that?”
Prue looks at her sister reproachfully and Dumbledore smiles.
“It’s very well. Yes, young miss, we do. You will dress the same at Hogwarts I presume?”
Piper rubs her neck, looking at him.
“Yeah, we don’t exactly have clothes like that.”
“Do not worry. I am sure Madame Malkin would be honoured to make robes for the Charmed ones. Now… We should get going. I will quickly set up a port key… if I could just have a cup or something…”
Piper heads out to the kitchen, returning with a cup seconds later. They all watch with interest as Dumbledore mumbles something, flicking his wand.
“Touch the cup.”
They all reach out, touching the cup softly.
“And in three… two… one…”
Instantly, they are sucked into a vortex, twisting and turning through air…

Prue groans when she lands on the ground, not even bothering to open her eyes.
“I’m never doing that again!”
Phoebe and Piper land on the ground as well, staring at Leo and Dumbledore who land swiftly, smiling.
“There. Welcome to Grimmauld Place Number Twelve. Headquarters of The Order of The Phoenix.”
Prue, Piper and Phoebe slowly get up, watching in amazement as a building appears out of nowhere. They follow Dumbledore in, gazing around. The three girls jump when a redheaded woman appears out of nowhere, throwing her arms around Dumbledore.
“Dumbledore! We were worried, thought they could have gotten to you! Got here all right then?”
“Perfectly fine, thank you Molly. I would like you to meet the Charmed Ones – Prue, Piper and Phoebe. And their White Lighter – Leo.”
“So very pleased to meet you!”
Molly hugs each of the sisters, eyeing them closely.
“Oh, you’re much to small! Let’s get you something to eat!”
Without bothering to disagree, the sisters follow Molly into the kitchen where they look at the people sitting around the table. Molly gazes at the people and back.
“Oh, let me quickly introduce you… this is my husband, Arthur… My oldest son Bill and his wife, Fleur. Charlie, Fred, George… my other sons. Remus Lupin and his wife, Nymphadora Tonks… Sirius Black… These are the Charmed ones… What are your names again?”
Phoebe takes it upon herself to introduce them, her eyes finding Sirius Black once again.
“I’m Phoebe… my sisters, Piper and Prue…”
Remus can’t help grinning when he notices the look shared between Sirius and Phoebe, holding out his hand.
“Pleased to meet you… Hagrid will be here in a short while and Harry will arrive later tonight, with Kingsley Shacklebolt and Mad Eye Moody.”
“Mad Eye?”
Phoebe frowns and Remus grins.
“That’s his nickname… real name is Alastor. You’ll see why we call him Mad Eye though!”
“Okay then!”
They all look up when Leo and Dumbledore enter the kitchen, carrying a few bags. Leo smiles, winking at Piper.
“We thought we’d quickly go back, get some of your things. We left in such a hurry.”
“Oh, thanks!”
Prue stands up, taking two of the bags.
“I’ll take these upstairs.”
“Oh, no need dear…”
Molly draws her wand, causing the girls to shriek. Phoebe shakes her head seriously.
“No no no no! Personal gain!”
Sirius grimaces, looking at Phoebe.
“We don’t have personal gain problems… we’re not Wiccan. There aren’t any muggles around, we’re allowed to use magic for everything.”
“Non magic folk. What do you call them?”
“Uh… people.”
Sirius grins, still not taking his eyes off Phoebe.
“Why didn’t I think of that? But honestly, let Molly take care of the bags.”
Prue shakes her head, picking up one of the bags.
“I would really like to get settled myself… if someone could show me a room?”
Bill jumps up, attracting a surly look from Fleur.
“I’ll show you!”
“Thank you…”
Prue and Piper follow him upstairs, while Phoebe settles in next to Sirius, looking at him with interest.
“So… tell me more about the wizarding world… seems we’ve missed out on a whole community.”

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