...Mightier Than the Sword
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Pairing: Aiden & Danny friendship; Danny/Don
Rating: PG
Timeline: 1.16 - Hush
A/N: DVDs are a wonderful invention.
Beta: Alicia (aliciakembrey@netspace.net.au) from the "CSI_New_York_Slash" yahoo! group
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
"Go on, try it."
"That's sexual harassment."

Aiden grinned as she headed to the print lab. Danny was such an idiot. If it had been anyone else who said that crap to her, they'd have had their ass handed to them by now. But it's Danny, and coming from him, it's kinda cute. Dumb, but cute. Obnoxious, but cute. Irritating as hell, but still cute.

Because she knows about Flack. She probably never should've called him on it but she did and now he's playing it for all it's worth. She can't believe nobody else's seen it. All the dumb comments between the two of them that can't be anything but flirting. Not to mention the amount of pissed-off Danny carries around every time a suspect so much as looks cross-eyed at Flack screams, well actually "I need anger management" but also love in the workplace. Poorly concealed gay love in the workplace that has her choking so she's not laughing and desperately trying not to make moon-eyes at Stella the same way a certain detective does with her friend because as daft as the rest of the lab is with Danny and Flack, Stell is bound to realize Aiden's is lusting after her if she's that obvious about it.

But she's gonna make him pay for that somehow. Maybe tell Stella to set him up with one of her friends or something. It'd be funny to watch him try to get out of that with Stella's iron-strength determination. Maybe she'll even get to be around when Danny tries to explain it to Don.


Watching them together in the hallways, it hits her again how obvious they are being. How stupid can they get anyhow? Being that open around the other cops. Didn’t *everyone* know that cops aren't exactly known for being open-minded, or slow to label a guy a fag - even one of their own. Aiden could imagine what would happen if some loudmouth bigot saw what's right in front of him, and decides to tell a couple of other like-minded individuals. Would New York's finest be quick enough to save Flack if something was going down and he got caught in the cross fire? She's seen it happen before, and they get away with it way too often 'cause if the bad guys are the ones who do the shooting, it's next to impossible to prove the other cops let it happen. For any reason.

Aiden's been there; she knows what it's like to have to worry about somebody like that. But they gotta smarten up, and if they don't do it on their own, she'll tell 'em again. They're her friends and as sweet as it is to watch them make eyes at each other, it's twice as dangerous. It don't matter that they're cute together when they're being like that because as far as she knows, she's the only one who knows about them and she's gonna do everything she can to make sure it stays that way, even if it means smacking some sense into them. They're her friends and she wants them to stay safe.

But it'll have to be Flack she talks too, because she can't have a serious conversation with Danny. He's got those puppy eyes and he uses them every time he thinks she might be getting ready to give him hell – and they get to her, even if she doesn't like guys the way they do.

He's cute and he knows it.

"You hungry?"
"Get a bite to eat?"
"I'll drive. Put you on the hood?"
"Put you on the hood."

...but man, does he push her to her limits sometimes, cute or not. And he's just damn lucky shoving him is all she does.

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