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Author's Chapter Notes:
Pairing: Cathrine/Sara, Greg/Nick
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Season 2, maybe?
A/N: Major credit (but no fault) goes to esse for the idea. This fic is loosely based around her 'The Minor Fifth' (http://www.csi-forensics.com/viewstory.php?sid=464) with permission.
A/N2: This is not my best work. I'm still trying out male POVs.
Beta: Insane Vampiress (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/293946/)
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
Watching them, he can barely hold back a giggle. The way they'd been acting for months, it's almost too adorable. Aside from Grissom, everyone on the nightshift, out in the field and in the lab, know they're doing it, so of course it's funny that they all seem to have made some sort of unspoken agreement not to say anything to them until they decide they're ready to come clean about it.

Greg's aware of the irony in his thoughts about their relationship and he glances at Nick, who's watching them, too, without thinking. Until now, it hadn't even occurred to him that they might be as obvious as they are, which would explain why Catherine hasn't killed him for flirting with her girlfriend. And why Jacqui's been making less than subtle comments about how accents are when he thought she was trying to tell him about her personal life.

"Oh, shit." All three of them look at him, Sara's hands suspended in the air from her animated conversation with Catherine in a position that gets his imagination going and he forgets about his problem for a moment.

"Greg?" Right. Not the time for his fantasies.

"Nothing. Just thinking. I forgot to order my coffee and I'm almost out." Nick's smirking and he realizes he's been caught having... unprofessional thoughts about his coworkers, although judging from the blush creeping up Nick's neck, he's not the only one. The printer beeps, saving Greg from being called on his lame cover. Practically leaping across the room, he snatches the results as soon as they're done, nearly missing Sara lightly brushing her hand across Catherine's, and he can feel the urge to giggle again. She makes a grab for the papers, but he hops backwards, almost knocking over the test tubes on the counted behind him. "Nuh-uh. If you don't let me put together a presentation, you have to at least let me announce the results." He reads over the printouts, keeping them out of Sara's reach. "The blood at the crime scene is all from one donor. You're not looking for another person, victim or killer."

"What?" Catherine pushes past Sara, the two of them making it look somehow graceful. She all but rips them out of his hands and he scowls as she double-checks the results but he doesn't protest because, hey, she can be scary when she's on a case. "This doesn't make any sense!" She huffs and slams the offending pages down on the table. "I guess it's back to the scene." The senior CSI storms out of the lab with Nick hurrying after her, only pausing to whisper.

"See you later." Greg shivers and it's only after he gets himself together that he remembers Sara's still there. *Crap.*

"When are you two going to stop pretending you don't go home together every morning?" He looks around quickly and when he's sure that there's no one else around he relaxes and gives her an innocent smile.

"When you and Catherine stop pretending like you aren't doing more than going out for breakfast every morning?" Her face goes bright red and he bites the inside of his cheeks to keep from laughing. He'd never have guessed that she was a blusher. He's going to have fun with this.

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