...Mightier Than the Sword
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Pairing: Dawn/Illyria
Timeline: Post 'Not Fade Away'
A/N: It's not my fault!!!
A/N2: Thanks so much to Jessamyn for her help with Illyria information.
Beta: Insane Vampiress (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/293946/), who is the best anyone could ask for.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
From the moment Illyria saw the girl, she knew she had power. It radiated off of her, that she was far more then she appeared to the mortal fleshbags. Energy made flesh in a pathetic attempt to conceal what she was, trying to hide her greatness as though it could be done. They call her Dawn and she walks among them, pretends to be like them even though she's so far above, as she does, with the difference being that, for Illyria, it was necessary because her world was lost. With this stunning one, she seems to prefer living as one of them, denying her origins and pretending to be less than she is. It's something of a mystery to the god as to why she would do so. When she first approached her, the one she calls her sister and the other small creatures that believe they have power, yet they don't even come close to Dawn, Illyria thought there may have been something she'd missed, something repressing the ancient power, but it was soon apparent that it was by her own choosing that she lived like that.

It was not surprising that as powerful as she was, she would recognize it in her, but she had not been prepared for her to know things that could not have been in any books when they happened before the written word existed. A recognition that sparked in her deep green eyes even before she told her who she was, and she spoke of things that the newly made girl wasn't even sure how she knew them. Only when Illyria inquired of her origin did she understand that she was as ancient as the old one itself. When she first walked the earth, she'd heard whispers of the Key, but it had sounded like a human myth, a dream of incredible power which they could use to control, not something worthy of a god's attention. But the almost-glowing creature formed into flesh that stood before her was worthy of that and more, and she feels pulled towards her, as though there is a physical connection between them that prevents them from being separated, alone, once again. Two beings as old as time in a world that has lost respect for such power. It is similar to the one she'd felt with Wesley, only stronger, and not the cause of an attachment left from the one who resided in the shell she possesses now.

Ever since they consummated their bond, "made love" Dawn calls it, Illyria has been receiving threats form the Slayer, whom is seemingly under the impression that she is of any consequence to the god. She will care for the girl and protect her from harm should she be unable to protect herself, but it is because she wishes to do so and not because of some threat that Buffy would be unable to carry out. They are an amusement, but she knows that they make her Key uncomfortable, so she has stopped mentioning them, instead treating them as what they are, a common occurrence and barely worth notice. It is odd having such feelings for Dawn, such as the ache in her chest when she is concerned for her safety or the overwhelming joy of simply being when she's next to her.

The one thing that puzzles her, though, is when she attempts to classify her emotions. Every time, she recalls a voice, hers, but when it wasn't. "Those dumb old fairytales and their happily-ever-afters."

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