...Mightier Than the Sword
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: 2.22 "Out Of Mind"
A/N: There's no justification for this except it was really late at night and I was watching my SG1 DVDs.
Beta: No. Sorry.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
Oh god. Not Hathor. The universe really does have a sick sense of humour. The way she used Daniel, how she tried to seduce her a year ago... and now she's back. The Colonel's the only one of the three of them who she hasn't tried to do it with. *Don't remember. These things in out heads, I can't relive that.*

"Try Roswell. A little place in New Mexico." Colonel O'Neill's sarcasm is a lifeline to pull Carter out of having her brain zapped by the microchip in her head, the Goa'uld version of a memory-recall device. Except, oh god, she's heading for Sam next, the G.D.O. lightly trailing just above her throat in an attempt to be sensual of all things. And the worst part is, it's kind of working.

"What is the sequence of numbers necessary to open the barricade protecting your Stargate?" *No.* She won't break down here. She won't cry in front of the Colonel and Daniel. She never told them what that... thing did to her, how she tried to force herself onto her when seduction didn't work before she went to Janet, and they're not going to find out now. She won't let her win.

Carter bites the inside of her cheek and she can't stop herself from watching her out of the corner of her eye.

"If you will not give us the information we desire, we do have another means of retrieving it." Her voice has taken on the Goa'uld tone, kind of like if she was talking into an empty tin can, but even that doesn't quite work. What is this hold Hathor has over her that she doesn't even seem to have on Daniel? "An opportunity has presented itself. At a most... fortunate time." Somehow, Daniel's stepped in front of Sam and all she can think is 'They cut his hair'. *Is this what it's like to loose your mind?* Janet always said it was a possibility with the stress they were under.

Hathor pulls a symbiont out of her Jaffa's stomach and holds it up towards her, Jack and Daniel.

"Our friend here is ready for a host." The Goa'uld looks so smug and is all Carter can do not to remember how she acted when they were alone, back in the real SGC, so sure Sam would accept the privilege of becoming her bitch, and the embarrassment and shame of having been tempted. But the Egyptian goddess doesn't even have the pheromones this time for her to blame it on. "Tell us. Which one of you... shall it be?"

*Oh god, oh god, oh god...*

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