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Author's Chapter Notes:
Timeline: post 1.18 – "Acquisition"
A/N: I'm not usually a Trip/Hoshi ‘shipper, but this just wouldn't leave me alone and I do think they're kind of cute.
Beta: Not.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
She'd be lying if she said she'd never thought about him like that, but it was never a serious thought. More like passing flickers about how cute he was when he got worked up or how his accent could make her feel like a teenager with a crush on the popular boy. Nothing Hoshi'd ever really considered, but maybe that was because of the rumours about him and Reed. Maybe she does have a chance though. So when she finds him eating alone in the mess hall, she joins him.

"How're you doing?"

"I'm fine. You were the one unconscious and about to be sold into slavery. “His concern is entirely endearing and she blushes. *Forget high school. It's more like grade six and on the playground.*

"I hear we're married." Trip chokes on his food and for an instant, Hoshi wonders if she could call sickbay.

"What?" He manages to gasp after a moment. She feels her mouth quirk at how embarrassed he looks.

"The Captain told me that, apparently, we're married. Actually, I think it was his less then tactful way of trying to find out if we're seeing each other." Trip grins widely at her words.

"He's not the most subtle person in the galaxy."

"No, he's not." The engineer goes back to eating his food and Hoshi begins to eat as well, unsure how to continue the conversation without being as obvious as Captain Archer was with her.

"They're playin' a new movie tomorrow night." Trip jerks her out of her thoughts and back to the present.

"What is it?"

"Not sure. It's supposed to be an old one, but they won't say what."

"Oh." The Communications officer pushes her food around her tray and can't decide if the silence is comfortable or not.

"You goin'?" There's something in his voice, a note of hopefulness that makes her heart jump into her throat. She looks up to see his eyes darting around, looking anywhere but at her.

"Maybe. I guess." She doesn't mention that Phlox was going to work with her on her Denobulan. What with having three wives, he'll understand.

"Yeah?" She spears some unknown vegetable and tries it, surprised that it tastes similar to ginger, only slightly stronger. Hoshi grabs her glass and drinks half of it before she breathes, coughing.

"Mm-hmm." Trip smirks as she glairs at him. It was difficult not to find him quite so adorable at that moment.

"Did you want to try it?"

"Ah, no. No thanks." She grins as he squirms.

"I didn't think so."

"Ensign Sato." Hoshi twists around to see T'Pol behind her. "I require you assistance."

"Oh." She looks at Trip but he just shakes his head as if to say they're done. "Okay." The linguist gets up and follows the other woman. Halfway out she hears his Southern drawl call out;

"So I'll see you tomorrow night then?" She can feel her entire face light up.

"I guess you will."

Once she catches up with T'Pol, she's finally decided how to categorize it. *Teenager. Definitely. Six-graders shouldn’t feel like this.*

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