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Author's Chapter Notes:
Fandom: AtS/BtVS
Characters/Pairing: Dawn & Dana friendship
Timeline: Post 'Damaged'
Beta: Nu-uh.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
Dawn visits her every day. They don't do much, mostly they just sit on opposite ends of Dana's bed and watch each other. Dawn wonders what she sees when the crazy girl can spend a whole hour just staring but it doesn't make self-conscious or anything. Curious, but not like a freak. When Dana's having a bad day she sings campfire songs about friendship that Riley taught her, and it seems to calm her down. Andrew visits with her sometimes, but not very often and not for very long. No matter how tough he'd like to come off, a delusional girl with superpowers who's kicked his ass freaks him out.

When they first brought her to England, Dawn was visiting Giles and was there when they strapped her down to the bed while she was too drugged to fight back. She watched as they made sure the restraints were secure, standing in the far corner of the room, trying to be invisible so no one would make her leave. But the moment Dana caught sight Dawn, she was gasping and trying to reach her, despite the beige belt-like ties holding her down. One of the Council operatives ushered her out, asking her to keep out of the way because the new girl was a 'dangerous, psychotic killer' in the same way people used to talk about Faith, which made her sad. So she went back the next day, watching her through the one-way mirror, complaining to Giles every chance she got about how they kept her like an animal when Dawn knew she wasn't going to hurt anyone. She refused to go back to Rome until she was allowed to visit her and after a week of having a teenager hanging around his house, reading the same books he used to hide from Willow and talking about nothing until he'd say something about his brain going to much the same way her sister did back when he was a librarian, he broke and told the Counsel to let her in. At first she thought she'd been wrong, because the moment she went inside, Dana started thrashing around, but as soon as Dawn whispered "Hi" the Slayer calmed down and just stared at her, reminding Dawn of Tara back when her brain got sucked. The next day she went home and was surprised when Andrew called to say that she wasn't being restrained anymore and kept asking for "the pretty girl".

When she graduated in the summer she told Buffy she was moving to England so she could go to Oxford and train to be a watcher. She didn't have much to move because most of her stuff sunk into the pit along with the rest of the town back in Sunnydale. And saying goodbye to her sister wasn't as hard as she thought it would be with her new vampire boyfriend whose creeper then Angel and Spike combined. Living in England with at least twenty different Slayers at a time was far more normal then it should have been.

About a month before she asked if she could stay with the Council, they'd given Dana a room of her own. Granted, they kept it locked, but she wasn't tied down anymore. Dawn choose the room two doors down, next to Rona, so she can hear when Dana's having a nightmare and go to help her calm down. The new Slayers make it kind of obvious that they think she's got some kind of freaky fetish involving tied-up crazy girls who think she's something holy, but it doesn't really matter because when she's with Dana she actually feels useful and not the dumb little kid who no one really wants around.

Andrew closes the door and locks it behind him, as Dawn takes her friend's hand in her own and smiles when Dana reacts by looking up, beaming. It's going to be a good day today and that means they'll be able to go outside, which Dana loves. That makes everything she's been through totally worth it.

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