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Author's Chapter Notes:
Timeline: About two years after BtVS ended, but Angel never sold out to WR&H.
A/N: Spoilers for Christopher Golden's BtVS book 'The Lost Slayer'
A/N2: 16-[24-19]=11 with 11+5=16 but who's to say she didn't look younger then she actually was?
For: GrimSage, the reason I can still keep typing my fics as well as why I'm still (semi) stable. I owe him tons. This is nothing.
Beta: GrimSage. He corected his own present. How horrible am I?
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
"I knew I shouldn't have let you go to LA. Nothing good ever happens there. Mom and Dad's marriage, their divorce, Ken and his workforce from hell. Why did I let you go?"

"Maybe because I'm 19, and therefore legally an adult, so you couldn't stop me from going to work there?" Dawn's voice chirps, as cheeky as her sister's ever was.

"And that's another thing! As much as you love studying to be Giles, the Next Generation, why would you want to move back to the states to work for Wesley Stuffy-Pryce? Oh! And all those questions you were asking Will about Tara and Kennedy." The nineteen year old crosses her arms and lets Buffy finish her rant. "That was a sign. A big neon, tacky red and yellow blinking sign. I should have locked you in the basement as soon as you asked her 'How did you know'."

"We don't have a basement."

"Then in your room. I could've gotten two of the new girls to hold you down for your feedings."

Then, for no reason Dawn can see, Buffy frowns and her eyes loose focus.



Ever since Christopher Lonergan came to help out about eight months ago, two months before she moved to Los Angeles, her sister had been acting weird. And when Dawn introduced her to August, she'd been totally strange. Like, not all there or something.

"So you promise you'll be nice?" *Or at least try?*

"What?" The Slayer asked her, like they hadn't just been arguing about it.

*She's finally lost it.* "Tonight. When August gets here. I told you the Council called us here for an assignment?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" *Three, two, one...* "Wait, August, the Slayer? Psycho-suicidal..."

Dawn just stares at her, wondering where that statement came from.

"Never mind. She's coming here?" Buffy's whole face scrunches up, like it's painful to think about.

Dawn re-crosses her arms in classic stubborn-Summers' style.

"Well, what with it being my apartment, it seemed to make sense. Unless you want her to stay with you." Her sister shivers slightly, even though the room's bathed in the normal Roman summer warmth.

"Why can't she stay at that horrible tourist trap Faith always insists on when she's here?"

*You mean the one you spend so much time at?*

"Because we're not so paranoid about our relationship that I'm going to make my girlfriend sleep across town."


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