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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: The wizarding world and its characters belong to J. K. Rowling. I borrowed them to play with them.
A/N: This is a response to the challenge "PR Inspired Challenges: Walks Among Muggles" at grangersnape100.

Thank you to phoenix for betaing.

Dedicated to the BSBs!

After months of pestering from his wife, Severus finally, if reluctantly, agreed to go on holiday. Muggle holiday!
Now he was walking down a busy street at night with his excited wife at his side.
Suddenly he saw something that attracted his attention.
There was a familiar, ugly looking man strutting down the middle of the street, accompanied by a harem of nine, for Muggles, strangely dressed women. They were quite a spectacle and were the centre of attention of everyone around them.
Severus shook his head and thought, Bourbon Street is a very weird place, crowded with crazy people.

A/N: This is my second try at writing a drabble and my very first drabble for grangersnape100. So, what do you think?

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