...Mightier Than the Sword
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm winging it so I would love opinions. I'm also not sure about the rating. Never leave it up to me to rate something.
~Means telekinetic conversation.~
Means thought
Outside the mansion

A figure running through shadows in a dark green cloak came to a gate. After a moment's hesitation, they jumped and easily swung over the gate. Little did they know what a surprise they were about to stumble on.
Inside the professor's study

~You should get some rest~ The professor looked up from his work. He smiled when he saw Jean standing there. ~I'm not the only one who should~ Jean smiled at the comment,"I will as soon as I make sure you're not going to pull another all-night-" Jean stopped at hearing a crash outside. She shot a questioning look at the professor than ran out of the study and out the fornt door. Everything was still. Then she caught a swirl of green over near the bushes. She carefully reached out to see if she could find another person present out there. A siren went off in jean's head. There's someone out there but that someone doesn't want to be found.
Outside the mansion

The figure debated hard in their head. Should I go and reveal myself or is it too risky? A look of regret spread across their face. Why do I even ask myself. It's always too risky when you can't trust anyone.
Jean silently told Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine to come out. As they came out she put her finger to her lips to signal them to be silent. Then she pointed out into the yard. In their heads she quietly explained.~Someone's out there. A mutant. I think they might be dangerous. I certainly know they're strong. They blocked me out when I tired to find them. I don't want them hurt but we might need to if we're going to get them inside.~ Cyclops nodded then had Jean point out where the person was. He opened his visor just a slit into the shadows. The next thing they knew the figure fell from a corner. Jean almost fainted. Oh my god!

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