...Mightier Than the Sword
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Prue had just got up and when she came down. Piper was standing there making pancakes.Prue went to get some coffee and accidently knocked the plate which was on the side in between the coffee machine and piper cooking.
"oh prue could you be less clumsy" said piper
" sorry i don't know what's got into me today " sighed prue
just at that moment phoebe came through and asked what happen ad piper told phoebe what happened and raised her eyebrow but also looking at prue at the same time.
"pheebs don't give me that look please" sighed prue again
"thats not like you prue is something wrong like...." said phoebe not being able to finsh her sentence because prue inturrupted her
"There is nothing wrong with me phoebe ok bye i am off to work" said prue in a rush
Just as prue said that the door rang and prue ran to the door with phoebe close behind her.
it as andy and he had a worried impression on his face.
"whats wrong andy" said prue concerned
"what makes you think something is wrong" said andy hesitating
" i always know when you are worried just tell me and anyway i have known you since pre school remember" said prue so quick he just about understand what she was saying
"wuw slow down whats wrong with you today someone got off the wrong side of bed this morning" said andy laughing
"andy thats not funny" said prue
Andy walked prue to the car and on the way he told her whats was going on and wonder if she knew anything.she said no.Prue said goodbye to andy when he had finsh talking and he said goodbye to.she got in her car and went to work.She was doing some paper work when her manger claire came in.
"Morning prue there is a lovely couple down stairs who would like you to take a look at there gold chain with a amulet on it " said claire
"ok i'll be right down i need to delively this paper work and then i'll be straight down ok" said prue smiling picking a pile of paper work up and carring it to the door then suddenly all the paper work fell out of her hands and on to the red carpet.Claire looked at her and looking at her concerned.
"are you alright prue you seem a bit,a bit clumsy today "said claire
" haha no i fine just tell them i will be a while ok" said prue smiling again.
"ok are you sure you'll ok ." said claire
" fine really"said prue smiling
"good but do hurry other wise they wil get fed up" sighed claire
"i will" said prue forcing a fake smile that time
to be contunied.......

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